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Should the Mets Trade Jose Reyes?

JoseReyesLast night the Mets continued their efforts to completely demoralize their last remaining fans by closing out their season series with the Nationals, and of course, did so with another loss. After the game team officials confirmed that Jose Reyes’ injured hamstring had actually gotten WORSE and he suffered a tear that will probably require surgery.

So, here’s a crazy idea and I wonder who blinks first on this one. The San Francisco Giants are desperate for offense, and while they primarily need power bats, more than anything else they need OPS men. Besides Pablo Sandoval (.930) they don’t have a single regular player with an OPS above .743. Ignoring this season’s largely injured season, Jose Reyes OPS the last three full season years has put up an average OPS of .816, certainly not amazing, but better than anyone else on the Giants.

For a long time there have been rumors of a deal that makes too much sense for both teams, the Brewers trade Prince Fielder to the Giants for Matt Cain. That deal definitely works for both teams, but what if instead the Giants traded Cain to the Mets? Would the Giants or Mets hang up first? Reyes is signed to a much more affordable contract than Prince (whose agent is also Scott Boras) and for more years, he plays a premier position and is a dynamic lead-off man (presuming that he’s healthy.)

So, what do you think, am I crazy? Which team would be more scared/willing to make this deal? Chime in!


Jose Gets Rear-Ended

ReyestruckDecimated by injuries — last night the Mets starting lineup featured 3 members of the team’s Opening Day starting lineup — the last thing the Mets need is to have anything upset the recovery of their walking wounded. Yesterday, while heading to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan for a check-up, Jose Reyes and team trainer Ray Ramirez were rear-ended on the RFK Bridge by a firetruck.

While fortunately no one was hurt, what is even more interesting is that the Mets initially had no intention of announcing the accident had happened until last night’s starting pitcher, Tim Redding accidentally told reporters about the incident. Ooops!

“I got here about 10 after 4 and a lot of things were going on,” Redding said. “Apparently a lot of things were going on all over the city. Our shortstop and our trainer, who’s been working his butt off to keep us on the field, got into an accident. Carlos was getting an MRI and being placed on the DL. And people were being moved, brought up and sent all over the place. So it was a whirlwind day.”

The Mets then were forced to issue a statement and explain what happened so as to not cause even MORE panic amongst their fans. In the meantime, from now on Jose Reyes should be transported in a truck filled with mattresses.



Please Keep Castillo Away from Baseball Games

sports110a1Mets manager Jerry Manuel waxed poetic about the upcoming season during his opening press conference with reporters yesterday. Last year’s Mets team featured many problems on the field, their complete inability to keep an outfielder healthy, their bullpen’s continual destruction, the black-hole that is Luis Castillo and so Jerry announced that he’s thinking about making a big change. That would be removing Jose Reyes from the leadoff spot, putting Castillo there instead.

Um, WHAT!?! Reyes was one of the few consistent bright spots for the Mets, whereas Castillo was useless with the bat and  useless with the glove. So, of course it makes sense to remove Reyes from a position where he excels as perhaps the best leadoff man in the game and put someone who last hit leadoff regularly two teams ago and nearly 5 years ago. In that time Castillo has gone from lightning fast to slower than me, he’s gone from dynamic slap hitter to unable to slap himself in the face. But sure Jerry, let’s get him to hit lead off, after all, it’s always much more fun and challenging when you begin every inning with an out. This is an idea that reeks of Jerry Manuel trying to be too clever. Hey Jerry, why not just put your players in a position to succeed, and one of the ways to do that is to keep Luis Castillo OFF the field as much as possible, not giving him MORE playing time.

“The one thing we have to be careful of is this is not about statistical success,” Manuel said. “It’s about winning as a team and you have to put people in positions that you feel is best to win as a team – whether that means Jose batting second, third or whatever. That’s a big part of the message throughout spring training, is that the game takes precedence over the individual statistics.”

That’s great, but Castillo isn’t going to have good stats whether he hits leadoff, last, three times in an inning or anything else, he S-U-C-K-S and the only reason he still remains the Mets second baseman is that Omar Minaya gave him that absolutely ridiculous 4 year contract. Otherwise, Luis Castillo would be out on his ass and listed amongst all the other free agents who are desperate for a contract. At this point I think I’M a better player than Castillo.



Jose Reyes Loves BJs

He may make 4.375 million this past season but that doesn’t mean he don’t like a bargain. Here is Jose Reyes and his wife Katherine–looking significantly less horse-ish too–picking up some bulk diapers and other household items. Look he buys Charmin, just like me! Oh Jose, we’re like two peas in a pod.

