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Iguodala Has 90 Foot Range

Yes, the half was over and so the shot didn’t count, but Andre Iguodala made a very impressive full-court shot last night against the Denver Nuggets. Look at how effortless he tosses that ball and then swish! Right through the net.


Birdman’s Whip Will Destroy Everything in its Path

Denver Nugget power forward/center Chris “Birdman” Andersen is one of the more interesting players in the NBA, not much of a wallflower, Andersen loves attracting attention. Whether it is for his many tattoos, often bizarre hairstyles or for suspensions for drug abuse, Andersen likes the spotlight. I think it’s fair to say that his new ride is sure to attract attention around Denver; after all, it’s hard to be inconspicuous when you’re  rolling around in a giant, highly modified SportChassis P4XL with 22.5″ rims, custom Italian leather interior, suede headliner and a giant chrome grille.

[Celebrity Carz via Jalopnik]


The Economy Has More Victims

The economy is hitting hard everywhere, the NBA isn’t immune to it, with teams forced to cut back costs wherever possible. Of course, part of the NBA’s problem is that they overpay non-superstars by about $40-50 million each, so they are forced to cut back on the other entertainment available at the game. For instance, the Denver Nuggets have been forced to cut back on having their cheerleader team at all their home games. Instead of being at every game, now the cheerleader squad–made up of 36 male and female “college-types” who provide college-type cheers during pauses in the action–are being only used for weekend games.

Don’t worry though, the Denver Nuggets Dancers, the all-girl dance team will continue to perform at all the games. The cheerleaders, who make about $100 a game though are being semi-kicked to the curb.

“I can’t quite speak about it as much as I would like to, but it’s one of the things that we’re glad to still be part of the organization,’’ said cheerleading coach Stephanie John, who said her team will perform at all Nuggets postseason home games. “I can tell you that the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders have been proud to be a part of game entertainment for the last five years. And now we are happy that we still get to interact with the fans, and we’re excited to be part of the playoff games.’’

The apparent savings from cutting the team for the remaining weekday games is about $17,000, or the equivalent of 5 minutes of play from Kenyon Martin.


[Denver Times]


Um, What Was I Talking About?

From the Denver Nuggets game the other day, comes this video (via FAN IQ) of one of the Nuggets dancers (Bridget) while the telecast comes out of commercial. There’s something hypnotic about it, particularly in slow motion, that clearly also distracted the announcers. Listen as they start talking and then for some reason get completely off-track and go silent for a few moments. I wonder why. Maybe their nachos just got delivered at that moment. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. Looks like it was quite an exciting basketball game!


Danks, Nuggets, Blazers and Flames, Oh My!

April 20th is always a wonderful day of the year, the sky is blue, the trees seem extra green and leafy and in the sports world there are games in nearly all the major sports. With the baseball season getting under way and playoff series in basketball and hockey the TV set can truly turn into quite the hotbox as you switch from channel to channel.

For example, for the Chicago White Sox, finally ending a personal 11 game loss streak, John Danks tossed out a three-hit, eight strikeout 7 inning gem. Danks threw quite the heady game, taking control of his slide piece and then overpowering the Iblisian Rays by blowing smoke past them.

In the basketball arena, the Los Angeles Lakers overpowered the eighth seeded Denver Nuggets to the tune of 128-114. This afternoon the Nugs looked sluggish, blurry eyed and and the Lakers seemed hungry for something to munch on. The Lakers bonged the Nuggets’ collective bells, hitting the glass pieces as hard as possible and out-rebounded them en route to their victory. One can only imagine Phil Jackson went home after the game and lit up a giant hand-rolled leaf and enjoyed the moment, as one does.

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