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The Worst Hat in America

It’s bad enough to go to a sports stadium like Fenway Park and see loads of pink hats fans — both literally and figuratively — around, but this latest hat offering from the Boston Red Sox is simply abysmal. I don’t care that this is being marketed for kids, it’s absolutely terrible.

Introducing, the one item that all of America has been clamoring for, a pink Red Sox hat that has scratch and sniff parts that smell like watermelon.

At last!


This is the worst.

[MLB via Boston Dirt Dogs]


That is Not Supposed to Do That

My first thought on seeing this was of the All-Drug Olympics SNL sketch, but unfortunately for Janos Baranyai the Hungarian weightlifter who, in the 148 kg lifting competition suffered an awful dislocation of his elbow, the picture isn’t pretty, the video after the jump is even worse and this is all real. Enjoy!

Oh and how is weightlifting an Olympic sport? I mean, isn’t it just exercise? Couldn’t theoretically any of the athletes do the weightlifting competition? If Weightlifting is an event then shouldn’t the stairmaster be one too?

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This is terrifying, limbs are not supposed to point like that. It turns out that Aston Villa defender Wilfred Bouma merely dislocated his ankle and didn’t do any damage to the rest of his leg. I have no idea how he did that. He’ll be out for 4-6 weeks.

[With Leather]


Another Example of Why No One Cares for Hockey

The Montreal Toronto Maple Leafs, (this sport is stupid excepting the playoff beards and the fighting) besides having a very imposing name, have been one of the most storied franchises in hockey. Right now they are struggling to make the playoffs and lost last night in an important game against the Boston Bruins where the 8th playoff spot was on the line. The Maple Leafs lost 6-2. Recently named Player of the Week goalie Vesa Toskala was taken out of the game with 3 minutes remaining and the Leafs down by 3. To further illustrate how efficient his game has been recently, and why he definitely deserved the Player of the Week award, check out this goal he allowed the other night against the New York Islanders.

That was only from 197  feet away, I can see how he might have found that so difficult. No wonder no one watches anymore.


Good News April!

John Patterson has been released by the Nationals!

Now the Nationals have a stellar starting rotation with Shawn Hill (97 IP) , Jason Bergmann (115 IP), Tim Redding (84 IP), Odalis Perez (137 IP, 5.37 ERA) and either Matt Chico (167, 4.63 ERA) or John Lannan (34 IP). Wow. Last year the Nationals surprised everyone by not being the absolute worst team in baseball. Looks like this year that might not be the case.


Things I Would Rather Watch Than NCAA Basketball

Today begins my least favorite sporting event of the year. I may not be the popular voice here, but there is nothing more uninteresting than college sports and especially the tournament. March Madness? More like March Badness! YES! EAT IT! Damn I’m full of wit today.

“But there are so many close games!” “The level of competition is so high!” “Buzzer-beater shots!” “Underdogs!”

Great. Do not care. You know why there are so many close games? Because most of the teams aren’t very good. If I wanted to watch boring basketball I’d be a WNBA fan. As for the underdogs, yeah, everyone loves a fun story but no one is ever a realistic chance to win. Even George Mason the other year was destined to get destroyed in the Final Four. Ultimately the top schools are going to win, and there will be no real surprises. Booooring.

I want nothing more than to NOT hear about your bracket, to not hear why Belmont has a chance to beat Duke (they don’t); I don’t want to see Digger Phelps, I REALLY don’t want to see Dick Vitale. This whole stupid event takes over the airwaves and it couldn’t be more uninteresting. I hate all college sports and don’t find them fun or good to watch at all. The overall level of competition is poor, the few stars of the college game aren’t usually even that good. For every Carmelo there are 16 Bobby Hurleys and Bryce Drews. College sports are quite simply the worst.

Here is a list of things I’d rather do than watch or deal with college sports and particularly the March Tournament:

  • A naked weekend romp with Joy Behar
  • Sponge-bathe John Clayton
  • More coverage of Brett Farve’s retirement and daily actions since retirement
  • Let Dmitri “The Meathook” Young run me over at home plate non-stop for 3 days
  • Have Charles Barkley take a crap on my chest
  • Watch Arena football
  • Coach a children’s soccer team filled with autistic kids
  • Watch the Joy Luck Club non-stop for a month
  • Get punched in the junk by everyone who has ever played a game for the Miami Dolphins

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