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Seau Takes a Sack

seaufanDuring the fourth quarter of yesterday’s dismantling of the Arizona Cardinals, Junior Seau received a very unexpected hit. A male fan, presumably inebriated, jumped out of the stands and tackled Seau, bringing him to the ground. This took Seau completely unawares. “It was definitely a shock,” he said. “It was probably one of my most memorable moments in my 19-year career. I thought [at first] it was one of my [teammates] that was enjoying the win. As I was laying on the ground I saw this guy in street clothes. Obviously, it was not one of the players or any of the employees of the Patriots. Therefore, security came over and took care of him. I wish him a Merry Christmas.”

Not enough people jump on the field for football games, I think it has something to do with incredibly large men in full pads who won’t think twice about pummeling you. Baseball streakers are likely to get tackled by security but rarely do the players get involved, they’re too scared of damaging their precious money-makers, but football players, they’ll knock you the fuck out.

[Boston Globe]


An Epic Game of Dodgeball

History was made this weekend at SportsPlex in Half Moon, New York. Four grown men, professional dodgeballers of the New York Epic team decided to go after the Guiness record for the longest straight dodgeball game ever, 24 hours. Rob Immel of Malta, Mark Rabideau of Albany (left) and J.P. Richards and Oren Gal, both of Toronto played straight for a day taking only a 5 minute break every hour.

The first set of opponents, from 7:30 pm until 9 am were friends and various supporters of the men, then various 5 man amateur and recreational teams challenged the pros in hour long matches. On the line for the rando teams, $1000 for the highest scoring team against the pros.

Even after having played through the night, the pros were still going strong. “They’ve got a lot of endurance,” said John Vandish of Saratoga Springs after two hours of competition for the “Dark Knights” team. “I’m sucking wind, and I work out every day.”

The night wasn’t a piece of cake though, “At 5 a.m., they all got the 5 a.m. giggles and they were just cracking up, acting like lunatics,” said Sammie Richards, J.P.’s wife.

The idea for the event came while watching the Olympics when Immel wondered why dodgeball wasn’t an Olympic event. Obviously the first step to becoming an official event is to get a Guiness record. In order to be certified as legit, there were cameras set up for the entire event, as well as witnesses for the entire marathon.

By the end of the 24 hours, the men were exhausted but jubilant. They did it! A new Guiness record was set, one that is unlikely to be broken any time soon. Like most Guiness records, it is one that few will ever strive for, but that meant everything to the people who did it.

[The Daily Gazette]


More Hockey Highlights!

One of my friends, who is basically Canadian but loves the Bruins, and is one of the last people I know who was still interested in hockey turned to me yesterday and said, “Why did no one tell me the Bruins were kicking so much ass this year.” The 2008-9 NHL season folks!

Thanks to the endless publicity machine that is the NHL, somehow, no one knows that thus far the hockey season has actually been pretty good.

And among the class of the league, my Bruins who really are kicking some serious ass. Take Blake Wheeler in yesterday’s game against the St. Louis Blues. My man Wheeler is so good he takes on 5 Blues and walks away with a damn pretty goal. Don’t believe me? I have video proof!

Oh yeah, and the Bruins were playing short-handed at the time.


Brett Favre, Pro Bowl, Really?

Ladies and gentleman, your 2009 Pro Bowl backup quarterback, Brett Favre!

For your appreciation:

18/31, 187 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 INTs

sacked 4 times

Completely unable to move the ball on one of the worst teams in the entire league.


Now, not to be a homer, nor to suggest that Matt Cassel SHOULD have been in the Pro Bowl, here are his comparable stats from this week.

20/36, 345 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 INTs

1 Sack

Some wobbly throws

Scored on 9 of the first 11 possessions.

I could also pick the stats from last week which would show the same story. Again, I’m not so much advocating Cassel, I’d be fine if he made it but I’m not distraught he didn’t, as I am pointing out how embarrassing it is that Favre was selected to the team. Oh yeah, did I mention that Brett Favre has the most interceptions in football this year? Yeah. He does. 19 of them, to his 21 TD passes. That’s a GREAT ratio. So glad the Pro Bowl gets to have him. What a fucking waste. I hope Favre backs out of the game, it’s bad enough he was selected, there’s no way he should be going though.


HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY…to the Hospital

It’s BOWL SEASON! I know everyone is super-amped up for the Vagisil Monistat 7 Bowl Game and all the other fun games, I for one can’t even sleep I’m so excited. Freshman DeAndre Brown of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles may not look upon the bowl season the same way though. While his team beat Troy University 30-27 in overtime of the New Orleans Bowl, Brown wasn’t able to be much help to the team. A few plays after setting the school record for receptions in a season with his 67th, Brown went up for a reception in the end zone, but his leg awkwardly gives out and snaps. Ouch.  

School officials later would only say it was a lower leg fracture. You think? Brown, who was the Golden Eagles’ top recruit last season had a stellar freshman campaign ending the season with 67 catches for 1,108 yards and 12 touchdowns and one gruesome injury.

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