[NY Post]


Jose Reyes Plays the Field

On July 25th of this year, Jose Reyes and Katherine Ramirez were married at a city hall on Long Island. That apparently doesn’t seem to stop the All Star Reyes from enjoying himself whilst on the road. As usual, The Dirty is there, nabbing some photos from not-hot model Bentley Matthews‘ Myspace of her and Jose in a hotel. For example there is this photo of a shirtless Reyes hanging out watching ESPN:

Or her and a friend trying on Jose’s clothes (Bentley is the one on the left):

Ever wonder what Jose carries on him? Well, fortunately Matthews took care to get a photo of that too:

Feel free to check out the rest of the photos here and again more photos of Ms. Matthews from her modeling portfolio, the playing cards are especially classy. I personally am disappointed, I mean, sure, it’s not as though Reyes wife is especially hot, but I expect better from Reyes. If David Wright is scoring Erin Andrews and actual hot models than why CAN’T Jose? Jose is a good-looking dude and I’m saddened by his poor choices. If you’re going to cheat, it had better be worth it, and quite frankly Bentley is anything but; I’d call her more Kia than Bentley.

[The Dirty via Bitten and Bound]


MLB All Star Fanfest, A Moderately Fun Time!

cnt_9130fanfestWith the All Star game tomorrow, there have been a ton of various MLB sponsored events around town. To take part in the festivities (since my press pass to the All-Star Game itself must have gotten lost in the mail), I headed over to the Fan Fest at the Javitz center on Sunday.

This was my first time ever at an event like this, so I wasn’t sure what to fully expect. When we arrived at the convention center, the simple act of buying tickets became a clusterfuck, as it took us a couple minutes to find the place where they even sell the tickets. Fortunately, while waiting in line a friendly scalper came by and sold us tickets at less than face value. Hey, thanks!

Tickets in hand, we could see the entrance to the event only a few feet away. Instead of conveniently walking through and getting into the fest, we instead had to walk back outside, go down some stairs, through a long snaking path, up an escalator, around a corner into another snaking line and then finally we came back to where we had bought our tickets and were eventually allowed entry.

Upon entering, we checked out the various items up for auction: some cool jerseys, balls, bats and other cool memorabilia for those of you with healthier checking balances than I. There were multiple a cappella groups performing around the area, which was totally fortunate since a cappella totally sucks. There was however a dope set-up of all the various hats of the minor leagues, arranged by team, which was very neat to see and there were some excellent hats.

We wandered around and saw all the trophies of baseball. Did you even know that the NL base-stealing champion wins the Lou Brock award? I didn’t. Apparently the AL guy gets nothing. Strange. The trophies were somewhat interesting, for example, I’d much rather, based on aesthetics, win the Home Run Derby trophy or the World Series MVP than the regular season MVP which is just a boring plaque.

Hilariously, they had some giant-size posters of players hanging from the ceiling. The ones that I noticed were from such current All Stars like Barry Zito, and my personal favorite, Kaz Sasaki. He’s only been out of the league since 2003, so I can see why they’d be anxious to market him…

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Ten Reasons the Mets will Finish 10 Games Under .500

Today we bring you a guest column from generally angry commenter Shatraw, who offers his insights into what is ailing his beloved Mets (until he jumps onto the Rays bandwagon.)


The inevitable came to pass in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, June 17th, when Omar Minaya snuck into Willie Randolph’s hotel room and left the severed heads of Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto in his bed, scrawling the word’s “YOU’RE FIRED” in blood on the wall over his bed. There is no debate about whether the firing was warranted and going into the theatrics surrounding the situation is just beating a dead horse. The real question now is: “can the Met’s get their act together and finish off 2008 in the hunt for a playoff spot?”

Hah hah hah.

Here are the 10 reasons the Mets will finish 10 games under .500. If each one of these factors only adds one loss to their chances of finishing .500, the Mets should consider themselves lucky.

PROBLEM: Oliver Perez will walk 100+ batters

Free Parking Perez has walked 48 men in only 72.1 IP. Remember last year when he went 15-10 with a 3.56 ERA and 174K, walking “only” a total of 79?

The honeymoon is over. His ERA is flirting with 5. He gives his team almost no chance to win 1 out of 3 times he’s on the mound.

CAN IT BE FIXED? Well, since he walked 8 in 5IP on May 23rd in Colorado, he’s only walked 4, 2, 2 and 3. So no, probably not.

PROBLEM: Jose Reyes turned into a sniveling prick

Everyone knows that watching Reyes play at the height of his game is possibly the most exciting sight in baseball. But that’s if he feels like it.

Reyes seems more petulant by the hour, climaxing last night in Jerry Manuel’s first game as manager. Reyes pulling up lame at first, whined into the bench. When Manuel emerged from the dugout and told him to take the night off, Reyes chucked his helmet and sulked off the field.

