A-Rod Simply “Not Bright Enough”

In today’s NY Post there is an interview with former bullpen catcher Mike Borzello of the Yankees about Jose Canseco’s most recent steroid allegations against Alex Rodriguez. According to Borzello, who says that “nobody in the last four years, including his wife because she wasn’t on the road, spent more time with Alex than I did,” and that there is simply no way that A-Rod did any illegal performance enhancing drugs.

During the period that Canseco details Borzello didn’t know A-Rod but he claims that Rodriguez might have an occasional beer, but otherwise is “afraid of drugs and alcohol.” Therefore, to Borzello’s mind, there is simply no way that Canseco can be telling the truth.

“In four years I was with him 24 hours a day, and not one time did I ever hear, see or get wind of anything having to do with performance enhancing drugs, steroids, HGH, anything. No way, with as much as this guy trusted me, would he have kept that part of his life secret from me. He trusted me with everything, and I was with him every day all day long. It would have been impossible to show me everything behind the curtain except for this. He is not that bright to be able to pull that off.” [emphasis added]

Now I don’t believe that A-Rod did steroids, but the fact that the people who claim to be his close friends are saying that he isn’t bright enough to even do them has got to hurt. First A-Rod gets revealed having interspecies relations in Toronto with his butch stripper friend and now he isn’t even smart enough to manage to put a needle in his butt and push the plunger down. Hell if Jose Canseco Jason Giambi are smart enough to do steroids but A-Rod isn’t, then that is a really embarrassing comment about the level of intelligence he possesses.

1 Response to “A-Rod Simply “Not Bright Enough””

  1. 1 the roomate
    March 27, 2008 at 11:16 am

    I read the A-Rod stuff in jose’s new book and can summarize.

    a) a-rod was obsessed with Jose’s ex-wife
    b) Jose hates a-rod
    c) a-rod may have tried the juice, at least a little bit back in seattle

    as for smarts, he got caught cheating with a mannish stripper, so no surprise there. I bet he puts on a mustache and glasses and cruises female bodybuilding competitions.

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