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Formerly Decapitated Kid Gets BACK to Racing

article-1203945-05CC863A000005DC-462_468x286Now, I’m no parent, but it seems to me that if your then 14 year old kid wasnearly decapitated with what’s called a “Hangman’s injury” from driving a race car, maybe you don’t let your kid GET BACK IN A RACECAR! But then, I’m not the parents of Chris Stewart, a racing fanatic from Hampshire, England.

In September 2006, Stewart, then 12 years old, was driving a 1,000cc Mini go-kart when he crashed head-on into a metal barrier at over 50 mph. The force of the hit was so intense that his head was internally wrenched from the top of his neck. Yikes.

One of only 6 people to ever survive the hangman’s injury, Chris is now stunning his doctors by getting BACK behind the wheel.

Evan Davies, a expert surgeon in spinal injuries conducted the procedure to reattach Stewart’s head to his spine — known as occipital-cervical fusion — by inserting metal plates at the base of the skull and using screws to attach them to the spine. Bone grafts from Stewart’s hips were also used to help strengthen the connection. Ow.

“He’s the only person in the world who has survived such an injury and gone on to lead a normal life,” Davies said, “A few others survived, but they ended up completely paralysed.”article-1203945-05EF21EB000005DC-922_468x371

When the accident happened, Stewart’s mother Debbie was standing on the side watching. “I remember seeing his car going straight for the barrier head-on and then crashing. It’s probably every mother’s worst nightmare to see their child in a situation like that.”

It took over 90 minutes for emergency workers to cut Stewart free before he could be rushed to the hopsital. The slightest movement of his head, even a millimeter could have killed the young boy.

“We didn’t know if he’d even survive, walk or talk. So it’s unbelievable he’s back driving again,” said Debbie.

Besides getting to still be alive, Stewart has received quite a bit of attention, understandably so, even getting a chance to be on OPRAH!

[Daily Mail]


Old Lady Takes on All Comers

Her family calls her “Amazing Grace” because the 91 year old Grace Foster continues to astound those around her, most recently when she broke a track and field record. Her time of 26.95 seconds in the 60-meter sprint for women ages 90 to 94 shattered the previous mark by nearly five seconds! The previous record – 31.82 seconds – was set last year at the World Indoor Masters Championships in France.

I didn’t even know they had record books for people that old. Isn’t every day a record-setting appearance at that point?

Greg Foster, her son who coaches track at the high school level was the one to suggest his aged mother enter the meet. “I’ve done masters track, and when I’m there I’d see older people in their 70s and 80s and they’d be moving around,” Greg Foster said. “I would think about my mom chasing her grandkids and I really thought she could beat some of those people [in a race]. I thought that she could be an inspiration to so many people and she’s an inspiration to me.”

“I’ve been walking for years, and I’ve always exercised, but this was my first track meet,” Grace said.

Foster isn’t done yet, she has 2 other meets planned for later this year, and she intends to break her record. “I’m hoping to. I believe that whatever I do next, I’ll be the winner.”

Meanwhile, I was at a dance party on Friday and am only now not sore anymore. Sigh.

[Philly Burbs]

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