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Kid Sues School Over Dodgeball Mishap

One summer at camp we were playing dodgeball, campers vs. counselors; it being a sports camp nearly everyone was very athletic– or at least as athletic as teenage Jews can be (with me as an obvious exception) — especially the counselors. With great glee I ran towards a loose ball anxious to make my mark in the game.

Unbeknownst to me, one of the biggest, strongest counselors was arming himself as well. I cocked my arm back, ready to throw and BOOM! Volleyball directly to the face. I fell to the ground, unconscious before I even hit the floor. It. Was. Awesome. To this day it remains one of my proudest moments and something I remember fondly. Sure, it hurt at the moment, but I wore it like a badge of honor.

Shane Reese, a 12-year-old was handed a soccer ball during gym class last December and told to go play dodgeball. Because of some recent bridgework, he was sitting on the sidelines not even playing. By the end of the period though, he was left bruised in the face and missing several teeth.

His school has since offered his family a $20,000 settlement, a Bronx Supreme Court judge will hear arguments and decide whether that settlement is sufficient or if the family is entitled to more.

Someone should tell the parents that their little snowflake is going to get injured sometimes; he’s a kid, it happens, and that they can’t just willy-nilly sue everyone around them. He’s a kid, not your way to get rich.

[NY Daily News]


An Epic Game of Dodgeball

History was made this weekend at SportsPlex in Half Moon, New York. Four grown men, professional dodgeballers of the New York Epic team decided to go after the Guiness record for the longest straight dodgeball game ever, 24 hours. Rob Immel of Malta, Mark Rabideau of Albany (left) and J.P. Richards and Oren Gal, both of Toronto played straight for a day taking only a 5 minute break every hour.

The first set of opponents, from 7:30 pm until 9 am were friends and various supporters of the men, then various 5 man amateur and recreational teams challenged the pros in hour long matches. On the line for the rando teams, $1000 for the highest scoring team against the pros.

Even after having played through the night, the pros were still going strong. “They’ve got a lot of endurance,” said John Vandish of Saratoga Springs after two hours of competition for the “Dark Knights” team. “I’m sucking wind, and I work out every day.”

The night wasn’t a piece of cake though, “At 5 a.m., they all got the 5 a.m. giggles and they were just cracking up, acting like lunatics,” said Sammie Richards, J.P.’s wife.

The idea for the event came while watching the Olympics when Immel wondered why dodgeball wasn’t an Olympic event. Obviously the first step to becoming an official event is to get a Guiness record. In order to be certified as legit, there were cameras set up for the entire event, as well as witnesses for the entire marathon.

By the end of the 24 hours, the men were exhausted but jubilant. They did it! A new Guiness record was set, one that is unlikely to be broken any time soon. Like most Guiness records, it is one that few will ever strive for, but that meant everything to the people who did it.

[The Daily Gazette]

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