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It Is April Fool’s After All

In honor of everyone trying to play practical jokes today, the folks over at BettorFan have compiled a list of the, in their opinion, 7 best sports pranks of all time. Check it out here and for a teaser, here is number 7.

7) Who throws a Potato?

Dave Bresnahan Potato

The year is 1987 and Dave Bresnahan, the second string catcher with the Williamsport (Pennsylvania) Bills of the Class-AA Eastern League, has been waiting all season to pull a prank during a game. Bresnahan sculpted a potato to replicate a baseball before the game in anticipation of his prank. In the fifth inning he chucked the potato to the third baseman where a runner was waiting for his teammate to hit. The runner thinking that Bresnahan caused an error, ran home. As the runner was approaching the plate, Bresnahan tagged the runner with the baseball. Not understanding how this happened, the ump found the potato and awarded the runner with a run. The following day, Bresnehan was fined $50 and released by his team. The potato is now sitting in a jar at the Baseball Reliquary in Southern California.



McNabb Gets Pranked

Prior to their game on Sunday, some rambunctious Arizona Cardinals fans went over to Donovan McNabb’s Arizona residence and opted for the always demoralizing burning messages into the lawn tactic. Leaving messages like “Go Cards” and similar thoughts, was apparently meant to break McNabb’s spirit and lead to a Cardinals victory. I guess that’s why he kept overthrowing his receivers…

McNabb reportedly took photos of the damage at the house, where his wife and three children were staying, using the photos as motivation. It clearly didn’t work.

Unfortunately for the pranksters, who also toilet papered the house, one of them left a box at the scene, a box with his MAILING LABEL it. Not subtle my friend. Here’s a free tip for future pranks, don’t leave things with your name and address on it, especially if you are trying to go after a professional athlete who is 6’2″, 24o lbs and is used to much bigger men than you trying to put a hurt on him…



Chalk Up Another Fine Presidential Moment

Continuing his tour of the US Olympic athletes, here is Cheerleader-in-Chief Bush visiting with the softball team since, like most men, he LOVES Jenny Finch. Laura Berg, the team’s resident prankster was the one who got the chalk handprint on his back. I’m just disgusted that she wanted to touch him, look at that shirt, he has totally sweat through that entire thing and you want to put your hand on a 60 year old’s sweat? Gross. Oh yeah, and now the leader of the free world looks like the nerdy kid in gym class. Look at us world, we’re a city on a hill!

[Sports by Brooks]


Cubs Players Wreck Coach’s Life

You may have seen news of a prank several Cubs pitchers pulled on their strength coach where they destroyed his 1995 Nissan Sentra and then later gave him a brand new SUV. After seeing the brand new car that they had purchased for him, Tim Buss, the coach in question said, “They’re great guys.” That may be, but, after seeing how happy they made him can only lead to the Cubs pitchers who pulled this prank to take it further and further. Bolstered by hs reaction, they have already planned several new pranks. Thanks to the federal government illegal wire-tapping, the Slanch Report has hacked into their emails and found out what is planned for later in the season.

  • 5/08 – Kerry Wood and Jon Lieber in mid May will enter Buss’ home, throw a grenade in his kitchen and run away. Later they will purchase him a new Maytag Dishwasher.

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