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Venezuelan Kidnappers Are Greedy

Henry Blanco, the backup catcher for the Chicago Cubs the last 4 years, had tragedy visited upon his family when the body of his brother was found yesterday in Venezuela. Carlos Simon Blanco Sanchez was kidnapped Sunday and was being held for a ransom of 200 million Venezeualan Bolivares, which comes out to approximately $93 million. I don’t know what they think backup catchers make down there in Venezuela, but according to baseball-reference, Blanco has for his entire 11 year career made about $12.5 million, so I don’t understand how they could expect him to come up with that sum.

Next time kidnappers, just make a quick stop over at baseball-reference. That’s for ALL your kidnapping ransom needs.


Do Not Mess With Brandon Jacobs

The New York Giants are nothing but targets right now it seems. Plax shoots himself, Steve Smith got robbed last week and so, intrepid reporters are talking to the rest of the Giants to see how the players handle their own security. Take Brandon Jacobs, the 6’4″, 264 lb behemoth who loves to run over linebackers and safeties who is worried about his own safety. “It’s tough out there for us and a lot of people don’t know that. It’s tough in everyday life for us to be targeted. Some people are very bothered by it. That’s why I stay home.”

However, don’t mess with Jacobs’ family or that brutal football stallion will come out on you.

“In the streets, with me, there’s no need for it,” Jacobs said. “But if you come between that door frame in my home, I’m going to kill you.”

Asked if he has a gun in his home, Jacobs said only, “Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.”

So, um, I’d say he’s got a bunch of guns. Big ones.


Rickey’s On His Way to the Hall

Rickey Henderson is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time and is an absolute lock on getting in, so in honor of him, I thought I’d present my three most favorite Rickey Henderson moments, trivia and minutia.

1) While in a contract dispute with the Oakland A’s regarding his $3 million salary, Rickey told reporters “they want to pay me like Mike Gallego, I’ll play LIKE Mike Gallego.”

2) For his entire career, before every game Rickey would stand naked in front of a mirror and say “Rickey’s the best,” multiple times.

3) The day after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series with their awesome sweep of the Cardinals, Rickey called the Sox front office seeking tickets for game 6.

By the way, I can’t wait to see some bullshit BBWAA writer leave Rickey off his ballot because Ty Cobb wasn’t unanimous or some other lame ass reason. Then never reveal himself. I mean, is there any doubt that Rickey is a HoFer? After all, he was only the greatest lead-off hitter ever, the all-time leader in stolen bases (by 500!), the all-time leader in runs, 10th in runs created and 2nd in walks.

Rickey did it all. Now make Rickey a unanimous choice.


Remy Rocks out with Rudolph

remsantaSomehow, someway, the folks over at Sawxheads found this clip of Red Sox TV announcer Jerry Remy rocking out a version of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” that they claim did not involve alcohol in any manner. I’m shocked.

Because it is their exclusive and they are trying to earn some cash along the way, you’ll need to go to their site HERE to listen to the clip. I cannot recommend it higher. I look forward to the Remdog’s Christmas Carols album coming soon on his website.

Also, apologies on the lack of posting the last two days to both of you who care. Other than the now overplayed and boring story of Plaxico, there ain’t NOTHING doing in sports. I’m bored. Can’t some hot athlete girl decide to get naked or something (nod, Stokke).

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