It’s just the latest in Jose’s trend toward little-bitchery. Reyes can regularly be seen booting routine groundballs, not laying out for tougher plays and scuffling to first on grounders.

CAN IT BE FIXED? I don’t know what his deal is, but they have to make Reyes care again. Send him to a Tony Robbins brainwashing if it’s necessary.

PROBLEM: The Wilpons are reverting back into the Wilpons

After a couple of relatively sane seasons from ownership, the Wilpons are up to their nasty old tricks again. Now that their team is sputtering, it’s back to a steady flow of media leaks, petty in-fighting and backstabbing in an organization famous for such hijinks. That’s always good for team morale.

I’m starting to suspect that Mets ownership is intentionally tanking this season. Omar Minaya has that look in his eye, like his time is about to come. And it probably will after this season.

CAN IT BE FIXED? Not really. Unless the Wilpons charter a fateful helicopter tour with the always hilarious Dolans, curing NY sports of insanity at its uppermost levels. Oh wait, forgot about Hank Steinbrenner. Damn.

PROBLEM: Both Carlos’s (Carlii?) suck and neither one of them cares Continue reading ‘Ten Reasons the Mets will Finish 10 Games Under .500’


Black is Beautiful, Your Managing is AWFUL

Willie Randolph has been receiving a ton of criticism lately from the Mets faithful, many of whom have been very frustrated and disappointed in his managing. Willie’s poor decision making has been put under a microscope as the team has struggled and looked identical to the one that had the biggest regular season choke in baseball history last season.

With rumors that his head is on the chopping block, the Mets came out on Sunday and bashed the shit out of the ball, winning 11-2, apparently Willie had a fiery speech before the game, both to players and to the reporters. However, during his comments with the reporters he mentioned that he thinks SNY, the Mets owned network, has been portraying him unfairly and presenting him inaccurately.

Why [isn’t] SNY shooting me when I’m ready to go down the dugout clapping my hands and patting guys on the butt, schooling them during the game? I’m on the top step every game. … Why don’t you show that side of me so people can say, ‘Wow, jeez, Willie’s fiery’? … You watch any manager in baseball, you see him look like a bump on the log sitting there. They don’t move, they don’t talk. I’m as animated and as demonstrative and as involved and as intense as any manager in baseball.

First of all, they don’t show those things because they aren’t interesting television, secondly, because the moments that are the toughest, when things go wrong, that’s when leadership matters and most of the time it looks like that word befuddles you.

Willie went on saying he wanted to know why Joe Torre managed in a similar way and wasn’t given the same amount of grief.

“Is it racial?” Randolph asked. “Huh? It smells a little bit.”

Asked directly if he believes black managers are held to different standards than their white counterparts, Randolph said: “I don’t know how to put my finger on it, but I think there’s something there. Herman Edwards did pretty well here and he won a couple of playoff [games], and they were pretty hard on Herm. Isiah [Thomas] didn’t do a great job, but they beat up Isiah pretty good. … I don’t know if people are used to a certain figurehead. There’s something weird about it.

Joe Torre was given a break mainly because he won 4 World Series! So far Willie you’ve managed your teams to one first place division win, two second places and a third. That’s not a record that is impressive. You play with one of the highest payrolls in the league and should do better than that. And the one year you DID win the division your team ended up losing to the worst World Series winners in years in the Cardinals. So, don’t you think that maybe THAT’S where the scrutiny comes from, and why Torre got a break. Also, Torre DIDN’T get a break the last two years did he? The NY Post and other papers, and Steinbrenner himself were all pretty angry and unhappy with Torre’s lackadaisical style, hence them going out and hiring the fiery Joe Girardi.

As for the racial stuff, frankly, that’s fucking bullshit. I have never heard ANYTHING remotely considered a racist comment from Keith (who isn’t smart enough to make a backhanded racist comment), Gary loves the Mets and hates to say ANYTHING negative and Ron is so nice that he never would do anything like that. Further, the reason people are upset is because you do things like pitch Billy Wagner in back-to-back games that are blowouts and non-save situations and then the next day when it actually IS a save situation you pitch him again. Gee, maybe those previous games weren’t the best situation for him… Or maybe it’s when Dusty Baker, your fellow dumb manager, batted his team out of order and instead of waiting until one pitch was thrown, thus getting both the hitter at the plate AND the hitter who was supposed to bat out you instead only got the one out. Or maybe it’s the mishandling of Aaron Heilman who should be starting, or at least tried in that role. Or maybe it’s how Jose Reyes went from the happiest man in baseball into a petulant, unhappy little boy because you don’t handle him carefully enough?

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