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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

In the same way that Arena Football isn’t real football, indoor soccer isn’t REAL soccer; but when you make an awesome move, it’s awesome everywhere. For example, here’s some unknown — to me — Brazilian player helping himself out by serving up a rainbow to himself and then heading it home. Not too shabby.

You’re certainly allowed some preening after making such an incredible shot, but at the same time, I like how he tempers himself, after all, if he were REALLY good he’d be out on a real field…


SI Has More than Just Sports to Offer

sicomIf you’re an iPhone user and you decide to browse Sports Illustrated’s site you might find that they are offering more than just sports for you. The gents over at SFT Sports noticed that when you load up SI’s page, they don’t just offer Breaking News and Scores, but also, Daily Anal! And really, who doesn’t want that while you’re checking last night’s box scores.

Wait a minute…Daily Anal, box scores, are we sure SI ISN’T running a hardcore smut operation as well?

[SFT Sports]


I Can FLY!

I know we’re all supposed to be good people and not find amusement in the misfortune of others, but watching Frank Schleck try to take this turn during a leg of the Tour de France is simply too funny to me. Instead of you know, turning, he instead goes for a spill down into a ravine. He gets up and is totally unharmed, albeit a bit embarrassed and most importantly, I keep giggling every time I watch it.

I think that’s the wrong way to make a descent.


Doppelgangers Can Solve Global Warming

Alex Loeb is an anchor at ESPN but because of a logjam of anchors has been relegated to doing recaps of baseball games for He’s not bad when he’s on, but don’t get too used to it, after all, America would be so deprived without our Chris Berman viewings…Rahm Emanuel is one of the most powerful people in the world, serving as Chief of Staff to President Obama. Emanuel, who once trained to become a professional ballet dancer is also known for his wild temper and filthy mouth. He also served as the inspiration for Bradley Whitford’s character, Josh Lyman on The West Wing, which interestingly enough means the Emanuel family has served as the inspiration for 2 popular characters on big-time TV shows (Rahm’s brother Ari is who Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold is based off on Entourage.) Most importantly, these two men look alike, are we sure Loeb isn’t a lost Emanuel brother?


Producer of 5 straight 40+ HR seasons, Adam Dunn swings a big bat in the middle of the Washington Nationals lineup. He manages some of the biggest moonshots in the league thanks to his big frame and quick bat, although he also manages to strike out over 100 times a season. Once considered a future cornerstone of the Reds franchise, Dunn has subsequently been traded to the D-Backs last season and this year toils as one of the few bright spots on the mediocrity known as the Nationals. Hilarious on SNL, initially hilarious in his early non-Roxbury movies, Will Ferrell has entertained millions of people with his one-note characters. Still able to draw a crowd even though he’s essentially made the same m0vie 4-5 times in a row now, it’s a shame because he really is a funny guy, he just stopped trying. Hopefully Ferrell doesn’t go the “legitimate” actor route and start doing heavy dramas to show his acting “chops.” More importantly, these two men, as pointed out by Saint Dynamite share quite the resemblance.



Ottawa Fans LOVE Dany Heatley

heatley_dany_sens_looks_on_300x450Dany Heatley, who forced his way off the Atlanta Thrashers after he was convicted of vehicular manslaughter is in the process of trying to get his way off his current team, the Ottawa Senators, in the process angering pretty much everyone in Ottawa. To make matters worse, when the Senators actually ceded to Heatley’s request and traded him to the Edmonton Oilers, he exercised his no-trade clause and turned down the move.

So, the proprietors of the Ballygiblin’s Restaurant and Pub in downtown Ottawa have added a new item to the menu, thanks to a kitchen staffed with all Senators fans, the Dany Heatley Salad. The special salad, which consists of sour grapes, moldy cheese, rotten eggs, and a whiney oiler and vinegar dressing has one other special element, it costs $4 million and as co-owner Roger Weldon adds, “I should mention that we won’t take the four million on credit cards, cheques, or in installments.”

[Ottawa Sun]

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