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Rickey is Back, and Rickey Wants to Let You Know It

ba-athletics_0500440258After getting the Oakland crowd of 35,067 to once more yell “Run, Rickey, run!” one last time, Rickey Henderson took a moment during the team’s ceremony honoring him by retiring his number to “share a little ‘Rickey-ism.'”

“It was you, the fans, who helped me run to the Hall of Fame,” Henderson said when the chant died down.

“I would like to share a little ‘Rickey-ism,’ ” he said. “Rickey have tears in his eyes. Rickey have love in his heart for you. Rickey is so very, very, very humbled. This is not just Rickey Henderson Day, this is a day for the Oakland A’s fans.”

Thank GOD! After his Hall of Fame speech where he didn’t refer to himself in the third-person ONCE, I was afeared that we might have heard the last of Rickey Henderson talk. Slanch should have known better.

[SF Gate]


Rickey Ready to Suit Up

Rickey Henderson is now a Hall of Famer, but that doesn’t mean he’s done with baseball. At a press conference at the Waldorf-Astoria, Rickey said that he wasn’t done yet, “if a club came out and said they needed a left fielder, they needed a guy to get on base and steal a few bases, they can always ring my phone and I’ll come on down and help their ballclub, that’s how much I love the game.”

Rickey wasn’t done though with just a simple statement, he never is, and it wouldn’t be a Rickey Henderson press conference otherwise. “I believe today, and people say I’m crazy, but if you gave me as many at-bats that you would give the runners out there today, I would out-steal every last one of them. I can go out and steal as many bases as [Jose] Reyes steals.”

Even better, when asked if Rickey had interest in playing in the upcoming World Baseball Classic, “What is [the WBC], wrestling?” After being informed what it was, Rickey had just one question, “Can I get in?”

Isn’t baseball just better when Rickey Henderson is around or is it just me?

[NY Post]


Corky, You Still Suck

After all the, justifiable, hooplah surrounding his non-vote of Rickey Henderson, embattled elderly sportswriter Corky Simpson who we discussed the other day now says that he made a mistake. According to Simpson, he “goofed” and forgot to include Henderson on his ballot. “Rickey deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and if I had my ballot back, he’d have a shot at unanimity — and I wouldn’t be hated by quite so many people,” Simpson said

However, I think he’s full of shit. That’s because fellow “Green Valley News sportswriter Nick Prevenas said he warned Simpson about leaving Henderson off his ballot when he filed the column, but Simpson told him he ‘wasn’t a Rickey guy and that he would vote for him next time.'”

So clearly Simpson doesn’t regret his pick, he regrets that he has been publicly embarrassed for selfishly marring Rickey Henderson’s legacy. That Simpson could pick Tim Raines and NOT Rickey Henderson shows that Simpson has some semblance of understanding regarding modern statistical evaluation which shows clearly the value that Rock Raines had on the ball field, but clearly something else was in play.

It is simply indefensible to not include Rickey Henderson on your ballot unless you are trying to be the person who doesn’t include him solely because no one has been elected unanimously. You know what, there is also no openly gay person in the HoF, does that mean no gay man can EVER be in? Just because the old baseball writers were morons and didn’t elect players when they should doesn’t mean we should continue that tradition.

You know, in the 40s there were players that local reporters might NEVER EVER see. The only interaction baseball voters may have had with those players were radio broadcasts and box scores. Today, we have access to EVERYTHING a player does on the field, we can see every time he makes contact on a ball, and not only that, but where he hit it, what type of pitch it was and what he does when the count is 2-0 and there are two men on in the month of June when the sun is shining.

Now there is simply no excuse for not knowing the players, particularly for something seemingly as important as the HoF. If the hall weren’t so important why would the BBWAA make its members take 10 YEARS before they are allowed to vote?

So, back to Simpson and his “apology” which to me is a big crock of shit. If Simpson valued his vote and the HoF he wouldn’t have put Matt Williams on the ballot, no matter how nice a guy he is, hey Corky, I’m a nice guy, put me on next year! Nor would he make an asinine anti-Mark McGwire comment invoking steroids while ignoring that Williams put up extremely suspicious numbers, was mentioned in the Mitchell Report and was found to have received syringes and HGH (at the LEAST) from the same dentist who was busted for providing other athletes with illegal substances.

That’s hypocrisy.

If Simpson really believed that Rickey belongs in the Hall of Fame, why wait on your vote? Sure, Rickey will get in without Simpson, but so what, that’s not a reason to not vote. I’m from Massachusetts, if I don’t vote for Ted Kennedy he’ll still get elected, but does that mean I should vote for someone else just to be nice? Or that I shouldn’t at all? That’s fucking childish.

No, the only thing Simpson is upset about is that his semi-retirement has been upended by a barrage of anti-Corky Simpson sentiment. The only person to blame though, is Simpson himself. I will agree that the vehemence of some of the commenters on his story is unnecessary, but that’s the internet, where assholes reign. However, Simpson knew that Rickey Henderson was going to be elected to the HoF, there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that in leaving Rickey off the ballot it was a conscious and purposeful act. There is simply no way you could look at the list of eligible players and not consider Henderson a Hall of Famer. Unless Simpson wants to admit that his mental faculties are no longer there and he is unable to come up with cogent thoughts, but I’m going to assume that is not the case since he still seems to form sentences together. If he has lost his wits, then his vote DEFINITELY should be taken away.

