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Beckham Likes What He Sees

This group of photos of David Beckham and his wife at a basketball game are truly hilarious. I love the reaction on his face in the last shot as Posh gets totally pissed at him. In his defense, that cheerleader was RIGHT there, it would have been rude for him NOT to look…

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I Want to Pay Attention But For Some Reason I Can’t

How am I supposed to pay any attention whatsoever to whatever it was Kevin Burkhardt was blabbering about during last night’s game with this in the background?

I want to pay attention, I’m sure Kevin’s conversations with Jerry Manuel were very deep and profound but I just have this one vision dancing through my head every time they would cut back to him in this segment, I think it went a little something like this:

Some quick research finds out that this is one of the lovely and talented Marlins “Mermaids”, by the name of Glenda. Thanks to their totally kick-ass interactive site, we can find out that Glenda, who terms her fashion sense as “Classy Trendy” also “would describe myself as unique, adventurous, and ambitious.” Sounds spunky!

I know that I would pay much attention to Kevin whenever he speaks if SNY made this a trend…It certainly makes watching the Mets more interesting that’s for sure.

Join us below the jump for a couple more shots of the delightfully fun Glenda, or check out her gallery here.

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Katy, Texas’ Summer of Fun!

“When a girl (BEEP) in her pants and puts her pants on another girl’s head, that’s just disgusting,” so says the sister of one of the Morton Ranch High School junior varsity cheerleaders and I couldn’t agree more. That was only the beginning for 14 members of the high school varsity cheerleading team who have since been accused of hazing their JV cohorts.

Traditionally the varsity team kidnaps the JV team and then takes them out to breakfast, which doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me, in fact, it almost seems like fun! Instead, this year, the 12 varsity girls, the team’s equipment manager and of course, the school’s mascot decided to do it slightly different.

(First off, what the fuck does the cheerleading squad need with an equipment manager, are there other things besides pom-poms? Are the girls not able to keep an eye on them themselves? Also, was the mascot wearing the costume the whole time? These are important questions and I demand answers!)

In order to welcome the JV girls to the cheerleading sorority, the senior girls duct-taped the JV squads hands and then threw them into a pool. They reportedly also were “flicking [the JV girls’] body parts,” which I wonder if is anything like flicking the bean?

School officials responded right away saying “The district is investigating an alleged off-campus incident possibly involving inappropriate behavior by certain students.” Sounds like they’ve really got it taken care of!

photo_servletMorton Ranch High School is in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas, normally famous for housing steroids using uber-douche Roger Clemens. I’m sure he must be relieved to not be the headline in the local paper for once. The school also just got out from a fun teacher-student sex scandal that came out last week.

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I Hope They All Watch “Bring it On”

So as the Olympics come closer, more stories about the preparations and extreme steps the Chinese are taking to make the games go off well and have the media report good things about China. To that end, the Chinese have created the largest cheerleading squad ever, over 200,000 people! The cheerleaders are comprised of people from all walks of life, from students to retired civil servants–who I’m sure have by far the best moves–and will learn some simple dance steps and have nosiemaking thunderstix to excite the crowds.

From the 200,000 there will also be an elite group of 400 who will server as cheerleaders, dancers and acrobats. To help get these teams ready since China has no history of cheerleaders, the games organizers arranged for the teams to get training from the New England Patriots cheerleaders.

The girls have been training for 4-6 hour days and are gearing up for the games.

“‘Everyone knows cheerleading is a Western activity, but we hope we can find a Chinese way to do it [and] show the world,” says He He, who sports long, dyed-red hair and a sparkly belly-button ring.”

Let the games begin!


I Thought it was Cold in Denver

Day 1 of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders’ bikini calendar is in the books. Now it’s headed to your spank bank.

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