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Iverson Gets His Ankles Broke

Last year as a member of the Detroit Pistons, Allen Iverson saw Rodney Stuckey get some of the minutes that Iverson felt he deserved. For years Allen Iverson was (metaphorically) breaking ankles all over the NBA, but as he’s aged he’s lost a little of his quickness; Stuckey, at age 23 has all of his still and makes Iverson look foolish, at least for one play.


Who Wears Short Shorts? The ’84 Olympic Team That’s Who!

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, game footage from when the 1984 US Olympic team took on the NBA All-Stars in an exhibition game. On the Olympic team’s side you have such luminaries as:

Alvin Robertson
Vernon Fleming
Steve Alford
Leon Wood
Joe Kleine
Jon Koncak
Wayman Tisdale
Sam Perkins
Jeff Turner
Patrick Ewing
Chris Mullin
and some young unknown named Michael Jordan (#9 in your program)

On the NBA All-Stars side they had:

Magic Johnson
Isiah Thomas
Walter Davis
Alex English
Larry Nance
Michael Cooper
Butch Carter
Kiki Vandeweghe
Kurt Rambis

Not bad at all. Add in Bobby Knight coaching the Olympians and it’s quite the contest. Hey, remember those old shorts! I think if teams are going to really embrace the throwback uniform concept they need to bring back the shorts too.

Note that even before he came into the league NBA commentators were predicting Jordan could one of the greatest players in NBA history. I mean, sure, there’s hyperbole all the time, but at least in this case it turned out to be true. Also pretty amazing how much the game has changed from then to now, Michael is clearly playing a different game from the rest of them. And since when did Sam Perkins EVER have game?

The Olympic team won 84-72.

[A Stern Warning]


Not Quite Good Enough to Win the Slam Dunk Competition

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, people falling is always hilarious. Even funnier is when it comes from someone dressed in a cougar mascot costume. Showing their inner humanity, no one goes to the mascot’s aid after he tries a dunk off a giant exercise ball.



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Trevor Ariza Swings and Misses

Trevor Ariza was 0-9 from the floor during Sunday’s Rockets/Raptors game and was obviously feeling very frustrated. After battling for a loose ball, he lets his annoyance bubble over and tries to take a swing at DeMar DeRozan. Showing that his struggles on the court weren’t an illusion, Ariza whiffs on connecting with his punch too. Unluckily for him though the refs caught him and he was immediately tossed out of the game.


UNC Removes Opposing Fan — For Rooting For His Team

University of North Carolina’s men’s basketball coach Roy Williams thought it was important to teach his charges the true meaning of class during Saturday’s rout of Presbyterian College. Sure the final score was 103-64 but that doesn’t mean life-and-death don’t hang on every play. So, late in the second half, with the game already well in hand, two police officers conferred with Williams before climbing through the stands about 20 rows up from the UNC bench and removed a fan (video of it HERE).

The man, who was wearing a shirt with the Presbyterian College logo had drawn the ire of Williams after heckling UNC’s Deon Thompson while he was shooting foul shots with 6:45 remaining in the game.

“Hey Deon, miss it,” the man screamed.

The words had great affect; Thompson sank both shots. Williams though was too offended by this action and off went the gendarmes (ultimately three police were required to take the incredulous offending fan out of Smith Arena.)

“When an idiot runs out on the field, they don’t show the idiot running out on the field because it just gives them more publicity,” Williams said following the game. “I don’t think anybody should yell anything negative at our players. Period.

“Let’s don’t make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don’t think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.”

Yeah, because running on the field and possibly endangering the players is EXACTLY the same as heckling from 20 rows up during a foul shot. Also, I’m sure the UNC crowd was silent and respectful during any of the Presbyterian players’ foul shots.

A North Carolina spokesman Steve Kirschner later said police “believed” the fan in question to be drunk and he had been asked to move because he was not in his ticketed seat. Riiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhttttttttt. If you believe that than probably think college basketball is interesting and good basketball.

It’s a good thing they removed that fan though because clearly he was demoralizing the UNC players, I mean, had he not been in the stands, UNC might have won by more than a measly 39 points. The players ought to be ashamed of themselves for getting so down from a little heckling from the stands. Especially from a fan of a college that has NO business ever playing sports against a powerhouse like UNC, that’s like the Celtics scheduling a game against a Charlestown high school

Or it could just be that Roy Williams, for this one moment at least, was a giant douche-fascist of the highest level. Either way.

[The Times News]


LeBron James — French Fry Thief

En route to a 44-point game and a victory for his team, LeBron James managed to sneak some fun into Sunday’s contest over the Oklahoma City Thunder as well. First he makes an excellent defensive play, stealing the ball and driving down the court to score a tough basket, not done, he stumbles into the crowd with enough time to grab some fries from one of the fans and to give him a high-5. Not too shabby.


Corey Brewer Just Made a New Poster

Corey Brewer’s young career hasn’t given him much time to fill up a highlight reel, but this sick dunk over the Lakers’ Derek Fisher will be foremost among his greatest hits.

Wow. He slams that home with AUTHORITY! Look how far Fisher goes stumbling and falling afterwards…dope!


Tim Duncan’s Sneakers are the Best in the NBA

I think it’s fair to say that if I crow over a pair of sneakers that it’s probably because they’re incredibly awesome (exhibit a and b); these new Tim Duncan’s are just that. Originally made by adidas for Halloween, Tim liked them so much he’s been wearing them since; no wonder, they’re fucking SICK. Featuring a skeletal look on the top and through the translucent sole, I’m not much for emotionally laden sentiments, but I think I’m in love.

[Sole Commander via Ball Don’t Lie]


LeBron Smacks Roy’s Shot Into 2010

As the Cavaliers closed out their win Friday night against a Blazers team that has been ravaged with injuries, LeBron James brought just a bit more pain Portland’s way with an awe-inspiring block against Brandon Roy.

That man can jump really really high.


LeBron is a P.Y.T.

I can’t say for certain that it is Shaq’s influence, but off the court the Cavaliers seem to be having a bit more fun; maybe it’s Cavs management trying convince LeBron how much fun he can have in Cleveland, or maybe he’s just trying to go out on a high note. Regardless, the hits keep on coming from the Cavaliers with their latest video advertising the Cavs singing Michael Jackson’s hits.


Tracy McGrady Leading in All-Star Vote Despite Not Playing

The voting for the NBA All-Star game is underway and most of the usual suspects are leading the way so far. Kobe Bryant has already garnered over 692K votes, about 20,000 more than Dwyane Wade the next highest vote getter.

And, showing that NBA fans don’t care or pay attention, Houston Rocket Tracy McGrady is also on pace to start the All-Star game; no big deal except that because of a knee injury he hasn’t played a single game this season. That hasn’t stopped him from receiving over 9,000 votes more than Steve Nash at this point. Reportedly, large swaths of votes for McGrady are coming from China where he is helped by his teammate Yao Ming’s popularity.


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