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This Has to Be a Violation of NHL Policy Right?

I mean, I get that cocaine is always at a premium in LA, but I’d think the Kings players would have their own dealers at this point.

Funzo: cause its gotta be tough to find snow in Edmonton. Well, not real snow. You know what I mean.



Dirty Bird Does Dirty Drugs off Dirty Toilet

image_8424680Early Sunday morning, former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson, 36, was arrested after an off-duty cop witnessed him snorting cocaine off the toilet in a bar bathroom. Along with Anderson, Mark Daniel Hudson, 20 was in the stall, and a patron of the bar informed the cop that drug use was going on in the bathroom.

“The patron had heard what he thought was sniffing from inside the stall and told the off-duty officer,” police spokesman Otis Redmond said. “The officer went into the restroom, heard the same sniffing and peered over the stall door. He saw Jamal Anderson and Mark Hudson sniffing two lines of powdered cocaine off the back of the toilet.”

image_8424682In addition, Anderson had a joint in his pocket to go along with his little baggie of coke. Here’s my issue, I’ve been to plenty of bars, classy ones and dives, and no matter what, in NONE of those bars would I EVER EVER EVER want to put my face anywhere close to the toilets. In any manner. Snorting cocaine is gross already, but to add doing it off a bar toilet is just hating yourself. That’s gotta be a surefire recipe for getting hepatitis right?

Finally, here is my other question to you Jamal Anderson, you’re a multi-millionaire, you serve as a commentator for ESPN, why in the world are you doing cocaine in a bar bathroom with some rando 20 year old kid? C’mon, at least have it be some hot girl or something so it isn’t as pathetic. I hear Atlanta is CRAWLING with hot ladies, and instead you’re partying with this dude?

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


Put it In His Mouth

In one of the more bizarre suspected doping cases, Jeff Adams, a wheelchair racing athlete is planning on appealing his suspension of 2 years for testing positive for cocaine. Adams, who has won 6 world championships is adamant that he doesn’t use cocaine. According to Adams, while at the Toronto Goth bar Vatikan, an unknown woman came up to him as he sat on a couch in the club and stuffed cocaine into his mouth.

Makes sense to me. That shit ALWAYS happens to me whenever I go out, I can’t STOP people from trying to shove drugs in my mouth. I’m usually lucky if the evening ends and it was ONLY drugs they were trying to stuff into me.

Adams said the catheter he used after that incident to extract urine was the same one he used to give a urine sample a week later after a race at the Canadian wheelchair marathon championships in Ottawa. He said that contaminated catheter caused his positive test for a cocaine metabolite.

However, the arbiter, Richard McLaren isn’t necessarily buying it, “(Adams) could have reported the matter to the police but chose not to do so despite the fact he is married to a police officer. … When I look at the entire circumstances beyond the mere testimony of the athlete I find that the overall version of the events strains my credulity in respect of what occurred.”

By all accounts, Adams has been upfront about this issue all along, and I got to believe that his story is SO ridiculous that there has to be some truth to it. Otherwise, how could anyone EVER think that story would hold up?

[Toronto Star]


Travis Henry Needs a Bailout

Following in the footsteps of former Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Nate Newton, former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry was arrested for allegedly distributing cocaine. Newton was busted in 2001 with 213 pounds of weed on a highway in Texas one year after his retirement. Unlike Newton who at least waited a year to get in trouble, Henry is precocious and after getting released only in June he managed to get himself into serious trouble.

Henry who signed a $22.5 million 5-year contract only last year was dumped by the Broncos who felt that his effort wasn’t commensurate with what they were paying him. Among the other reasons the Broncos dropped Henry was a reported drug test that Henry failed, testing positive for weed once more, likely resulting in a shiny new 1 year suspension.

While I’m impressed with Henry’s entrepreneurial mindset, does he really need the money that badly? Has he already spent the bonus money and first season salary he received, plus whatever monies he gets from being released? That’s just not fiscally responsible, especially in an economic downturn period. Then again, since he reportedly has fathered 9 children with 9 women, (take THAT Shawn Kemp!) maybe he was just trying to be responsible. Unfortunately for Henry, if he gets convicted he could face life in prison PLUS a $4 million fine. He owes at least that much to all the fantasy football teams he killed last season.

With Leather has a great update on this story and the affadavit on the arrest and it’s full of fun and interesting tidbits, like that Henry was going to sell 1 kilo of real cocaine and 2 kilos of “fake” cocaine, which was actually drywall. So check out their full story here.

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