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Aroldis is Enjoying His Tour of America(‘s Strip Clubs)

Recent Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has a 100 MPH fastball from the left side and is a free agent, his agent is looking for a contract reportedly in the $40 million range. As part of the early stages, Aroldis is going around to the various interested teams in order for both sides to get to know one another. For instance, his agents took him to Boston to meet with the Red Sox and his trip wasn’t all business, at least according to some of the photos Athletes Premier International posted on their Facebook page.  AAroldis Chapman 3

In a strange bit of promotion, this time it was the AGENTS posting semi-risqué photos as opposed to some scurrilous blog. Sure, the girls are clothed (in lingerie mostly) but it seems to me like they took him to a strip club and then posted the photos on a public website.

Sure, he’s 21 and he should be allowed to have fun, especially coming from such a different culture in Cuba, but this seems to me like a bad way to advertise yourself to prospective employers. You’re mere weeks away from going from abject poverty to becoming a multimillionaire, keep it together. I bet Scott Boras saw that API did this and popped a chubbie thinking about stealing Chapman away.

API has since taken the photos down but of course, they were already grabbed and are now out in the open.

[Big League Stew and Busted Coverage]


This Qualifies as News?

With training camp in full-swing, local area businesses see quite an uptick in profits thanks to the hoards of fans who come to check out practices.

“We look forward to it every year, all the gentlemen’s clubs do, because it brings in people from all over,” Trey Maddox of Babe’s men’s club tells News Radio 1200 WOAI.

“Occasionally we actually get to see some of the players. We put them where nobody bothers them and watch over them. They get to have a really good meal and a cocktail or two and relax.”

Ah yes, the classic strip club buffet, not quite what I would consider prime fuel for a training athlete, or anything close to a “good meal,” but, it’s a strip club so I think we’re allowed to use that term VERY loosely.

“They’re always well behaved,” Maddox says. “They come out to look at the pretty women.”



Mariners Fans Have New Reason to Go to Games

safecotoplessGoing to see a Seattle Mariners game or Seattle Seahawks game is going to be a lot more fun thanks to a judge’s ruling that will allow a new strip club, named “Deja Vu” a few hundred feet from Safeco Field and Qwest Field. The Mariners had taken Roger Forbes, the owner of Deja Vu to court trying to utilize a city ordinance that bans adult enterprises  within 800 feet of any community center, child care center, elementary or secondary school or public parks and open space use.

The Mariners were arguing that their stadium fits that description but Judge John Erlick disagreed and Forbes’ permit was upheld.

“We’re very happy,” said Forbes’ attorney Peter Buck. “It’s a huge go ahead signal, with a strong opinion by a good judge.”

Now plenty of fans can go to the game, stop by the strip club, enjoy the buffet and come home sated. I’m just disappointed that there are all of a couple hundred feet between the stadium and the club, there had better be a shuttle or pedi-cab or something…


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