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Can I Pray to Make You Go Away?

kurt warnerI’ll be the first to admit I don’t get the whole religion and prayer thing. For instance, I can’t STAND how after anything bad  happens newscasters or whoever they are interviewing will say “Our thoughts and prayers are with…” Really? Like Anderson Cooper gets on his knees every night to pray. I buy that he’s on his knees every day, but that is a very different sort of subservience. Whateves, maybe I’m just crotchety and unable to use my imagination to believe in mythology as something real.

Then there are people like Kurt Warner whose religious views are a major talking point for him at any opportunity, even when meeting the President. Hearing that President Obama would be in Arizona delivering the commencement address at Arizona State University (WOOOOOOOO!), Warner made a call and arranged a short get-together with Barack. The two men met and talked about Obama’s basketball skills, with Obama even inviting Warner to come play at the White House some time. Then the conversation got somewhere useful; Warner asked the President how he could pray for him.

Uh. What?

According to Warner, the President responded that “[I] could pray for his family because of the situation and how difficult it is, and ‘pray that I get it right.'”

What are you supposed to say to someone asking how they can pray for you? Give me 6 more inches? Should you treat it like you would with a genie? It’s about the same likelihood of anything happening right?

You know partly why I hate people who say things like “I’ll be praying for you.” A) most of the time they probably “pray” once and then move on. B) It’s a way to be like “I’m helping,” without actually doing anything. C) Nothing ever changes, and if something WERE to change, it wouldn’t be because of prayer.

I only wish Obama asked Warner to pray for the Bears to dominate the NFC next season, after all, you can’t ignore a request from the Commander in Chief right?



Would You Buy a House From This Guy?

dougie1Once deserving of a police escort from the airport in order to arrive at Fenway on time; Doug Mirabelli was pushed into retirement after the Red Sox jettisoned him last spring training. Now the career backup catcher has moved onto a new career: selling real estate.

Doug Mirabelli has joined Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors as a full-time sales associate working out of the 522 East Front Street office. Prior to joining Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors, Mirabelli played professional Baseball, winning two World Series with the Boston Red Sox. A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Mirabelli met his now wife, Kristin while both were attending Wichita State, where she was an All-American Softball Player. They have been residents of Traverse City for the past 5 years, and have three children. Having passed his real estate exam and joined the Traverse Area Association of REALTORS, Mirabelli is now engaging in an entirely different version of spring training than in years past, namely the extensive training that Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors requires of all its new sales associates. Mirabelli expects that his real estate career will allow him to support the youth of the region, and plans to direct a portion of his earnings toward funding his Catch Em All Foundation, which focuses on increasing youth opportunities in the Grand Traverse area. “We’re happy to have Doug Mirabelli join our company,” said Ken Schmidt, CEO of Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors. “He obviously has a drive to succeed and a willingness to work hard to achieve his goals.” Schmidt first contacted Mirabelli after he retired from baseball, having noted the success that other professional athletes had achieved working with other Coldwell Banker Brokers around the country.

I can’t think of a better market to get into than REAL ESTATE during a huge recession where no one has the money to get a loan and I can’t think of a better place to sell said real estate than Michigan, a state where NO one has ANY money. The market there has to be HUGE!

If you were wondering whether or not to make Doug your real estate agent, he has this convincing bit up on his profile:

Professional Background

I have had an outstanding history of success in my former career as a professinal athlete. I now plan on leveraging my hard work ethic and success for my former athletic teams to my new “team” – my clients in real estate.

While I’ll agree that he was on TEAMS with a history of success, when you retire with a career OPS+ of 86 after 12 seasons I don’t think that can be considered either “outstanding” or “success.”

[Coldwell Banker Brokers via Barstool Sports]


Not the Danger I’d Expect from the Pfister

Copy of ghostsThe Florida Marlins finished out their series against the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, and at least a couple players couldn’t be happier to get out of the Brew City. At least two pairs of Marlins players were sharing rooms at their hotel because of their fear of ghosts. It seems that the Marlins are staying at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, the high class hotel is also famous for ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. Reportedly, the most popular sighting is of the hotel’s founder, Charles Pfister overlooking the lobby from the grand staircase.

The Marlins’ Josh Johnson and Dan Meyer had separate but adjoining rooms. “Every time there was a noise, JJ would yell, ‘It’s the ghosts,'” Meyer said.

“I heard a couple of noises,” Chris Volstad said with a laugh, “but I just closed my eyes.”

The Marlins aren’t the only ones to experience something scary while staying at the lovely Pfister. When he was with the Dodgers, Adrian Beltre reportedly was so scared he would sleep with a baseball bat in his bed just in case a specter came after him (the Dodgers no longer stay at the Pfister.) Last June the Twins’ Carlos Gomez got scared when his iPod, sitting on a table kept vibrating, despite Gomez turning it off several times. Sounds SPOOKY!

The players should be thankful that the ghosts of the Pfister don’t do something much much worse.

[Palm Beach Post]


In this Case the Injury Came AFTER the Egg

broadfoot_174319tBecause athletes never cease to injure themselves in unique and interesting manners, here is the latest bizarre injury from the world of soccer. Kirk Broadstreet, who plays for Rangers in the Scottish Premier League was treated at a hospital on Sunday after an egg exploded in his face. It seems that Broadstreet was inspecting one of the two eggs he was poaching in the microwave when it blew up, throwing scalding water at his face.

Rangers manager Walter Smith said: “He’s got some facial burns but he should be okay.”

This is why I never eat eggs.

[The Independent]


He Did What?

pedroiafireNow I’m the last person to be criticizing people about grammar, but then I’m not a professional journalist-type. When I read this sentence from’s recap of yesterday’s frustrating Red Sox loss against the Angels I, for one, find it a bit confusing:

“Pedroia, who had caught fire before the injury, was glad the momentum seemed to carry over.”

Uh. What? I thought Pedroia’s injury was to his groin, did someone light his groin on fire? I’m confused. How was this not more reported, last year’s MVP catches FIRE and NO one talks about it? That seems strange. However, it’s impressive that he bounced back so quickly…




Yesterday was a terrible day to be a Boston sports fan. I’m most upset about the Bruins, not only did they lose game 7, but they lost it in sudden-death overtime to Scott Walker who had delivered an awful cheap shot to Aaron Ward and should have been suspended for game 6. I really thought this was the Bruins’ year. I should have known better. This is what they do. This is why I stopped caring about hockey for so long; rooting for the Bruins is like being a Cubs fan.

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