Supermodels are Expensive, Jessica Simpson is Dirt Cheap

Tom Brady and (reportedly) his lovely supermodel girlfriend, Gisele recently plopped down $11 million for a plot of land in Brentwood, California. Brady claims that he is doing this so he can have a place near his son Jack with Bridget Moynihan, whose friends say that is not the case at all. The deed for the Brentwood home was taken out under the name TGBE, which has celeb watchers thinking that the “G” stands for Gisele. In addition to the $11 million just for the land plot, Brady will be needing to build a home, he already scrapped plans for a 20,000 square foot one to be on the property, deeming it not large enough, so expect the outlay of cash to continue, probably ending up somewhere in the $20 million range when everything is added up. When you’re making a base salary of $14.626 million a year, that probably doesn’t affect you very much, but still, it does seem like a fine chunk of change.

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, Tony Romo purchased an already completed home for a mere $699,000. Since Romo is making only $6.5 million in base salary this year, it seems like he’s making out like a bandit. What it comes down to it seems, is that Romo’s girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, is much easier to impress, with much less, after all, she’s a down home country girl. Oh, and she’s not that bright. Whereas Gisele is from all reports intelligent and very business savvy, hence Brady needing to opt for Brentwood rather than the Dallas Fort-Worth area. I guess what it all comes down to is. which is worth it more, for me, I’d rather be Tom Brady and shell out the extra coin in order to make Gisele happy. Sure, Jessica is cheaper, but that doesn’t mean she’s lower maintenance, remember that stupid show she did with then-husband Nick Lachey? Another big advantage, Gisele’s family is in Brazil, versus Jessica’s who live in the Dallas area, and when you have a pervy dad like Joe Simpson, that makes quite a big difference. Winner? Brady.

Check out the links below for some photos of Romo’s new pad, or the link above to see the patch of dirt Brady will someday call home.

[The Landry Hat via Sports by Brooks]




3 Responses to “Supermodels are Expensive, Jessica Simpson is Dirt Cheap”

  1. 1 matia
    August 29, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    They are Gislut and Jessica very bad women´s

    They have many men in his fox life´s

    are adulterated
    extremely vanity
    ambitious of them do not earn money

    embezzlement to the idiots man

    I do not prefer any

    both give me disgust

  2. 2 the roomate
    September 2, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    @matia: Best poem ever!

  3. 3 jumbo0075
    May 11, 2009 at 2:09 am

    This is just a very mean-spirited article. The house Romo bought was listed near $1 million, and he got a good deal. The same house would cost $3-4 million in California, and even more in Brentwood, just because of the price of the land. There is no value in overpaying for a piece of property just so that you can say you did.

    As far as Jessica vs. Gisele, if Jessica makes Romo happy, then a happy life with a happy wife is worth a helluva lot more than trying to impress people. And if buying and building a $30 million mansion makes both Gisele and Tom happy, then once again, a happy life with a happy wife is worth it.

    As for “smart and sophisticated” vs. “pretty and dull”, I’ve been married to smart and sophisticated to cared about what everybody else thought. It was a miserable 20-year long ordeal that ended when she had a very sophisticated affair. So as long as “pretty and dull” is also kind and appreciative, I’d take that any day.

    Don’t you have anything better to do than make fun of people’s relationships?

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