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The Skipper Takes in a Show by the Boss

Joe Torre at Bruce SpringsteenLast night the Philadelphia Spectrum held one of its final concerts before it is due to be destroyed with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band holding court. Among the thousands of attendees was one Joseph Paul Torre, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, in town to battle the defending champs, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Torre’s appearance did not go unnoticed, whether it was the many phones taking photos of him (left) or when the crowd started chanting “BEAT LA.” Even Bruce got in on the action, during “Glory Days” at the line where Bruce says “I had a friend, was a big baseball player,” Bruce pointed to the Dodgers manager.

I think it’s safe to say that Torre much prefers THIS Boss as opposed to his previous employer George Steinbrenner, who, it should be noted, is a terrible Rock and Roll musician.

[The 700 Level]


Yertle Doppelganger

This one is a little bit pushing it, but the picture of Torre was just too good for me to pass up. So, here is a Joe Torre, Yertle the Turtle doppelganger mashup. Lemme know what you think in the comments section below. And, as ever, go here for all my doppelgangers.



Who Will Cry for Roger Clemens

Poor Roger Clemens, first he gets outed for his use of HGH and steroids in the Mitchell Report, then he further destroys his reputation by starting a defamation suit against Brian McNamee where details about Clemens’ alleged affair with a 15 year old girl come out and a host of other embarrassing and lurid details. Now, Clemens’ reputation is completely in the toilet, a man who should be honored as the best living pitcher is relegated to the outskirts because of his own illegal actions and no one wants to acknowledge him. Fast forward to Sunday’s fellating of Yankee Stadium and the honoring of the greatest Yankees at each position and no mention of the Cy Young garnering, 2 World Series winning Rocket. Alas!

According to today’s NY Post, sitting in his hurricane ravaged home, watching a battery operated TV and holding hands with his wife and mother-in-law, Clemens was “heartbroken” when he wasn’t even mentioned at all.

“Debbie and I held his hand while we watched the game, and he was heartbroken,” said Clemens’ mother-in-law Jan Wild. “Not mad. He still loves baseball and the Yankees, but it was sad what they did to him.”

Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettite and Jason Giambi all of whom were ALSO mentioned in the Mitchell Report were given their due at the close of the stadium but apparently Clemens was too much for the Yankees fans sensibilities. Instead he’s left holding hands with some old lady in possibly the saddest way possible. Also Joe Torre, who only took the team to 6 World Series and won 4 of them as well as making the playoffs every year he was in NYC didn’t even earn a mention either. Did he do steroids too? Do the Steinbrenners just really hate people who are anti-beating kids?

Regardless, Clemens was sad and that’s unfortunate. Well, not really. He’s a fat scumbag. But at least his mother-in-law still believes him when he says he never did steroids, so at least ONE person in America believes him.


Joe Torre Loves to Screw With Relievers

Tanyon Sturtze, who previously was abused by Joe Torre’s bullpen mismanaging in New York was informed by his manager Wednesday afternoon that he was being designated for assignment. As he sat by his then-former locker, packing his things and saying goodbye to teammates, Torre came back up to Sturtze a few minutes later and informed him that they were NOT releasing him at that moment. When reporters asked Torre for Sturtze’s reaction, Torre responded saying, “He’s not OK.” Gee, you think?We’ve seen Torre be completely inept at the handling of a modern bullpen, (I’m still convinced that Scott Proctor must have nailed Torre’s wife or something for the sheer amount of abuse that Torre heaps on his arm) but usually he only is unable to manage them on the field, now it turns out he is inept in the locker room as well.

Sure, Sturtze is a scrub and has only appeared in 3 games this season for the Dodgers, but he is also a 12 year veteran and no one deserves to be treated like that. Torre’s justification? “He knew [when he was called up two weeks ago] it was on a temporary basis.” In the meantime, Cory Wade, for whom Sturtze’s roster spot was to be used is still unready to come off the DL and so Sturtze, for the moment, remains a Dodger. I’d say when Sturtze eventually does get released that anything less than the complete trashing and possibly setting on fire of Torre’s office is a missed opportunity.


Manny Ramirez, Still a Prick

As soon as Manny joined the Dodgers, manager Joe Torre mentioned to him that he wanted Manny to cut his dreads to conform to Joe’s antiquated ideas of how players should look. Now, I’m not going to go into whether or not Torre should be concerning himself as the look of his players rather than their production on the field–he shouldn’t be, get over it Joe, these are adults and it isn’t 1950, people aren’t wearing derby hats in the stands, let the players look they way they want–so Manny, the consummate teammate and order follower finally listened to Torre and cut his dreads. He had them cut all of an inch at most. What an asshole! I mean, I love it, because why not tweak Joe Torre, but still, that is one of the most petulant things Manny has done, is he going to start flicking Joe’s ears on the bus next? Start kicking Joe’s seat on the team plane? This is just such a ridiculously childish thing for Manny to do, that I’m almost in shock. I get that Manny has no idea what is going on in the world, hell, he’s probably borderline autistic, but Scott Boras should know better and tell Manny that this is NOT the way to go about getting that insane contract that he wants to get.

