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“Dad Told Me to Do It”

hstreaker“Dad told me to do it.” That’s the reason a 14-year old boy (not pictured) gave to police after being arrested for running on the field at a Charlotte Knights minor league game on Saturday. Thanks to a beach bag give-away, post-game fireworks and the Gwinnett Braves there was a larger than usual crowd on hand for the excitement. After being led away by the police, the boy told them that his father, Jeffrey Richards, had dared him to do it and even had told him he’d be “a man” if he did. Now THAT’S parenting!

The police then arrested his father as well, charging him with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The dad was released on bond the next day but his son was held in jail until Tuesday morning when the next session of Family Court convened which absolutely has to suck.

“I said, ‘Boy, if you do, you’d be the man,'” Richards said. “It wasn’t like we went to the rail and helped him over or anything. I think he thought it was going to be funny. He’s more of a prankster than a troublemaker. It’s nothing mean or spiteful. You hate it because there were 9,000 people there. You can’t necessarily slap him on the wrist and let him go back. The sheriff’s office had to do what they had to do.”

Sounds to me like someone just earned an Xbox from his dad in order to try and gloss over having to spend 3 days in jail for a dare.

[Charlotte Observer]


Cubs Security Are Hard-Asses

For 65 years Yosh Kawano (front left) served as the equipment manager of the Chicago Cubs, retiring last season. Two weeks ago he went back to Wrigley — something he has done frequently since his retirement — to visit some of the grounds crew. 6SRibRUIThe team was out of town and three security guards came up to Kawano and told him he had been spotted by the security cameras and needed to leave. Interestingly enough, the Cubs home locker room IS NAMED AFTER HIM.

Club officials didn’t know about the incident when it happened and have said they will be contacting Kawano directly ”to let Yosh know he is always welcome,” senior vice president Michael Lufrano said.

”They [the security guards] apologized to me and said it bothered them,” Kawano said. ”They said I’m not supposed to be there when [the team] isn’t there. How do you think I felt? It’s embarrassing.”

Last season the team had a special day in his honor and flew a flag with his name over the stadium. In addition, along with the players and announcers the team has honored, a flag for Kawano hangs in the main concourse.

”Yosh was a fixture here for 65 years, and we celebrated him with a day in his honor last June 26,” Lufrano said. ”He has a standing invitation to come to any game here and we’ve offered to find ways to help him and his family in any way, and we’ll be in touch with him to express that again.”

Kawano went to Cooperstown last June to give them his trademark floppy hat for display at the Baseball Hall of Fame and has been nominated for the HoF’s Buck O’Neil award for lifetime achievement in baseball. Apparently those credentials aren’t enough for the Cubs crack security teams.



Pimped Out Ride Gets Ganked

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis reported to police that last Saturday his car was stolen; it shouldn’t be too hard for the police to spot, it is a 1975 custom painted purple Chevrolet Caprice Classic with his portrait on the trunk. The $136,000 car with multiple upgrades and special features which includes a custom steering wheel with Davis’ name and football number on it. The car is so pimped out it was featured prominently in an article about Davis and his rides in the car pimping magazine, Dubs.

Sitting in his driveway, the car was swiped at some point on Saturday night, I don’t know what the thieves were thinking, yes the car is dope, but you can’t drive that thing ANYWHERE without being super obvious right?

[Charlotte Observer via Sporting News]


Stealing 70,000 Bills from Buffalo

A former Buffalo Bills employee has been charged with embezzling $70,000 and she subsequently turned herself in to authorities on Monday. Bonnie Krauss, the former Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing and Broadcasting allegedly falsified expense reports over a period of several years, keeping some of the money for herself. Reportedly, the organization is very disappointed because she was a long-term employee that they trusted implicitly.

However, the Bills seem to be totally OK with their players stealing millions of dollars from the team who paid them to to perform at a high level and are simply incapable of doing so — we’re looking at YOU JP Losman…

Seems patently unfair to me. Krauss meanwhile is facing 15 years in prison, although since she doesn’t have any priors, if she repays the money she’s not likely to face a steep sentence.


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