Definitely Do NOT Fly on This Plane

phpodfQn8The Oakland Raiders have been the poster children for futility for the last several years, foolish penalties, complete lack of talent, lack of direction from the front office, coaches who are overmatched have all served to make them a laughingstock in the NFL. So, the news that they have come to an agreement with Air Asia X, a small airline serving Malaysia, London and Australia to sponsor one of the airline’s new Airbus A340 planes.

This agreement with Air Asia X is not an indication that the Raiders are dropping their long-time partner Hawaiian Airlines. Raiders CEO Amy Trask joked, “We can dominate the airlines. If you buy a plane you can paint it in Raider colors.” She said that the Raiders will continue their terrific relationship with Hawaiian, and there would be no conflict because both airliners cover different routes and territory.

Air Asia X has a tradition where all their planes have an “X” in their name, and so, of course, the Raiders’ plane will be named the “Committment to Excellence.” Currently the plane just has the Raiders shield on the tailfin, but it will soon be covered inside and out in  Raider regalia, including images of the Raiderettes, current and past players and classic Raider moments.

All I know is that if I’m going to go into an aluminum can and go 30,000 feet in the air, I’d like NOT to have anything associated with CONSTANT failure and suck. That doesn’t inspire much confidence for me. I’ve seen the Raiders play, it’s probably best to wait for another flight. This plane is guaranteed to fail.

Trask said this is an “Exciting, fun, terrific relationship with Air Asia X” whom she called a “bodacious airline.”

The team does expect the plane to be flown to Oakland for at least one game day.


2 Responses to “Definitely Do NOT Fly on This Plane”

  1. 1 Garrett
    May 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    You aren’t worthy to step foot on that plane. Besides, that plane looks bad ass; by far the best color scheme in all of sports… but Im sure ur a fan of those queer looking baby powder blues, arent you?

    • May 22, 2009 at 6:25 pm

      I think you’re accusing me of being a Chargers fan? If so, I could only be more insulted if someone thought I liked the Raiders. I appreciate your passion, but honestly, where does it come from? The overdrafting of two marginal players in the draft? The expert coaching of Tom Cable? The poise and confidence JaMarcus Russel has shown so far?

      I’m a Patriots fan my “friend,” since I was a little kid and sat in my Pat the Patriot uniform from the 1-15 years all the way up to 16-0.

      Meanwhile have the Raiders won a TOTAL of 16 games since 2006?

      Finally, the Raiders = failure, Raiders painted plane = disaster waiting to happen

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