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Canterbury Tales

g0da2584b660ddbe45e4f87189bab0721d0ffdaeebe6578Having never been done at the Major League level, and only once in all of the minor leagues, the Home Run Cycle is the rarest of rare in baseball. High schooler Eli Canterbury however can say that, for one day, he did something legendary after completing the feat last Wednesday during a 19-1 victory in the District 1 All-Star tournament in Barboursville, WV.

“After the first one, I never dreamt it would happen again,” his mom, Angela Canterbury said. “To be honest, I just didn’t want him to strike out.”

Even cooler than just doing the deed, Canterbury hit the 4 home runs in order; his first at-bat was a solo shot and when he strode to the plate in his final AB — with the 2-run and 3-run shots already taken care of — the bases were full, and soon, the ball was flying over the fence, a Grand Slam.

“I don’t really know what I thought. He pitched it and I hit it,” Eli Canterbury said. “I just tried to swing straight and stay level.”

Awesome. Simply AWESOME.



The Devil Is in the Uniforms

At Saturday’s Rays game, they wore some retro uniforms, all the way back to the good ol’ days of 1998! Since dropping the “Devil” part of their name, the Rays have won 145 games over the last season and a half, add in the teams first winning season/playoff appearance/World Series appearance and it seems like dropping the Beelzebubian part of their name has worked.

In Saturday’s game manager Joe Maddon was ejected, the team’s 4-game win streak was halted, catcher Dioner Navarro was taken to the hospital after taking a foul ball off the side of his face and worst of all, SMASH MOUTH played a concert at the Tropicana after the game.

We just seem to play better in a Rays uniform,” said Joe Maddon. “That was not pretty.”

I wouldn’t expect to see the “retro” uniforms again any time soon.

Also, to be fair, I used to really like the Smash Mouth first album.

[The Ledger]


So That’s AN Idea

campbell2A medal hopeful for the 2012 Olympic games in London, New Zealand’s Ben Campbell came up with a unique idea to raise money for his taekwando training, he wants to open a brothel.

“There is no point me going to the Olympics to make up the numbers if I go I want to be a medal contender,” he told a local television station. Campbell, who needs to raise $190,000 over the next two years in order to compete he says may be now barred from the games for his “gentlemen’s club” business venture.

Taekwondo New Zealand’s Secretary General Matt Ransom said that “It may be unlikely that he will be selected because of his involvement.”

Under New Zealand law, he is legally allowed to open a brothel, but that apparently doesn’t matter to his sport’s national governing body.

“This is perfectly legal, so I do not see why I would wreck my chances,” Campbell said, he added that if other people had worthwhile other options he’d listen, but as yet, nothing else had emerged.

I understand, there is simply too much money in running a brothel to pass up. Plus the perks! You know, like going to conventions and getting newsletters and stuff. What did you think I meant?



National Fail

2008106662How do you replace a manager who starts off his major league career going 157-251, a .385 winning percentage? If you’re the Washington National Failures you do so with a 522-652 career record, good for a .445 winning percentage. SUCCESS!

After ousting Manny Acta, who was never given a fair chance, or a Major League team for that matter, the Nationals have hired Jim Riggleman the failed former Padres, Cubs and Mariners manager. I’m sure this will lead to success.

What, Butch Hobson wasn’t available?



Pujols Puts His Money Where His Mouth is

albert-pujolsDuring the home run bonanzas of the steroid days, then-SI writer Rick Reilly challenged Sammy Sosa to take a piss test to prove he didn’t use steroids. Despite being a douche of the umpteenth degree, Reilly has been proven right. Now, while putting up one of the best first-halves in the history of the game, Albert Pujols is trying to be the hero that baseball needs, the one that everyone thought Alex Rodriguez was, until he proved to have been a steroids user too.

“I can understand people being disappointed with A-Rod and Manny,” Pujols says, “But just because Manny made a mistake, now I have to pay? Just because A-Rod made a mistake, now I have to pay? Oh, guilt by association? That’s wrong.”

“For people to be suspicious of me because of the year I’m having and for people to say I just haven’t been caught, that makes me angry and disappointed.

“I would never do any of that crap. You think I’m going to ruin my relationship with God just because I want to get better in this game? You think I’m going to ruin everything because of steroids?”

Already tested he says 6 times, Pujols says that if that isn’t enough, he’s willing to be tested EVERY DAY, and if he is caught using anything banned, he’ll repay to his employers, the St. Louis Cardinals every cent they’ve paid him.

“Come test me every day if you want. Everything I ever made in this game I would give back to the Cardinals if I got caught,” he told reporters.

In this day and age when the fans look at all the players as tainted, I desperately hope that Pujols is the real deal. I don’t care that much about steroids, if everyone was doing them, so be it, it’s unfortunate for the ones who weren’t, but they weren’t complaining when their salaries were rising thanks to the steroids users. However, I want Pujols to be clean.

Albert Pujols is simply too damn good at baseball. If he is using steroids it might break my heart. I want to believe that the things I see him do are legit, I want to believe that a human being is capable of being as incredible as he is; if he were to test positive I don’t know what I’d do.

At this point, no one would surprise me, but Pujols would disappoint me. I hope these statements of his are true, that he is clean and that the evidence will back it up. Baseball needs him. I need him. And at least one of my fantasy teams needs him too.

[USA Today]

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