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Pedroia Pedophilia

Dustin Pedroia ‘s older brother Brett, 30, was taken into custody on January 9th after being charged with two counts of oral copulation and lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. Yikes!

The alleged events happened nearly 4 years ago, the purported victim only recently telling one of his parents. Pedroia was released on $50,000 bail and has been back at work at the family’s tire store since being in custody. The news has apparently shocked many neighbors, most of whom were reserving judgment for the moment. “I do find it very, very hard to believe,” next-door neighbor Kay Beruny said. “They’re wonderful people, and we’re very shocked and surprised, and can’t believe it.” Of course, that is the response whenever a similar type story comes out so take that for what it’s worth…

KCRA, a local station in the Woodlands, CA area reported on the story and has video of it here, unfortunately, I can’t embed it, but I recommend checking it out for some of the best local news “It’s just shocking”-type interviews with neighbors who are surprised but have nothing useful to say.

pedpedoThis isn’t really news, and normally no one would pay attention, but since it’s Pedroia’s brother, here we are, it’s a shame had Brett’s little bro not been so good at baseball the stories would have just read, “Local Tire Store Man Accused of Child Molestation.” Then of course, there is this image (left) that I’m sure both Pedroia’s and the Red Sox front office will be excited to have linked to this story. Rats!



ESPN Gets MMA Fighter Busted

monsonanarchyTurns out that a ESPN photo feature can land you in big trouble with the law if you aren’t careful. That’s a lesson mixed-martial arts fighter Jeff Monson is learning the hard way. In a photograph for ESPN the Magazine’s December issue Monson is pictured spray-painting an anarchist symbol on the Washington state Capitol. On Wednesday a warrant was sworn out for Monson, charging him with first-degree malicious mischief, a Class B felony carrying a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Reportedly, the cost to clean up the graffiti was $19,000.

The case doesn’t look great for Monson, as he is very clearly holding a spray-can and even has some of the red paint on his fingers in the photo. As well, the caption for the photo was very ambigious, “On a recent night in Olympia, Monson suddenly pulled out a spray can and tagged the state capitol.”

Police have been actively searching for the people who have spray-painted various graffiti on the Capitol since late November. A State Patrol and Olympia police detective noticed Monson in some surveillance footage, but it wasn’t until ESPN published this photo that they were able to confirm it. The other graffiti on the Capitol building included other anarchy symbols, a peace sign and phrases like “No War” and “No Poverty,” pretty subversive stuff!

Monson, who is the World Grappling Champion and whose fighting nickname is “The Snowman” took responsibility for the graffiti but insisted that it has a purpose, to protest the Iraq war and the economic inequality.

“Every great movement in the United States from civil rights, women’s rights, the labor movement, has been the result of people standing up and breaking the law, refusing to stand at the back of the bus, refusing the stand aside when the government asks you to get off their property,” Monson said. “And now, these people are seen as pioneers. But at the time, they were criminals, they were literally criminals. I’m not here to advocate for myself, at some point you have to stand up.”

[The News Tribune]


Beckham Knows What He Likes

We know that David Beckham loves himself some cheerleaders, after all, who could forget this hilarious photo of him staring at cheerleaders’ butts until his wife gets mad? Or this one of him staring at some ass with his son sitting next to him? Prior to being sent back to European soccer and his off-season transfer to AC Milan, Becks took in the Los Angeles Lakers’ opener last night, and made sure to take in the view. I love how concentrated he is on the booties, it’s like this is one the moment of happiness he is able to get in his life. Hold on tight Becks, never let go.

[Celeb Slam]


Travis Henry Needs a Bailout

Following in the footsteps of former Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Nate Newton, former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry was arrested for allegedly distributing cocaine. Newton was busted in 2001 with 213 pounds of weed on a highway in Texas one year after his retirement. Unlike Newton who at least waited a year to get in trouble, Henry is precocious and after getting released only in June he managed to get himself into serious trouble.

Henry who signed a $22.5 million 5-year contract only last year was dumped by the Broncos who felt that his effort wasn’t commensurate with what they were paying him. Among the other reasons the Broncos dropped Henry was a reported drug test that Henry failed, testing positive for weed once more, likely resulting in a shiny new 1 year suspension.

While I’m impressed with Henry’s entrepreneurial mindset, does he really need the money that badly? Has he already spent the bonus money and first season salary he received, plus whatever monies he gets from being released? That’s just not fiscally responsible, especially in an economic downturn period. Then again, since he reportedly has fathered 9 children with 9 women, (take THAT Shawn Kemp!) maybe he was just trying to be responsible. Unfortunately for Henry, if he gets convicted he could face life in prison PLUS a $4 million fine. He owes at least that much to all the fantasy football teams he killed last season.

