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Yankees Ruin Chamberlain for Next Year Too

The Yankees are seemingly intent on making Joba Chamberlain an ineffective pitcher for the near future. That’s because after his latest return from the DL, Joba is headed to the bullpen for the remainder of the season. And, unless something drastic happens, he is unlikely to pitch much more than 100 innings this year, which would mean the process of making him a starter would be exactly where it was this year. Meaning that Chamberlain will be forced to start NEXT season in the bullpen as well. Now, instead of merely wasting ONE year at the major league level, the Yankees are on their way to wasting a second of Joba’s prime years because he won’t be able to throw 200+ innings for at least another year. Chamberlain, who should be a dominant starter, is now being relegated to single inning stints for the next 9 months because the innings increase would be too much possible strain on his arm. Job well done fellas. Now, I appreciate the caution that they are exercising, in fact I think it’s wise, the only problem is that they should have stretched Joba out THIS year, in the minors to start the season. Instead they get 3 straight seasons where he doesn’t pitch enough innings to be truly useful.

Oh, but don’t worry, because the organization is totally aware what’s going on, particularly Joe Girardi who doesn’t let anything slip past him. When asked if the Yankees had mishandled the situation, Girardi responded that this season “had not stunted Chamberlain’s progress.” Brian Cashman, Girardi’s boss (at least for the rest of this season) however feels differently, saying that this season had done just that.

I am in full support of abusing Joba as much as possible, because he otherwise terrifies me. So, keep up the good work boys. Let’s keep him in useless one inning spurts instead of harnessing his incredible stuff to be a dominant starter. Red Sox Nation thanks you all.


The Case of the Disgruntled RB

The Detroit Lions brought in the recently released Rudi Johnson for a visit with GM Matt Millen before signing him the other day. During that visit, Johnson left his bags outside the office while he and Millen met inside. When Johnson came out though, his bags were missing. Using the in-house surveillance cameras, the team went to the videotape to see what had happened to the missing valises.

It turns out that the thief was none other than Tatum Bell, the running back Johnson would be brought in to replace and who was due to get released with the addition of Johnson. Bell then did the only sensible thing, he brought the suitcases to the home of one of his fuckbuddies whom he hadn’t seen in months telling the team he thought the suitcases were hers. Which of course make perfect sense, after all, why wouldn’t Millen be meeting with Bell’s ladyfriends in his office the day after cut-down day across the NFL? And why wouldn’t she bring her suitcases to that meeting, I’m sure Millen was hiring her to become an advance scout for the team, that makes the most sense. Bell clearly didn’t know that there were any sort of monitoring equipment. Johnson got his bags back eventually and isn’t pressing any charges, so at least Bell is well-off that way. He did also get released though so, I guess he wasn’t THAT lucky.

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