While I don’t think he’s getting 100 million from anyone, it is possible he could get like 60 million or so from someone, but if he keeps doing little shit like this, essentially just to piss off his manager and employer than he might find his options even more limited.


So Long Manny

I’m going to miss you Manny.

You were one of my favorite all time Red Sox, and much like the Nomar trade this one is hard to take. That said, intellectually I understand and appreciate the move Theo and the front office made. Jason Bay is one of the few players I would have wanted to come replace Manny next season, and instead we get a chance to test-drive him and see how he fits with this team. I’m sad to see someone whose number should have been retired as a Red Sox go off and play for Joe Torre of all people, but Manny wants his money and so he’s off on that adventure. I’m gonna miss him, his big at-bats, the watching of home runs, the sidearm flips in to second base to throw a runner out and all the goofy stuff in between. Manuelito, you will be missed but I can’t help feeling like this team is going to start playing better without you. I hope that’s true. I do know that I feel lucky that I got to see Manny Ramirez’ final home run as a Red Sox player in person on Monday. So long Manuelito, Red Sox Nation is going to miss you.

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Black is Beautiful, Your Managing is AWFUL

Willie Randolph has been receiving a ton of criticism lately from the Mets faithful, many of whom have been very frustrated and disappointed in his managing. Willie’s poor decision making has been put under a microscope as the team has struggled and looked identical to the one that had the biggest regular season choke in baseball history last season.

With rumors that his head is on the chopping block, the Mets came out on Sunday and bashed the shit out of the ball, winning 11-2, apparently Willie had a fiery speech before the game, both to players and to the reporters. However, during his comments with the reporters he mentioned that he thinks SNY, the Mets owned network, has been portraying him unfairly and presenting him inaccurately.

Why [isn’t] SNY shooting me when I’m ready to go down the dugout clapping my hands and patting guys on the butt, schooling them during the game? I’m on the top step every game. … Why don’t you show that side of me so people can say, ‘Wow, jeez, Willie’s fiery’? … You watch any manager in baseball, you see him look like a bump on the log sitting there. They don’t move, they don’t talk. I’m as animated and as demonstrative and as involved and as intense as any manager in baseball.

First of all, they don’t show those things because they aren’t interesting television, secondly, because the moments that are the toughest, when things go wrong, that’s when leadership matters and most of the time it looks like that word befuddles you.

Willie went on saying he wanted to know why Joe Torre managed in a similar way and wasn’t given the same amount of grief.

“Is it racial?” Randolph asked. “Huh? It smells a little bit.”

Asked directly if he believes black managers are held to different standards than their white counterparts, Randolph said: “I don’t know how to put my finger on it, but I think there’s something there. Herman Edwards did pretty well here and he won a couple of playoff [games], and they were pretty hard on Herm. Isiah [Thomas] didn’t do a great job, but they beat up Isiah pretty good. … I don’t know if people are used to a certain figurehead. There’s something weird about it.

Joe Torre was given a break mainly because he won 4 World Series! So far Willie you’ve managed your teams to one first place division win, two second places and a third. That’s not a record that is impressive. You play with one of the highest payrolls in the league and should do better than that. And the one year you DID win the division your team ended up losing to the worst World Series winners in years in the Cardinals. So, don’t you think that maybe THAT’S where the scrutiny comes from, and why Torre got a break. Also, Torre DIDN’T get a break the last two years did he? The NY Post and other papers, and Steinbrenner himself were all pretty angry and unhappy with Torre’s lackadaisical style, hence them going out and hiring the fiery Joe Girardi.

As for the racial stuff, frankly, that’s fucking bullshit. I have never heard ANYTHING remotely considered a racist comment from Keith (who isn’t smart enough to make a backhanded racist comment), Gary loves the Mets and hates to say ANYTHING negative and Ron is so nice that he never would do anything like that. Further, the reason people are upset is because you do things like pitch Billy Wagner in back-to-back games that are blowouts and non-save situations and then the next day when it actually IS a save situation you pitch him again. Gee, maybe those previous games weren’t the best situation for him… Or maybe it’s when Dusty Baker, your fellow dumb manager, batted his team out of order and instead of waiting until one pitch was thrown, thus getting both the hitter at the plate AND the hitter who was supposed to bat out you instead only got the one out. Or maybe it’s the mishandling of Aaron Heilman who should be starting, or at least tried in that role. Or maybe it’s how Jose Reyes went from the happiest man in baseball into a petulant, unhappy little boy because you don’t handle him carefully enough?

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