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Colton Orr Knocks Some Fools Around

Toronto Maple Leaf winger Colton Orr loves to fight, when he’s on the ice you can guarantee someone is going to get hit, and if any of his teammates needs a hand, Orr is ever-ready to throw off his gloves and mix it up. This season he already has 7 fights notched on his belt and has 59 penalty minutes, 4th in the NHL. Here he is taking on and taking out the Senators’ Matt Carkner during Monday’s action.

If you play Fantasy Hockey and need some penalty minutes, Orr is one you definitely want to pick up. That is one mal-hombre.

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The Kessel Run Gets Taken Down Quick

Phil Kessel made his debut last night for the Toronto Maple Leafs after off-season shoulder surgery and a trade from the Bruins. Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Mattias Ohlund brought the welcome wagon in to greet Kessel in the first period with a devastating hit that ultimately sent Kessel to the dressing room to repair a split lip.

Kessel returned though to register 10 shots on goal, although was held without a point. That shouldn’t last long though for the dynamic goal-scorer, despite the fact the Leafs are flat-out miserable.


Hey Ref, Why Don’t You Get Lost

During the Ducks/Leafs Monday night Anaheim’s enforcer George Parros squared off against Toronto’s resident tough-guy Colton Orr. The two tangled and threw a number of punches at one another, most of which glanced off the various pads they wore. As the fight seemed to wind down, one of the refs came close to try and separate the two pugilists and cart them off to the penalty boxes, the fighters were not down though. As the linesman approached Orr’s arm came out and shoved him to the ice, allowing Parros an opportunity to take down Orr with a right-hand punch and get him on the ice.


The Heart is Connected to the Groin?

sweden+v+Czech+Republic+IIHF+World+Championship+2bCLuuFfVT-lTrying to win the backup job for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jonas Gustavsson has been sidelined with a heart problem. After having a racing heartbeat after fitness tests, Gustavsson was sidelined.

Team doctors then performed an ablation, which for some reason involves an incision in the groin.

“They go in and touch a part of his heart that was misfiring,” said coach Ron Wilson. “It’s a simple procedure that’s actually fairly common with athletes.”

Everyone was surprised by this issue coming up, since Gustavsson was “the most powerful guy we had” for several of the fitness tests Wilson said.

Um, since when is the easiest way to a guy’s heart through the groin? I thought that was the easiest way to new jewelry.


He’s Better Than Anyone on the Lions

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas got beat earlier in Wednesday’s game by the Maple Leafs’ James Blake and so when Blake came in on another scoring chance, Thomas made sure he’d make the stop this time. Taking a play out of football, Thomas tries to straight up tackle Blake and take him down; while Thomas misses a complete take-down, the maneuver does work, leading to another save for Thomas and helping the Bruins to a 4-3 win.


Boom! Shake Shake Shake the Room

Since we already saw one great hit from the Bruins game and since the Bruins were otherwise hapless, might as well see Dennis Wideman’s hit on Matt Stajan in open ice. Now I see why my mother never allowed me to play hockey.


OK, Hockey is Still Sometimes Awesome

Try as hard as I might I can never truly escape hockey, my once fandom simply won’t allow it. Sigh. Anyhoo, the Bruins are still winless on the season, you know, because they blow, but Milan Lucic did provide some excitement during last night’s game. That’s because he leveled a giant hit on Toronto Maple Leaf Mike Van Ryn that shattered the glass. Van Ryn was fine, several fans were showered in glass and received minor injuries, but they were upgraded from their rinkside seats to a luxury box so, they still had a good time. I miss the good old days when there was lots of hitting and fighting, this clip is a throwback to hockey still being hockey.


Another Example of Why No One Cares for Hockey

The Montreal Toronto Maple Leafs, (this sport is stupid excepting the playoff beards and the fighting) besides having a very imposing name, have been one of the most storied franchises in hockey. Right now they are struggling to make the playoffs and lost last night in an important game against the Boston Bruins where the 8th playoff spot was on the line. The Maple Leafs lost 6-2. Recently named Player of the Week goalie Vesa Toskala was taken out of the game with 3 minutes remaining and the Leafs down by 3. To further illustrate how efficient his game has been recently, and why he definitely deserved the Player of the Week award, check out this goal he allowed the other night against the New York Islanders.

That was only from 197  feet away, I can see how he might have found that so difficult. No wonder no one watches anymore.

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