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Scare the Crap Right Out of You


The Japanese truly are light-years ahead of us. This toilet is one of several at various Japanese ski resorts as part of a promotion from Coca-Cola for their Georgia Max coffee brand. You sit down, place your feet in the bindings and let ‘er rip! If that steep drop staring you in the face doesn’t loosen you up, you should probably see a doctor…

I sincerely hope we get these kind of promotions in the US, of course, I would never, ever use a public bathroom, but I might go in and check it out, careful not to touch anything.



Because He Got High

Sumo wrestling has been fighting an uphill battle in Japan recently as bad press and scandals have marred the image of the once-proud sport. Recently two Russian sumos got in trouble for both testing positive for marijuana, another Russian sumo, who wrestled under the name Wakanoho received a lifetime ban for being arrested for marijuana possession. Now Wakanoho is trying to exact his revenge on the sport that spurned him by releasing a public statement, against the advice of his attorney, accusing the sport of rigging matches and drug abuse.

“I was forced to accept money and made to fight in unfair matches from the very moment I entered the makuuchi [the top rank of sumo wresting].” Wakanoho proclaimed. As well, he warned that he will later reveal “other evil things that I know.” He also took time to strike out at his former manager saying, “my stable master and others knew about the match-fixing but nobody stepped in because they had also been fighting in rigged matches themselves.” Continue reading ‘Because He Got High’


Uh Hideki…?

Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui annouced his marriage today at a press conference, his wife didn’t show up so he did the apparently next best thing, by drawing a picture and holding it up next to him. Supposedly his new wife is a 25 year old woman, but I think it is just as likely she is a graphic novel character. That honeymoon is going to be epic. I for one do not want to be vacationing anywhere near it…

From AM NY


Rich Harden Deals

Rich Harden simply befuddled my beloved Red Sox this morning in Japan.

Unfortunately the last few seasons have been marred by injuries from Harden and stopped his seemingly limitless talent from being showcased. In spurts he has been dominant but then a shoulder or an oblique injury or some other injury pops up and he goes onto the DL never to be seen again for the season. Featuring a high 90s fastball and a devastating splitter he has the pure stuff to overpower major league hitters but he hasn’t made at least 20 starts in a season since 2004.

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Lost in Castiglione

The Red Sox are in Japan and along for the ride is Joe Castiglione, the voice of the Red Sox. Castigs, 61, isn’t just in Japan for baseball. With plenty of off-time expected, the high-pitched vociferator has a full itinerary during his time in the land of the Rising Sun. Due to some clever detective work on our behalf, we managed to steal a copy of it for you to peruse.

Friday 3/21 – Red Sox train at Tokyo Dome in the morning, afternoon to be spent visiting a Buddhist temple, participate in 6:30pm Dance Dance Revolution tournament followed by an evening of libations at the Absolute Ice Bar.

Saturday 3/22 – 5am – Tsukiji Fish Market, wander through the booths, checking out all the fresh poisson, participate in fish auction, available budget: $750. Afternoon – return to hotel, drop off giant 6 foot tuna, quick nap and head to the Maid Bar.

"These women will do anything...Can YOU believe it?"

"These women will do anything for me... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

Sun 3/23 – Breakfast with the team at hotel, afternoon and evening to be spent with Dustin Pedroia, Curt Schilling and Manny Ramirez sharking on the many subway lines around town. Dinner at Ninja Akasaka.

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Red Sox Stand Strong (UPDATED)

Presumably there is an agreement of some sort as the stadium announcer just announced to a big cheer from the crowd that the spring training game between the Jays and Sox will start at 1:10. Likely something has been solved or else the Sox wouldn’t be going out there.

I’ll update as soon as I hear anything new.

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Red Sox Stand Strong

It’s not often that multimillionaires think of others, (hello, Mr. Google, my bank account would like to meet you…) but I for one am glad at the action of the Red Sox right now.

Unhapy that MLB was going against their promise of paying the coaches the same appearance fee as was promised the players, the Red Sox are refusing to play their spring training game against the Blue Jays right now.

For many of the coaches the $40,000 appearance fee they were originally promised represents two-thirds of their salary.

While the game is being delayed because of this dispute, the Sox players are all out on the field signing autographs for the fans who are awaiting the game, just one more example of how well they are handling this whole situation.

(more after the jump)

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