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Schill Says 3-Day Rest is No Big Deal

curt-schilling-2004(solomon-strohmeyer)He can be a blow-hard sometimes but Curt Schilling wrote something today on his blog that I thought was especially interesting in light of this World Series. Few people can adequately talk about what it is like pitching on short rest in the postseason but Curt is one of them. This is a man who lost an entire year (at least) due to his putting it all on the line for the 2004 postseason, something I don’t think he’s ever regretted.

It’s October baseball (November, actually). The rules go out the window, right? The season is 27 outs from being over … literally, every game.

That’s the mindset I always felt worked for me in October. You do whatever you have to, whenever you have to, to have one more run than the other team.

From a starting pitcher’s standpoint, three days’ rest in October was never an issue, because from the time you’re 5 years old, doing that “World Series” replay in your back yard, it’s the game, the innings, the at-bats you’ve always dreamed about having the ball in your hand for.


I guess for me it comes back to the player. I always felt the need to make sure the manager KNEW I wanted to do it, and ya, I’d put up a fight to get the shot to be able to do it. If as a player you don’t assert this, you leave the manager sitting there in a no-win, really. If he does it, and you don’t do well, it’s his fault for pushing you. If he doesn’t do it, and you lose, it’s not your fault because he didn’t ask. That’s the easy way, I think, and I’ve watched guys take it more than once. Being the “quiet type,” I never could. You may never be there again, and the belief that in October I could not be outpitched, regardless of whether it was true or not, made me push to get the ball in my hands if at all possible.

I mean, it’s the World Series, there are no more games after this, right? Nine innings in October can change the lives of every person in the organization. How cool is it to know that power rests in the ball being in your hands? Scary? Hell, yes. But that’s why it’s so damn fun. On the biggest stage, with the most on the line, let the rest of the world shrink back or cower — me? I’m good with letting it all hang out, and letting the chips fall. I’ve done my work, in the weight room and the video room, now it comes down to execution.

Read the full post because Schilling writes rather eloquently about the subject and about his thoughts before warming up for game 7 of the 2001 World Series. While the New York media is howling about Girardi’s choice to go with a 3-man rotation for the entire postseason, what did they want, Chad Gaudin in the World Series? Joba back in the rotation? There aren’t any better options for this team right now, with their offense and their stadium all they need is for Pettite to keep them close and they’ll always be in it. After all, there’s always Mariano in the ‘pen.

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Please God NO!

Curt SchillingIn an interview with NECN today Curt Schilling told Brad Puffer that he is considering running for the open Senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy. Schilling since his retirement has settled permanently in the Massachusetts area and is working with his video game company to create a new challenger to World of Warcraft. The big lug, a master on the mound, is never short of opinions which I guess, in his mind, makes him qualified for the seat. Considering that Kentucky sent Hall of Famer Jim Bunning to the exclusive club, Schill must feel like it’d be no problem for him to try it too.

Unfortunately for Schilling, and fortunately for the citizens of Massachusetts (and the US) there is ZERO likelihood of Schilling contending for the seat. He can want it all he wants, but Massachusetts doesn’t send Republican Senators to Washington, and if we did, they’d be at least MODERATELY qualified instead. Appearing before a congressional hearing on steroids does not count as experience.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a pitcher I have immense respect for Schilling, as a person, he strikes me — when not engaging in his many charitable activities — as a tool of the highest level. After all what kind of egomaniac needs to have his own blog to spew whatever comes out of his mind…





[Boston Globe]


Schilling Says He and Manny Fought 4 Times

While doing an event with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan to help fund raise for Curt Schilling’s ALS charities, Schill took some questions from the audience and had some interesting words to say about his time with Manny Ramirez as a teammate. Most interesting, Schilling revealed that during his years as a teammate he and Manny had 4 different physical run-ins with each other. Curt also claimed that his teammates stopped him from going after Manny the first time Schilling noticed him taking a play off, early on in Schilling’s tenure as a Red Sox. None of this is particularly “news” but it’s interesting nonetheless, I have a feeling that years from now when a bunch more books are written about these Red Sox teams that we’re going to learn a lot more about who Manny Ramirez was behind the scenes and how his teammates reacted to him. In the meantime, we have the chief blowhard Schilling out there letting us know.

