Coach Takes Team on Field Trip/Surprise Baptism

Baptism08-Tuesday GreneadAh, Kentucky!

Head football coach Scott Mooney of Breckinridge County High School is in hot water after he took his team on a Aug. 26 field trip which would include a motivational speaker and a free steak dinner. I guess, the definition of motivational speaker is a loose one…

Multiple parents are now angry with the coach and the school for taking the 20 players on a school-owned bus instead to the coach’s church, where about half of them were then baptized. Surprise! The district’s school superintendent was there and apparently had no issue with this, despite, you know, multiple court rulings regarding public school and religion.

“Nobody should push their faith on anybody else,” said Michelle Ammons, whose son, Robert Coffey, was one of those baptized without her permission or consent.

“He said it would bring the team together,” Robert, a sophomore.

According to the Superintendent JanetĀ Meeks, a fellow member of the church, everything was on the up and up, with parents aware that the trip would include going to a church revival and that attendance was not mandatory.

“None of the players were rewarded for going and none were punished for not going,” Meeks said.

“If players want to attend the coach’s church and get baptized, that’s great,” David Friedman of the ACLU (who is uninvolved in this issue) said. But a coach cannot solicit player attendance at school, he said, noting, “Coaches have great power and persuasion by virtue of their position, and they have to stay neutral.”

Even better, Meeks said had the kids been “7 or 8 or 9” years old she would have sought parental permission, but thought it unnecessary for teens.

The church’s pastor, the Rev. Ron Davis, said he normally requires minors to obtain their parents’ consent to be baptized but, he added in a statement that is all the creepier from a religious leader: “Sometimes 16-year-olds look like 18 years. We did the best we could.” I’ve used that excuse before; the judge NEVER buys it.

Some other parents dispute Ammons’ claims that the church trip was a surprise, but she isn’t convinced. “We felt he [Robert] was brainwashed,” she said.

[The USA Today]

2 Responses to “Coach Takes Team on Field Trip/Surprise Baptism”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Hi, I commend this coach for his leap of faith. There is nothin wrong with showing kids “HOPE.”
    The problems in our society are associated with excluding God. Part of the reason depression and sickness reign in America is because of the ungodliness and immorality. Wake up parents. You should be shouting praises and giving glory to God. Be glad that your kids will go to heaven! Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decison to follow Christ. When you follow Jesus Christ, the gift of salvation, and heaven. Shame on those who would oppose or condemn this wonderful priveledge. Christianity IS the difference between “Heaven or Hell.”

    • September 10, 2009 at 3:20 pm

      Wow. Well, I’m jewish, and we don’t have hell so, I guess I don’t need to worry about having the “difference” between heaven and hell.

      You’re clearly ignoring the fact that A) the church baptized children without their parents’ permission, B) it was a school sponsored trip, and the courts have multiple times affirmed the separation of religion and public schools, C) Depression and sickness abound in america because we eat like shit and everyone believes they are destined for greatness instead of accepting that their little snowflake is dumb as rocks.

      I look forward to seeing YOU in heaven. Or more accurately, in the dirt with me at the local cemetary

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