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High School Tries to Crack Down on Streaking

76712007_545afd2372In Minnesota at this past Friday’s St. Francis High School football game, for the third game this season 5 students streaked the field. School officials decided to toughen the penalties for the students as a result, now the students could face suspensions, a ban from school activities or forced transfers or expulsion.

Last month at an away game two of the St. Francis students were arrested after they made their naked run across the field. One of the teens was charged with disorderly conduct and the other may be charged with fifth degree criminal sexual conduct for exposing himself to a minor under the age of 16. A conviction for that would require the teen to register as a sex offender for 10 years. Because, you know, that seems an appropriate punishment for a harmless prank. It’s not like streaking hasn’t been HILARIOUS for as long as crowds have gathered.

I hate prudes. Don’t the school officials recognize that streaking in Minnesota’s frigid temperatures is punishment enough?

[My Fox Twin Cities]


You Know What I Like About High School Girls?

In a tradition that I can completely get behind, the senior cheerleaders at South Delta Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada every year at the final football game streak the field. With the Delta Sun Devils opposing the Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers of Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School the senior girls streaked across the field, most wearing thongs and strategically placed duct tape and spraying silly string on their opponents. The Panthers were unable to regain their composure, ending up losing the game 20-14.

Ted Johnson, the school’s principal was less than enthused, having warned the girls not to do it beforehand, although that clearly didn’t work. As punishment for their disobedience, the principal has told the girls that if they do anything else bad they will be suspended, but otherwise are not in trouble. “Our position is one that we don’t celebrate this. We don’t find it funny,” he said. “We don’t take it lightly. This is a school. [In] schools, we hold higher ideals than we do in, say, the mall.” Let’s all take to the malls!

The students took obviously quite a different view of their prank. “It’s just kind of like a fun [graduation] prank for our year, and it’s been going on for a couple of years now,” said one of the girls, who wanted to be identified only as Rochelle. “It was pretty much out of fun.” I’ll say. Thanks Canadia!


[CBC via Fan IQ]


Streaking Can Be Dangerous

I love streaking. In college I streaked every Thursday and it made the college experience better for everyone. The opportunity to see me naked is one everyone should opt for. Thus when I came across this video of a guy streaking a soccer game in Australia I had to post it. Nathan Roberts is a player on the Virginia B Grade team but is sidelined due to fluid in his lungs, pneumonia and an inflamed liver and spleen. During a recent match between United and Hummocks Watchman Eagles after having “knocked back a few bevvies” it was mentioned that someone should streak. Taking up the offer after $50 was offered, Roberts went for it. The only stipulation was that he had to do a cartwheel while streaking. That, unfortunately, is when the troubles began. Join us as we watch the video (taken by his sister) together in all its grainy digitalized goodness and see what happens. Like any good streaker, Roberts had no regrets, “I like a bit of attention and I’d do it again,” he said. “But I’d up the price.”

Roberts gets tended to after injurying his foot when attempting a naked cartwheel.

Roberts gets tended to after knocking himself unconscious doing a naked cartwheel. He was taken off the field in a stretcher.

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