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Curt in the Car Weighs in on Manny

Whilst I was listening to the Big Show on WEEI yesterday, Curt Schilling called in to talk with Lou Merloni and Brian Daubach about Manny Ramirez as a teammate. It was a totally random call, Schilling, the ol’ blowhard was just driving around and decided to call in. His call is an interesting look at Manny from a teammate’s perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, Manny is gone, and I’ve moved on. Sure, he’s putting up the ridiculous numbers I expected from him this season, but he never would have done them with the Sox, as Schilling explained, everyone in the clubhouse wasn’t sure if Manny would even play for the rest of the season. To me, when I hear that the situation with Manny became, according to Lou Merloni, “as bad as Carl Everett” I’m thankful that we managed to get someone as solid as Jason Bay before it was too late. Also, it is fun to speculate on who said that to Lou as, according to this site, the only two remaining teammates of Carl Everett on the Sox are Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek, so I wonder which one believes Manny and Jurassic Carl became one and the same. I’m guessing ‘Tek.

Finally, I apppreciate Schilling admitting that he’s been a drain on the payroll because he hasn’t thrown a pitch all season. Schilling is a whole lot of things but honest is one of them. Definitely listen to the clip though because it is an interesting take on the whole situation.


TJ Simers is Where the LA Times Keeps the Douches

T.J. Simers is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times sports section who gets paid to bloviate, and so I can understand why he’d get angry when other people do it for free and are better at it than he is. That said, his column today is in reference to Curt Schilling who wrote a post on his blog, 38Pitches, about his experience sitting courtside next to the Lakers bench at game 2. TJ though didn’t take too kindly to Schilling’s admittedly uninformed statements. Schilling’s main point was that he was completely astounded by the fact that Kobe was a petulant whiny little girl throughout the game, glaring angrily at his teammates and generally being the uber-douche that everyone claims him to be. Curt was surprised by how poor a teammate Kobe was being, particularly in contrast to the other members of the team.

I have no idea how the guys in the NBA play or do things like this, but I thought it was a fascinating bit of insight for me to watch someone in another sport who is in the position of a team leader and how he interacted with his team and teammates. Watching the other 11 guys, every time out it was high fives and “Hey nice work, let’s get after it” or something to that affect. He walked off the floor, obligatory skin contact on the high five, and sat on the bench stone faced or pissed off, the whole game.

That’s not exactly the work of a team leader is it? But TJ Simers doesn’t think that is a fair assessment at all, starting out his article with the words of a man who wants to cross the divide:

Curt Schilling is gutless.

He sits courtside in Boston for Game 2, eavesdropping on the Lakers’ bench — and how would he like someone listening to what they have to say in the Red Sox dugout, and then makes it appear on his blog, “38 Pitches,” that Kobe Bryant is some kind of jerk who berates his teammates.

Well, I have two things to say, regarding both of those statements.

  1. Does this look like a man who is “gutless?”
  2. Yeah, Kobe would never be a complete asshole to his teammates, that’s ridiculous!

So, that’s a good start to an article. I mean, both of your points are wrong, and you’ve resorted to cheap insults to boot. WOW! What expansive and beautiful writing! I’m sure the Los Angeles Times is overjoyed to have a man who can write such uplifting and carefully crafted phrases on the payroll. H.L Mencken would be glad to see that a strong newspaper tradition continues, especially in Los Angeles where television and film can so easily otherwise overshadow. Continue reading ‘TJ Simers is Where the LA Times Keeps the Douches’


Lost in Castiglione

The Red Sox are in Japan and along for the ride is Joe Castiglione, the voice of the Red Sox. Castigs, 61, isn’t just in Japan for baseball. With plenty of off-time expected, the high-pitched vociferator has a full itinerary during his time in the land of the Rising Sun. Due to some clever detective work on our behalf, we managed to steal a copy of it for you to peruse.

Friday 3/21 – Red Sox train at Tokyo Dome in the morning, afternoon to be spent visiting a Buddhist temple, participate in 6:30pm Dance Dance Revolution tournament followed by an evening of libations at the Absolute Ice Bar.

Saturday 3/22 – 5am – Tsukiji Fish Market, wander through the booths, checking out all the fresh poisson, participate in fish auction, available budget: $750. Afternoon – return to hotel, drop off giant 6 foot tuna, quick nap and head to the Maid Bar.

"These women will do anything...Can YOU believe it?"

"These women will do anything for me... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

Sun 3/23 – Breakfast with the team at hotel, afternoon and evening to be spent with Dustin Pedroia, Curt Schilling and Manny Ramirez sharking on the many subway lines around town. Dinner at Ninja Akasaka.

Continue reading ‘Lost in Castiglione’

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