I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that Simpson still has working synapses and so chose to leave Henderson off the list purposefully and maliciously. Also, how can you NOT be a “Rickey guy,” what more could you want from a player? He won MVPs, he set a nearly unbreakable record with steals, he set a nearly unbreakable record in runs, his walks record was phenomenal and only could be, and was, bested by one player, Barry Bonds. The only weak part of Rickey’s game was his fielding, but it wasn’t as though he was TERRIBLE, just in comparison to his prodigious lead-off ability it is lesser.

No matter what he says, Corky Simpson clearly put himself above the game, above the HoF. By purposely leaving Henderson off the ballot he willfully took away the opportunity to get someone elected unanimously, and maybe, hopefully, ending the era of hanging onto useless old traditions.

Unfortunately, Corky Simpson seems like just another useless old tradition too.



As the ballots have been handed in, many of the BBWAA are publishing their ballots for the Hall of Fame and their explanations for them. Corky Simpson of the Green Valley News and Sun started writing for newspapers in 1958 and he retired from writing full-time in 2006 after 48 years. Someone should have taken away his BBWAA membership then, and if not then, than immediately today. That’s because he released his ballot and it features 8 of the maximum 10 votes.

His ballot is as follows: Bert Blyleven, Andre Dawson, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Tim Raines, Jim Rice, Alan Trammel and Matt Williams.

Notice a big name not on the list? How about RICKEY HENDERSON, the GREATEST FUCKING LEADOFF HITTER OF ALL TIME!?!?!?!

But sure, MATT WILLIAMS should be on your ballot. Here’s Simpson’s explanation, “Matt Williams, my first Hall of Fame vote for an Arizona Diamondback player. Matty played 17 seasons for the Giants, Indians and Diamondbacks. Nobody ever played the game with more intensity, nor with more reverence for the sport.”

Um, those are NOT reasons to be in the Hall of Fame, the HoF is for the GREATEST PLAYERS TO EVER PLAY THE GAME (and Luis Aparicio) not for someone who played hard. Now, don’t get me wrong, Williams was a nice player, he played for a long time and was fairly consistent, but was he ever one of the best players of his time? NOPE! Sure, he was an All-Star, but fuck, so was Mark Redman a few years ago…That’s simply not enough reason to include him on a ballot. Nor is leaving two empty slots when RICKEY HENDERSON IS STILL NOT ON YOUR BALLOT!

Putting Matt Williams on your ballot is a giant admission that you are an assh0le and don’t care about the Hall of Fame. Not to mention having Tommy John, Don Mattingly and Jim Rice on your ballot, none of whom deserves to be in the HoF, and I’m on the fence about Trammel.

And to further show just how completely out of touch Simpson is, with I can only imagine some sort of dementia, check out this bit from the end of his article.

“Others honored with nomination this year and who may well be voted into the Hall of Fame, include Harold Baines, Jay Bell, David Cone, Ron Gant, Mark Grace, Rickey Henderson, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Jesse Orosco, Dave Parker, Dan Plesac, Lee Smith, Greg Vaughn and Mo Vaughn.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?! GREG VAUGHN! JESSE OROSCO? DAN PLESAC!?!?!?! JAY BELL! And you include Rickey Henderson in that group? Not a single member of that group who “may well be voted into the Hall of Fame” deserves even a FREE TICKET to the HoF let alone actual membership. Dale Murphy is Jim Rice but having played in Atlanta, David Cone is another good but not great player, Grace is basically Williams with doubles instead of HRs. UGH.

This makes me SO ANGRY. How ANYONE could not see Rickey Henderson as a HoFer is simply beyond me. Particularly when that person thinks MATT WILLIAMS is more deserving.

Someone take away Corky’s vote immediately and see that his ballot is rejected for coming from a retarded person.


Rickey’s On His Way to the Hall

Rickey Henderson is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time and is an absolute lock on getting in, so in honor of him, I thought I’d present my three most favorite Rickey Henderson moments, trivia and minutia.

1) While in a contract dispute with the Oakland A’s regarding his $3 million salary, Rickey told reporters “they want to pay me like Mike Gallego, I’ll play LIKE Mike Gallego.”

2) For his entire career, before every game Rickey would stand naked in front of a mirror and say “Rickey’s the best,” multiple times.

3) The day after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series with their awesome sweep of the Cardinals, Rickey called the Sox front office seeking tickets for game 6.

By the way, I can’t wait to see some bullshit BBWAA writer leave Rickey off his ballot because Ty Cobb wasn’t unanimous or some other lame ass reason. Then never reveal himself. I mean, is there any doubt that Rickey is a HoFer? After all, he was only the greatest lead-off hitter ever, the all-time leader in stolen bases (by 500!), the all-time leader in runs, 10th in runs created and 2nd in walks.

Rickey did it all. Now make Rickey a unanimous choice.

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