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Snow Causes Havoc Up the Eastern Corridor

As snowstorms swirled across the Northeast, Baltimore’s game against the Bears was in serious trouble; the Bears were finding it nearly impossible to get out of Chicago and the Ravens’ stadium was doused in a heavy helping of snow. Worried about being able to get the stadium ready in time the Ravens looked to an unlikely source for assistance.

Joining the 700 workers at M&T Bank Stadium were 125 inmates and supervisors from a nearby prison in helping clear the snow from the field and stands. With 21 inches of snow on the ground, every helping hand was needed, it was the 7th-largest recorded snowfall in Baltimore history.

While criminals were clearing out the stadium in Baltimore, up I-95 the should-be criminals that are Philadelphia sports fans were having some fun playing with the snow that covered their stadium. With the San Francisco 49’ers in town, the Eagles faithful pelted the opposing fans with snowballs throughout the game as this video from the 700 Level shows. Based on the fact that there are already a number of these videos up from yesterday’s game, I think it’s fair to say that these were not isolated incidents from the normally sedate and friendly Philadelphia faithful. 

[Chicago Breaking Sports and 700 Level]


Devin Hester Shows Off a New Moon

(click the image if you’re anxious to see Hester’s butt in it’s full glory)

With just over a minute remaining in Eagles/Bears game Sunday, Bears QB Jay Cutler reached back and fired off a pass to Devin Hester in an effort to gain the crucial first down. The defense was all over Hester and he wasn’t able to corral the ball.

As a personal homage to the success of Twilight’s New Moon domination of the box office, Hester opted to show America the full moon.


He Had TOO Much Captain in Him

Brent Celek Captain MorganIn Sunday’s Eagles/Cowboys contest tight end Brent Celek scored a touchdown in the third quarter, to celebrate he squared himself perfectly in the camera’s lens and posed a la the recent Captain Morgan’s Rum commercials with one leg up on an imaginary cask of rum. The No-Fun-League  was less than pleased.

“A company can’t pay a player to somehow promote it’s product on the field,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Yahoo! Sports this week. “Every league has the same rule. … It’s come up before, companies trying to use our games and then players for ambush marketing purposes.”

On the field the celebration earned the Eagles a 15-yard penalty thanks to Jason Avant coming over and aiding in the celebration.

While Celek denied any knowledge of the ad campaign an ad executive handling the Captain Morgan account admitted that Celek WAS involved.

In hopes of raising brand awareness, Captain Morgan intended to offer lucrative charity contributions in exchange for each instance a player was caught on camera doing its pose during a game. The contributions were earmarked for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund – a non-profit which helps retired NFL players with various hardships after leaving the game.

“The [ad campaign] has been going around internally for a while and [Celek] learned of the program through his contact at Diageo [Captain Morgan’s parent company],” said Glenn Lehrman, an account director at Rogers & Cowan, the Los Angeles-based firm that handles Captain Morgan promotions. “Brent said, ‘You know what, if I get the opportunity, I’m going to go ahead and do it.’ He sort of beat us to the punch, but we’re certainly not going to complain.”

Captain Morgan promised to donate $10,000 per pose during the regular season, $25,000 in the playoffs and $100,000 if someone were to do it in the Super Bowl. Celek was not fined for his actions but the NFL has promised that any subsequent “posing” by the players will lead to “substantial” fines.

“The issue is that players are specifically prohibited under our policies from wearing, displaying, promoting or otherwise conveying their support of a commercially identified product during a game while they’re on the field,” Aiello said. “Whether it’s rum or soft drinks or any other commercial product, that type of promotion is prohibited.”



Where Andy Reid Learns How to Do the Bump

Andy Reid


Eagles Suit Up Intern at QB

small_nagyWith the injury to backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, the Philadelphia Eagles are a bit thin at the position so they’ve turned to an unlikely source, Matt Nagy. Who is Matt Nagy? I can’t believe you don’t know!

Nagy signed on with the Eagles this offseason as a coaching intern; come Thursday’s likely loss against the Patriots, Nagy will be the backup QB. The former University of Delaware star, who graduated in 2002 and whose sole professional experience came from the now-defunct Arena Football League. This should go well, it’s not like the QB is an integral part of the team or anything…

[Lehigh Valley Live]


By the Short and Curlies

Donovan McNabb was benched during Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, but I’d argue that Brian Westbrook had a similarly painful game, based solely on this one photo. I know football is a rough game, I applauded when people tackled Ricky Williams by his dreads, I mean, it looked painful, but hey, they are out there so why not. But jockstraps are supposed to be beneath the surface, like my inner rage or the fact that my secret fetish is one of those troll dolls, some things are just not meant to be seen. That’s why this tackle looks so painful. Besides, imagine the angle his junk is going out, yeowch.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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