Cubs Security Are Hard-Asses

For 65 years Yosh Kawano (front left) served as the equipment manager of the Chicago Cubs, retiring last season. Two weeks ago he went back to Wrigley — something he has done frequently since his retirement — to visit some of the grounds crew. 6SRibRUIThe team was out of town and three security guards came up to Kawano and told him he had been spotted by the security cameras and needed to leave. Interestingly enough, the Cubs home locker room IS NAMED AFTER HIM.

Club officials didn’t know about the incident when it happened and have said they will be contacting Kawano directly ”to let Yosh know he is always welcome,” senior vice president Michael Lufrano said.

”They [the security guards] apologized to me and said it bothered them,” Kawano said. ”They said I’m not supposed to be there when [the team] isn’t there. How do you think I felt? It’s embarrassing.”

Last season the team had a special day in his honor and flew a flag with his name over the stadium. In addition, along with the players and announcers the team has honored, a flag for Kawano hangs in the main concourse.

”Yosh was a fixture here for 65 years, and we celebrated him with a day in his honor last June 26,” Lufrano said. ”He has a standing invitation to come to any game here and we’ve offered to find ways to help him and his family in any way, and we’ll be in touch with him to express that again.”

Kawano went to Cooperstown last June to give them his trademark floppy hat for display at the Baseball Hall of Fame and has been nominated for the HoF’s Buck O’Neil award for lifetime achievement in baseball. Apparently those credentials aren’t enough for the Cubs crack security teams.


2 Responses to “Cubs Security Are Hard-Asses”

  1. 1 Cary
    July 16, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Power tripping morons. Give a guy a walkie-talkie and a badge, and watch the transformation begin. From guy to douche in 20 seconds!

  2. 2 shatraw
    July 16, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    there’s an epidemic of insecurity in this nation. the most common thing in the world, at this point, is to take what tiny drop of power one has and abuse it to the maximum, just to make oneself feel better.

    malcolm gladwell should write a book about it.

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