America’s Team Doesn’t Show the American Flag

There’s quite a controversy brewing down in Dallas over the Cowboys’ new stadium; while it features all the high-tech amenities fans could want, the lack of a flagpole apparently is rankling some folks.

According to team owner Jerry Jones, “Our stadium is so huge that you really have quite a challenge of displaying it so that everyone can see it,” he said. “So the place to see it the most clear is in the middle of the event [level].”

“The policy really is that the people that are in charge of the event make those arrangements relative to our anthem and recognition of the flag,” he continued.

It being Texas, many people believe that the only way you can show yourself to be patriotic is to have the flag displayed at all times, otherwise, you’re probably an unAmerican godless heathen.

Billy Joe Gabriel was appalled at the stadium’s lack of a flag, “I just always assumed there was a flag everywhere I went,” he said about sports arenas. “Now, I’ll be looking.”

After all, how would anyone watching the game on television know the game was being played in America, with the widespread popularity of football with thousands of professional teams playing all over the world — oh wait…

Jones also mentioned that the team hasn’t found an appropriate place to put the team’s 5 Super Bowl banners, but there hasn’t been any outcry over that.

In fact, there are very few permanent signs in place at the new stadium, nearly everything is presented on digital screens, allowing for versatility and easy changes.

“We have the ability to put things in and around that stadium that is a hundred times what we had at Texas Stadium,” Jones said. “But you do it digitally. We may very well have [the Super Bowl banners] on the digital boards before we’re through.”

Honestly, who gives a shit. So there’s no flag, if you came to a giant football stadium to stare at a flag you’re a giant asshole. It’s embarrassing enough that the only time people hear the National Anthem or think about it is at a sports game that has ZERO to do with America or Americans. Go to the game, watch the players and then leave, it’s sports, they serve as escapes, so please let the rest of us escape and keep your simple-minded protests regarding flag placement in your minute-sized brains.

[Dallas News]

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