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ESPN Subtly Calls Gammons a Money-Grubber

As a means of honoring Peter Gammons before his departure to the higher-paying less-travel pastures of MLB Network and NESN, the ESPN baseball writers all contributed a paragraph or several about their mentor and friend. Several days later, there are new stories and the Gammons tributes are pushed down the page.

Despite all the kind words the writers heaped on Gammons, I can’t help wondering if the editors or higher-ups at ESPN wanted to take a final shot at the legendary reporter — who received a reported substantial raise to join MLB — by putting this Jerry Crasnick headline beneath the Gammons stories.

Or it could just be a¬†coincidence… but where’s the fun in that!


Gammons is Leaving ESPN

After 20 years, Peter Gammons has decided to leave ESPN following this week’s Winter Meetings. In a statement he released through ESPN, Gammons said that:

My decision to leave ESPN and move on at this point in my life has been conflicted. I owe a great deal of my professional life to ESPN, having spent more than half of my 40 years in journalism working for the network, and the choice to move on was made with nothing but the strongest feelings for the people with whom I worked. ESPN gave me a great deal more than I gave it, and will always be a huge part of who I am.

First, I have to imagine that ESPN didn’t fire Gammons, because let’s face it, the dude is a legend and should be able to work as long as he wants. So, why is he leaving? Is he still feeling unwell from his stroke a few years ago? Could this be a precursor to a move to MLB Network? If they don’t go after him incredibly hard it’s just foolish.

Regardless, Gammons remains one of the best baseball men out there and from reading his column every Sunday in the Boston Globe to today, he’s always been one of my favorites.

In the meantime, what does this do to ESPN’s baseball coverage, they’ve now lost Gammons and Steve Phillips and I’m guessing Ravech leaves as soon as his contract is up to go to MLB.



Gammons is joining BOTH MLB Network and NESN!


Just Saying, I Know What I’m Talking About

On July 10th, I called in to WEEI, Boston’s sports radio to discuss potential trade targets for the Red Sox. At the time I suggested they ignore going after Roy Halladay and instead concentrate, now or in the off-season on prying Adrian Gonzalez off the Padres. I also posted about it here. On the radio the hosts curtly got off the phone with me, saying that I was being ridiculous and making no sense; well Hall of Famer Peter Gammons, one of the most respected names in baseball agrees with me as he says in his latest article on ESPN:

Considering Boston’s young pitching and the Padres’ lack of it (although 21-year-old right-hander Mat Latos threw 96 mph Sunday), a multi-prospect deal for Adrian Gonzalez makes sense for both teams. The Padres’ ownership is worried about the public perception if the team were to trade away Gonzalez. Fans? What fans?

Now, this isn’t to say Gammo is always right, but the fact that I’m on the same wavelength as him, and considering his sources and contacts within the Red Sox organization, I’d say I’m just a wee bit justified in saying to WEEI that I know more than they do.


Presidential Doppelgangers

Andrew Jackson was our 7th President and is being honored with a $1 gold coin likeness and so it seems only apt to point out that Old Hickory shares a remarkable likeness to the don of the baseball writers, the most respected reporter in the game, Peter Gammons. Gammons of course, is a hall of fame writer, one of the few old-guard reporters who isn’t terrified by the internet and blogs and in fact, has long embraced and supported them. Andrew Jackson commanded the US troops in New Orleans in the War of 1812 where, outnumbered by over 2,500 he and his troops fought and won a decisive victory (had the war not already been over) suffering only 13 casualties versus the Brit’s 2,000 plus. As ever, please vote in the poll below and for all the many many other doppelgangers we have found, check out the page here.



ESPN Gives Us the Wrong Answers

I love Peter Gammons, I grew up anxiously awaiting his Sunday baseball notes column in the Boston Globe and think he’s the best. When I read his latest blog post, he mentioned how few big leaguers had come from the various first round drafts in the 10 drafts from 1995 to 2004. Now I love all drafts and some of the numbers seemed really interesting and bizarre, so I went and checked them out. It turns out that a lot of Gammons’ numbers were wrong. Once more, I think Gammons is totally boss, therefore, I choose to believe the errors in his latest blog post entitled “Three Draft Questions, Answers” are the fault of someone else at ESPN. (The article is a part of ESPN insider, and if you aren’t a subscriber the stuff I’m referring to is right here and here.)

(Players in parentheses are currently not on MLB rosters but have played in the bigs at some point this or last season and remain on the 40 man rosters)

Gammons says: from the 1997 draft, just 8 first rounders are on MLB teams

In actuality: 10 of the 28 first rounders are currently on big league teams. They are:

JD Drew, Troy Glaus, Jason Grilli, Vernon Wells, Michael Cuddyer, Jon Garland, Lance Berkman, Adam Kennedy, Jayson Werth and Jack Cust

Gammons says: from the 2001 draft, 12 first rounders are on MLB teams

In actuality: 16 of 30 first rounders are on MLB teams, or if you want to not include the troika of Jeremy Sowers, Brad Hennesey and Macay McBride all of whom who have played in the majors but are currently in the minors, than the number would be 13, still different from Gammons’. They are:

Joe Mauer, Mark Prior, Gavin Floyd, Mark Texeira, John Van Benschoten, Chris Burke, Casey Kotchman, Gabe Gross, Aaron Heilman, Mike Fontenot, (Jeremy Sowers, Brad Hennesey, Macay Mcbride,) Bobby Crosby, Jeremy Bonderman, Noah Lowry

Gammons says: from the 2002 draft, 17 first rounders are on MLB teams

In actuality: I have 18 first rounders on teams, but that is including Russ Adams who is not in the majors right now. However, since the numbers haven’t added up any other time not including guys not currently in the majors but who have played within the last year, I’m counting it. The big leaguers are:

BJ Upton, Adam Loewan, Zack Greinke, Prince Fielder, Jeff Francis, Jeremy Hermida, Joe Saunders, Khalil Greene, (Russ Adams,) Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Cole Hamels, Royce Ring, James Loney, Jeremy Guthrie, Jeff Francoeur, Joe Blanton, Matt Cain

Gammons says: From the 2003 first round, 18 players are in the bigs

In actuality: I have 17 and this time without anyone currently not in the majors, although several players are on the DL. The players in the bigs are:

Delmon Young, Rickie Weeks, Nick Markakis, Paul Maholm, John Danks, Ian Stewart, Michael Aubrey, Lastings Milledge, Aaron Hill, Ryan Wagner, Brian Anderson, David Murphy, Conor Jackson, Chad Cordero, David Aardsma, Chad Billingsley, Daric Barton

Gammons says: The 2004 first round has yielded only 7 big leaguers thus far

In actuality: I have 9 big leaguers not counting the 5 once and future big leaguers currently toiling on minor league teams (Humber, Niemann, Sowers, Purcy and Fields). The big leaguers I have are:

Justin Verlander, (Philip Humber, Jeff Niemann, Jeremy Sowers,) Jered Weaver, Bill Bray, Billy Butler, Stephen Drew, (David Purcy, Josh Fields,) Glen Perkins, Phil Hughes, Taylor Tankersley, Blake DeWitt.

Again, I must say that I LOVE Peter Gammons, the highlight of one spring training trip was that he waved to us from about 50 feet away, and I was legitimately excited, like, for an extended period of time. Much more excited, in fact, than when Shea Hillenbrand signed a ball for me. So, therefore, I am blaming the copy editors over at ESPN.Com for putting the wrong information in the boxes. For shame ESPN and not Peter Gammons–who is infallible because he’s fantastic although sometimes he’s been wrong but not this time because it was ESPN and not Gammons’ fault because I love Gammons.

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