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Colts Stadium May Have to Close

2008-04indydev010Only a few short months after opening the shiny new Lucas Oil Stadium, the head of the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board said that without an infusion of $47 million the stadium might be forced to close.

The State Senate Appropriations Committee has passed a bill that would raise taxes on alcohol statewide, restaurant meals and hotel stays in Marion county, and tickets to sporting events in Indianapolis but that is facing a tough fight in the larger senate.

A major part of the cost overruns have been the higher-than-expected costs to run the new stadium. The previous Mayor, Bart Peterson, didn’t allocate enough funds, partly because they didn’t do a proper estimate of how much it would cost to run the new stadium.

According to the president of the CIB, Bob Grand, “If you want me to give you worst-cases, I mean the worst-case scenario is we could be out of money and the facilities would be, arguably, closed.” Of course, since he couched it with “arguably” and the state paid $620 million to build it in the first place, this scenario seems unlikely.

Fortunately, the Colts who are the only real tenant of the building have promised to chip in money and are suitably grateful to their fans who built them a stadium so they could be charged money to come visit. Or, instead, Colts President Bill Polian responded with a courteous, “We look forward to working with you and your colleagues in the Legislature in taking a look at this problem and in sharing with you data and information that we will make available to you.”

I hope they close the place to the Colts and turn it over to the citizens of Indianapolis to turn it into the most bad-ass Lazer Tag joint in the country.

[The Indy Channel]


A Room With a View

The Indianapolis Colts’ new home, Lucas Oil Stadium has been recently opened to some press for some walk-arounds, and has not overwhelmingly impressed. For one thing, the roof, which ostensibly is used to keep the weather OUT of the stadium has in fact been leaking water. Not exactly what you’re hoping for from a domed stadium.

While on the walkthrough, media members noticed certain sections of seats that present truly abysmal views. Take for instance the photo to the right. Those are actual seat views in the stadium, can you imagine paying big bucks for some rare Colts tickets and you get to the game and these are you seats. I think I might go on a three-state killing spree like during my sophomore year of college. I mean, that killing spree I DIDN’T do, yeah, that’s the ticket…

Sure, this isn’t the first stadium to have obstructed view seats that are pretty shitty. Fenway is famous for its own obstructed view, if you’re lucky, this could be your seat at a sold-out game in the Fens. Then again Fenway was built in 1912, and Lucas Oil Stadium is due to open this year. Conceivably they would realize how shitacular these obstructed view seats are and not even bother.

Reportedly, these seats may be removed for the 2012 Super Bowl to install more suites, but in the meantime the fine people of Indianapolis can look forward to the chance to seat behind any of the few dozen truly horrid seats at the stadium.

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