With Leather has a great update on this story and the affadavit on the arrest and it’s full of fun and interesting tidbits, like that Henry was going to sell 1 kilo of real cocaine and 2 kilos of “fake” cocaine, which was actually drywall. So check out their full story here.


So THAT’s How They Gain All That Weight!

Two Russian sumo wrestlers tested positive for marijuana this morning before a meet in Tokyo and have been since suspended. The two men, aged 26 and 28 go by the names Roho and Hakurozan are also brothers. Local restaurants immediately logged a protest with the sumo federation claiming that this suspension will irreparably damage their livelihoods as the two brothers were responsible for 58% of the local sales of chips and oreos.


Look What I Found in the Mail


Stealing can be fun but in the modern age it never ceases to amaze me that people don’t get that you shouldn’t sell the things you steal right away on eBay. I mean, you don’t rob a Picasso from a museum and then two days later walk around to art galleries and offer it to them right? You gotta space these things out, wait some time, let the heat die down. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to heist movies anymore? Clearly Richard Trofatter Jr. (left), a mail-carrier in Maine has no idea as to how these things work.

mathewson-christy-1915-cracker-jackThat’s because he swiped a rare 1915 Christy Mathewson Cracker Jacks card that someone else had purchased on eBay. When the buyer never received the package, he contacted the seller, who had purchased $655 in insurance on the package. The seller then contacted the USPS who launched an investigation into the disappearance of the package. What they were able to find was that the exact same card had been sold on eBay, from Maine, for $1,211 and the seller was one, Richard Trofatter Jr. Smooth dude!

If you’re going to steal, be smart about it. Scams can be, and are, quite fun, but only if you’re smart about it. Continue reading ‘Look What I Found in the Mail’


Beckham Likes What He Sees

This group of photos of David Beckham and his wife at a basketball game are truly hilarious. I love the reaction on his face in the last shot as Posh gets totally pissed at him. In his defense, that cheerleader was RIGHT there, it would have been rude for him NOT to look…

[Top New Blog]


Ronaldo Kicks some Extra Balls Around

Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo was for a time, the greatest soccer player in the world, earning player of the year honors three times, tied for the most ever. He was married to Milene Domingues for several years, she’s a model and considered one of the best female soccer players in the world. Seems like a good choice. Then he started dating MTV VJ Daniela Cicarelli, she’s super hot, but it didn’t last. Consoling himself somehow, Ronaldo began to date Brazilian supermodel Raica Oliviera, professional smokeshow. Well done. These are women a man could be proud of, it seems though, that the AC Milan star has fallen on harder times.

While rehabbing from an injury in Brazil, Ronaldo went out the other night, as any man is wont to do and decided he wanted a little female companionship. Understandable, he’s a man with needs, and an incredibly well-known and respected person in his own country and so, seemingly should be a piece of cake to pick up a woman. Opting for some discretion, Ronaldo and his voracious sexual appetite picked up three prostitutes for a hot 4-way at a nearby motel; in Brazil, where prostitution is legal and sexuality is celebrated, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your mindset, Ronaldo found that his prostitutes were more than meets the eye. It seems that the shes were really hes and packing some different equipment than the footballer was expecting.

Like a gentleman, Ronaldo offered the three transvestites about $600 to keep it quiet and for their time, two of them agreed immediately but one saw it as an opportunity. Instead, Andreia Albertini, transvestite hooker, decided to try and extort Ronaldo to the tune of $30,000 to keep the whole story quiet or else he’d post a video on the internet.

According to the police inspector on the case, Carlos Augusto Nogueira “Ronaldo had not committed any crimes by contracting the men, but he is looking into other claims [that Ronaldo threatened the she-men].

‘He just wanted to have fun and meet some other people outside his usual environment,’ Nogueira said. ‘There is no crime at all.’ He added: ‘[Ronaldo] is quite shocked. He said he just wanted to have some fun and for the press not to be informed about this. Ronaldo told me he is suffering some psychological problems as a result of his injury.”

Sounds like mission accomplished, after all, he did meet some new people! As for the press not finding out well…

It looks like Ronaldo needs to get back onto the field ASAP because when he’s playing and with a hot woman he’s an unstoppable force, when he isn’t he’s just another john picking up transvestites. Someone get this man a supermodel, STAT!

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