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You Wouldn’t Hit a Girl Would You?

SNN2015FRK-280_848885aWhen Rickey “The Hitman” Hatton trains for a fight, he calls on a 20-year boxing veteran by the name of Rob Newbiggin to spar with, at least, for now. Later this month Newbiggin will appear in his final male professional fight before beginning the process of becoming a woman by the name of Mercedes.

After the various operations and such, Newbiggin intends to apply for a female license from the Boxing Board to continue his trade. Married with three kids, Newbiggin, 44, has jousted in both the featherweight and super-middleweight classes. His wife Emma, 27, and children are standing by him, unlike his friends and neighbors.

I have lost every friend I have ever had in this town. I’ve got people winding car windows down shouting abuse at me on my daily run. But Emma has been my rock. She understands what I’m going through and we are going to stay together. At the end of all this, I will be the woman I want to be. While I am going through the transformation, my kids will not see me as Mercedes. But it doesn’t matter in the end whether I’m a mother or a father, as long as I’m a good parent.

I love it, I mean, I don’t exactly see this dude as being a particularly attractive chick, but he’s already married so, it’s not like he’s hitting the bar scene. And besides, Mercedes Newbiggin is a totally great name!

[Daily Star]



I definitely had this happen to me a couple dozen times as a kid. Of course, you wouldn’t know it talking to me. Bumper cars gogglegoth blopker.

This video never stops being funny to me.

[With Leather]


Bat Man Takes in a Bisons/PawSox Game

batbatcrowdDespite having gone to many baseball games I have never caught a foul ball. Not since a Little League game have I managed to snag one, I was close twice, but never close enough. I’ve certainly never been in a good enough spot to score a bat if one of the hitters accidentally let loose. I would be way WAY more psyched to get a bat than a ball. Plus, catching a bat is about 78% more bad-ass.

However, the Erie County Health Department is trying to find an as yet unknown fan who caught a live bat at a AAA game between the Buffalo Bisons and Pawtucket Red Sox. During Tuesday’s game the man reached out and snagged the nominally nocturnal creature, much to the chagrin of some health department employees who were also in the stands.

The brave fan released the bat after holding it for a brief time.



Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Athletes are always taught to play until the whistle, what happens when the referee falls and can’t whistle? Japanese soccer team Sagan Tosu found out the hard way.

Deep in Sagan’s zone, Kim Tae-yeon, playing for Mito Hollyhock — it feels almost silly having to say that considering the HUGE Japanese soccer fans that visit — ignored the referee tripping over himself and scored a nifty goal. The Sagan players were more sensitive to the plight of the official, to their detriment.

Let this be a lesson to the kids out there. Damn the man.

[Sports Rubbish]


When Life Hands You Lemons

When true love comes along, if you’re smart, you lock it down and put a ring on it. Alas, for one Pittsburgh resident, that plan didn’t go too well. “Scott” put this ad up on the Pittsburgh’s Craigslist barter board:

Markee cut with 12 little diamonds,Appraised @ 2,500,will take a 1,000 cash or
1,500 dollars worth of penguins tickets must be good seats


Even after crawling through a river of shit, Scott is able to look forward to watching the reigning Stanley Cup champions; he’s a pillar of strength for all men who go through hard times. Scott may have lost the girl he loved, but he still has his team. They’ll get him through this; but don’t get ridiculous, he still wants “good seats.”

Go get ’em buddy, you deserve it!

and in case the link gets taken down, I have a screenshot of it here.


Jose Rijo Finds a New Career Path

jose_rijoSo, what path do you take if you are fired from your last job for suspected fraud and a series of irregularities? If you’re former major leaguer and then former Washington Nationals executive Jose Rijo, you turn to politics. Which, I suppose makes sense, if you’re already used to shaking down baseball prospects it’s a relatively easy step up to fleecing an entire city.

Formerly serving in the front-office of the Nationals, with responsibilities including over-seeing the team’s Dominican academy — out of which came a prospect with a forged identity and a series of questions regarding skimming of bonuses from player — Rijo was less than stellar and canned by the team in an attempt to avoid further (legal) problems.

Rijo is now running to become the mayor of his Dominican hometown, San Cristobal where he campaigns door-to door nearly every day. “Here [in the US], he’s been somewhat humiliated,” a source close to Rijo said, “but down there [in the Domincan] he’s still like the Godfather, larger than life.”

Raul_Mondesi_0001The competition to become mayor though will be tough as Rijo faces off against another former big leaguer, none other than Raul Mondesi!

God, I hope they hold dozens of debates and they are all televised. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. And, in case you were wondering, for his career, Mondesi went 3-9 against Rijo with a double and 3 punchados.

[Washington Post]

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