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A-Rod LOVES Himself Some A-Rod

Even when he gets injured and can’t play baseball Alex Rodriguez hovers over everything baseball. Here is his cover shoot for details magazine which should go a long ways to convince everyone that A-Rod isn’t a self-obsessed douchenozzle. Oh yeah, and the story was written by Jason Gay. Seriously.


No one understands you like me baby, I'll take good care of you



MLB Will Use Anyone to Sell Merch

mlb-networkMLB has been working hard to move past the steroids era, distancing themselves from the players who have been tainted by the scandal. Unless of course, those players could help MLB make some more money still…

Teams couldn’t move fast enough away from Barry Bonds, despite him being the all time home run king. But then, for example, here is a screenshot from the MLB Shop where they have special sections for Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. They also have a special section for Chien-Mien Wang, so I don’t know WHAT is going on.

However, I am willing to wager you that anything from the Derek Jeter collection will give you crabs.


Cody Ransom Has Ups

When Alex Rodriguez announced his conveniently timed injury, Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon said that the Yankees wouldn’t be completely screwed over, because A-Rod’s likely replacement, Cody Ransom is “probably the best athlete on this team.” For example, there is this video of Ransom showing off his ridiculous 60 inch vertical leaping ability. That’s 5 FEET! I don’t know how useful vertical leaping ability is in baseball, but, you know, still pretty awesome.


[NY Times]


Selig Contemplates Punishing A-Rod Retroactively

Far be it from me to actually accuse Bud Selig of doing something wrong, but when I read things like this from ESPN, I start thinking that Bud isn’t the wisest wizard…

Commissioner Bud Selig is considering his options. While Rodriguez can’t be disciplined for testing positive, it’s possible baseball could try to punish him for acknowledging steroid use from 2001-2003.

Selig told USA Today on Wednesday afternoon that he is “just heartsick” about Rodriguez’s admission and would not rule out punishing him or adjusting baseball’s record book. Selig told USA Today he “had put a bulletin out” about the illegality of steroid use in 1997, even though MLB had no drug testing at that time.

“It was against the law, so I would have to think about that,” Selig told USA Today when asked about possible action against Rodriguez. “It’s very hard. I’ve got to think about all that kind of stuff.”

Sure, it was against the law, but until MLB starts suspending players for their DUIs or hitting their wives or other crimes, you can’t just pick and choose which laws are suspension-worthy offenses. But it’s nice that Bud is “heartsick,” not enough to have done anything about the rampant steroids problems in the 90s when he could have avoided incidents like this, but still, it’s good to know he at least has a heart. I always just assumed there was an empty black hole in the middle of his chest.

While I have been incredibly impressed with the manner in which the MLB network has approached the A-Rod news, MLB itself has been woefully inept in handling this situation. Bud Selig has presided over a period of baseball with RAMPANT cheating and did nothing to stop it, while in the process increasing baseball’s revenues and lining his own pockets with an exorbitant salary. Just as A-Rod would never have come forward and admitted his transgressions if the SI story never existed, Bud would happily just ignore everything that happened under his reign with steroids, except Congress and the newspapers love to keep bringing it up. Unfortunately for Bud, now the greatest home run hitter of all-time, one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and the best current player in baseball are all associated with steroids and cheating and all of it happened under his watch. But sure, let’s start punishing players arbitrarily now, particularly for testing positive on a test that was collectively bargained to be non-punitive. Good luck with that.



According to 4 independent sources, Sports Illustrated is reporting that, in 2003, prior to winning the first of his 3 MVP awards and hitting 47 home runs, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two different steroids. A-Rod was one of the 104 players who tested positive during that first round of testing, thus leading to the league’s current random drug testing process. Reportedly, Gene Orza, COO of the Players Association who is already in trouble for tipping a player off to an upcoming drug test also tipped A-Rod off to a test in 2004. The test results revealed that A-Rod had testosterone and Primobolan–a steroid that helps maintain lean muscle without adding too much bulk–in his system. Also Primobolan is preferred by many athletes because it doesn’t remain in the system as long as the Deca-Durabolin previously favored by athletes such as Jose Canseco.





I can’t decide if this is bigger than Bonds or Clemens, but it certainly ain’t good for baseball, A-Rod or the Yankees. Methinks that the best individual player in the game ever having his name involved in steroids, in any manner is damning and damaging. It’s not as though A-Rod has signed the two biggest contracts in the history of sports, or that he has millions of dollars in endorsement deals supposed to come his way. Or that he was supposed to be the savior of baseball’s home run record after Bonds tainted it up with his backne and butt needles. This is going to be a SHIT-STORM if it is true, and I don’t see why SI would have 4 independent sources that are lying to them. What’s worse, is that MLB knew that A-Rod had tested dirty and have been still holding him up as a beacon of purity. This is going to get ugly.

Also, this makes me happy because, you know, fuck A-Rod.

[Sports Illustrated]


Unmentionable Gift Ideas!

Great, somehow I totally screwed this up and this post never got posted. I only just noticed. Sigh. It’s probably completely outdated but, I liked it, so I’m putting it up anyways. This was supposed to go up on December 5. Fuck! I’m an idiot.

Want to give a unique gift to your favorite sports fan this holiday season? Forget bobbleheads or a new jersey. Sportsworld, a Saugus, Massachusetts-based sports memorabilia company has a series of auctions on eBay for which you’ll want to break out the checkbook.

Need a gift for your boyfriend who just loves to be dominated by muscular women? Sportsworld has just the right thing for you: Alex Rodriguez’ game-worn (XL) underwear!

arod1Unfortunately for all those fem-A-Rod fans, these have been washed. Sigh. Fortunately, the bidding hasn’t gotten out of control yet, with a high bid as of this posting of only $177.

Maybe you’re not shopping for such a fey sports fan and you want to get some memorabilia from someone a bit more rough and tumble. Perhaps something from the type of man whose beard alone convinces you that he should never be left alone with children and that at any moment he could snap and go off on a 6 state ax-murdering spree is more your speed. In that case, never fear, Sportsworld has you covered with your very own pair of Kevin Youkilis underwear! And the auction doesn’t note whether the underwear has been washed or not, so if you’re lucky they just might come with special Youk Musk!

Apparently there’s no love out there for Youk’s unmentionables though as the auction right now is only at $50. C’mon people, the Greek God of Walks’ Elgin Marbles brushed up against this fabric, I know there is a recession but dig deep in those pockets!

There’s a chance that sweaty athletic men aren’t your thing. Perchance you’re buying for a more analytical, intellectual type of sports fan. The type of fan who loves to check the pitch count and can talk for hours about the tilt of a slider versus a curve. Don’t worry, Sportsworld also has you covered with your very own pair of Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell’s undies! Finally! I’ve been clamoring for YEARS for more undergarments from major league coaching staffs and now finally, my prayers have been answered.

farrell1Not only did Farrell’s little general butt up against these briefs, but the thrifty shopper will notice right now that the high bid is a mere 10 dollars, give your favorite Red Sox fan a unique piece of history without breaking the bank. They’ll never know the difference! And again, there is no mention of these being washed (I guess the Sox are less concerned with hygiene) so there’s that too.



Look, It’s Where A-Rod Poops!

In case you’ve ever wondered what a $27.5 million dollar salary buys in terms of apartments in New York City, here are some photos of Alex Rodriguez’ pad. Looks classy. Except for that horse painting, that seems uber-lame and cliche. Keep in mind this house is basically the same as my spot in Brooklyn… sigh.


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