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Mariano Rivera Loads Up a Spitball

He is the greatest closer in post-season history but during last night’s game against the Angels it appeared that Mariano needed a little something extra. He turns his back from the plate, looks around to see if anyone is paying attention and then BLOOP, he SPITS on the ball. Now I’m not idiotic enough to think that this is the reason for his long history of success, but for this one moment, Mariano CLEARLY is cheating. Of course, the spitball was banned from MLB in 1920, so it’s not like this is something new to Mariano, I mean, he’s old but not THAT old…

Amazingly none of the other 5 umpires on the field noticed anything and while the TV cameras caught it, there was no mention or acknowledgement whatsoever. Astonishing.

Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball3Mariano Rivera Spit on Ball4

What do you think? Is he cheating or just “accidentally” spitting on the ball.

[Halos Heaven]


Jose Reyes Plays the Field

On July 25th of this year, Jose Reyes and Katherine Ramirez were married at a city hall on Long Island. That apparently doesn’t seem to stop the All Star Reyes from enjoying himself whilst on the road. As usual, The Dirty is there, nabbing some photos from not-hot model Bentley Matthews‘ Myspace of her and Jose in a hotel. For example there is this photo of a shirtless Reyes hanging out watching ESPN:

Or her and a friend trying on Jose’s clothes (Bentley is the one on the left):

Ever wonder what Jose carries on him? Well, fortunately Matthews took care to get a photo of that too:

Feel free to check out the rest of the photos here and again more photos of Ms. Matthews from her modeling portfolio, the playing cards are especially classy. I personally am disappointed, I mean, sure, it’s not as though Reyes wife is especially hot, but I expect better from Reyes. If David Wright is scoring Erin Andrews and actual hot models than why CAN’T Jose? Jose is a good-looking dude and I’m saddened by his poor choices. If you’re going to cheat, it had better be worth it, and quite frankly Bentley is anything but; I’d call her more Kia than Bentley.

[The Dirty via Bitten and Bound]


The Rocket is Launched

The hits keep coming against Roger Clemens; now a report in the Daily News says that Clemens was popping Viagra while he was playing and hid the pills in a GNC vitamin bottle to avoid suspicion or ridicule. Well done on that. Apparently, athletes have been popping Viagra as a performance enhancer because it:

  • “Helps build endurance, especially for athletes who compete at high altitudes
  • Delivers oxygen, nutrients and performance-enhancing drugs to muscles more efficiently
  • Counteracts the impotence that can be a side-effect of testosterone injections”

And here I thought it was just to keep your dick hard! It has so many other useful attributes! So this means that whenever you look back at any of Clemens’ starts the last few years, it is very likely he was out there on the mound sporting a boner. I have so many questions! For instance, most baseball players wear jock straps right, so was he packing a boner against a cup? Ouch! Was Clemens just walking around the clubhouse rocking his rocket? How long did Derek Jeter just stare at it and eagerly lick his lips? After a tough loss did Torre ever say to Clemens “Stay strong Rog, we’re all pulling for you?” Did he and Andy Pettite have Viagra parties together where they pop the pills and just hang out? At Clemens’ workout routines which were so “legendary,” was he doing squat thrusts with an engorged member?

To think, I once looked up to this man. Now he’s a philandering, syringe using, cheater who was walking around all the time with a chubby. Great. Sometimes I forget that a lot of baseball players are also d-bags. Quite the last few months for Clemens, eh? I wonder if he has ever thought he should have just done like Andy Pettite and admit a little and get away with the rest. Now since he has been so indignant and insisted on suing Brian McNamee, sleazy story after sleazy story has come out. From nailing underage girls to boner pills, the Rocket is really hitting every possible bad publicity story possible. Tonight at 11: Clemens sells crack to school kids!

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Hey Joe Blanton, What’s That on the Brim of Your Hat?


I am no expert, but watching the Red Sox-A’s game tonight, I noticed something extremely odd about Joe Blanton’s hat. He kept going to it, often multiple times during an at-bat, and then, at one point, the camera zoomed in on his face and I noticed something very peculiar about the brim of his hat. I have not doctored or edited these photos in any way. Is it me, or is there a distinctly brown section on his hat. Not only that, but isn’t that the section that he keeps going to? Again, I’m not saying that this is definitely pine tar, but that’s what it looks like to me. If anyone has any information, or outlandish theories, please send them in. To me, it looks like there is definitely something not allowed on his hat. It is too localized to be merely a sweat stain from his head. I suppose it is possible that the mark is sweat from his fingers, but I don’t think it is. Check it out and make your own decisions…3347051045_b04eca47f73347050075_7c86287d6c3347886034_f33054196d

Note: these pictures are not immediately following one another but are taken at several points in the game, particularly the 5th inning following Jacoby Ellsbury’s RBI single.

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