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Bernard Pollard Has One Skill

BradyStill in the first quarter of the first game, the New England Patriots’ season came tumbling down after Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard came in on a blitz and exploded Brady’s left knee by running into it. Matt Cassel stepped in and ably guided the Patriots, but obviously was ┬ánot on the level of Brady.

Well, Bernard is BACK in action in the Chiefs training camp activities and courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Peter King comes this story. Normally, during training camp the quarterbacks wear red non-contact jerseys. Well, just as it happened last season, Pollard came in on a blitz and the running back who was supposed to block him gave an ole-style hit instead. Going low to take on the block, Pollard instead — just as it happened with Brady — stumbled and came crashing towards Cassel’s knee.

“MOVE!” Pollard yelled, but it was too late. He rolled into Cassel, the Chiefs’ new $63 million QB and his left leg. Fortunately for the Chiefs, Pollard was able to slow himself and merely tapped his QB’s knee. Cassel was fine, he flexed the leg a few times and then got back to business, after some of his offensive mates gave Pollard some shoves.

“Pretty weird,” a smiling Cassel told King, “Yeah, I realized it.”

When King approached Pollard about the play, the safety said, “I got to the sidelines after that play and I realized what happened, and I thought, — OH MY GOD! It’s like a replay.”

Sigh. I dislike Bernard.

[Monday Morning Quarterback, Sports Illustrated]


Brett Favre, Pro Bowl, Really?

Ladies and gentleman, your 2009 Pro Bowl backup quarterback, Brett Favre!

For your appreciation:

18/31, 187 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 INTs

sacked 4 times

Completely unable to move the ball on one of the worst teams in the entire league.


Now, not to be a homer, nor to suggest that Matt Cassel SHOULD have been in the Pro Bowl, here are his comparable stats from this week.

20/36, 345 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 INTs

1 Sack

Some wobbly throws

Scored on 9 of the first 11 possessions.

I could also pick the stats from last week which would show the same story. Again, I’m not so much advocating Cassel, I’d be fine if he made it but I’m not distraught he didn’t, as I am pointing out how embarrassing it is that Favre was selected to the team. Oh yeah, did I mention that Brett Favre has the most interceptions in football this year? Yeah. He does. 19 of them, to his 21 TD passes. That’s a GREAT ratio. So glad the Pro Bowl gets to have him. What a fucking waste. I hope Favre backs out of the game, it’s bad enough he was selected, there’s no way he should be going though.


My New Quarterback

I’ve been avoiding all things Brady because frankly it makes me want to throw up, but I’m trying to control myself. What was supposed to be another awesome football season is now up in the air. That too can be exciting but until they play again all I’m left with is a bitter, acrid taste in my mouth. Unlike baseball I don’t have as much interest in the larger league beyond the Patriots. I watch whatever game that’s on but I don’t have much if any of a rooting interest except how it relates to the Pats. Living in NYC, this season is going to be that much harder to bear. Sigh. Get well soon Tom. Nonetheless, here’s hoping Matt Cassel, who hasn’t started a game since high school is going to kick ass. In 2001 I remember when Bledsoe went down and it felt like the season was over, so who knows, this too could be an amazing season. I certainly hope so. Anyway, this video is from a charity event held by special teams ace Larry Izzo called Larry-oke and clearly Cassel is a wee bit tipsy in this clip. Let’s go Pats!

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