Why Doesn’t Jose Canseco Just Get Lost?

When his first book Juiced, came out, Jose Canseco was ultimately proved to have spoken the truth. When he named names they checked out as steroid users (including an off-hand mention of some 7 time Cy Young winner who is a fat greedy man.)

Now, Jose, desperate and with an ax to grind against MLB Jose proclaimed that Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez were two other players that he KNEW did steroids in his newest book, Vindicated.

However, if he were so sure, since he was personally involved, why did he wait until now to mention them? Were A-Rod and Maggs unknowns then? No, they were both big-name stars, who would have only helped sell his book even more than just the tales of shooting Mcgwire with steroids in a bathroom stall. So that’s the suspicious thing number 1.

Jose has unabashedly admitted that part of the reason he is writing the book is because he feels that he was unfairly blackballed from baseball because of his steroid past. Now, maybe I’m wrong, but as an industry that is trying to clean itself up, it is probably best not to keep hiring a player whose skills were eroding and whose negative media attention would only be a distraction. Joseph Hazelwood captained the Exxon Valdez into a reef, strangely, he was not seen as an eminently hire-able ship captain after that. Was that so unfair?

Reportedly Jose also contacted Magglio before the book was to be published and offered to keep him out of the book, if Ordonez gave him money to help finance, what I can only imagine, would be an incredibly thrilling movie version of Juiced. Technically that’s extortion. Suspicious thing number dos. But whateves, let’s move on.

Canseco admits he never saw A-Rod do steroids, that he merely introduced him to “Max” a steroid dealer. Now, I am no A-Rod apologist, I respect his incredible talent and ability but also think he is the ultimate douchebag. That said, look at A-Rod’s career numbers, does it ever seem like he took some major jump in stats that might be due to steroids? From his incredible rookie year on, A-Rod has been one of the most consistently awesome offensive forces in the history of the sport. Do I think maybe A-Rod was interested in finding out about steroids? Sure, he knew it was going on around him, he played with guys who were using, curiosity had to be there. Furthermore, we know A-Rod is so desperate to be loved and respected that it is not outrageous to consider he looked into it, but there is no spike, nothing abnormal that would make it seem likely. His body has filled out, but then again, he was 20 years old his first full season in the majors! How many people do you know who look like they did when they were 20?

If Barry Bonds went from the 35 HR range to 73, where would A-Rod, a regular 40+ HR guy go? 80? 90?

Much is being made of the fact that neither player is loudly proclaiming their innocence, that that alone means guilt. In certain circumstances, sure, I agree with that. Roger Clemens should have come right out swinging if he was truly innocent the instant his name was mentioned in conjunction with the Mitchell Report. In that case, it was an independent committee assigned to investigate steroids by MLB. In fact, if anything, it was in MLB’s best interest to suppress the information about Clemens, seeing as he’s the most decorated pitcher of all-time. A-Rod and Ordonez not saying anything though in this case is smart. Canseco is strictly in this for the money and the publicity. He cannot let go. As famed poet and wordsmith Rick Ross accurately stats, “Jose Canseco just snitchin’ because he’s finish.”

Canseco has said, if A-Rod denies it he has evidence that will show that Canseco isn’t lying. Then show your evidence now. Why wait? Isn’t it just likely that he is trying to drive the publicity nad keep the story on him and his new book? Every time Canseco says something about A-Rod, the media then go to A-Rod and he says nothing. Were he to say something, then they would go back to Canseco and he’d respond and make another accusation and then the media would go back to A-Rod, who would respond and then the media would go to Canseco… Get my point? A-Rod only helps Canseco by responding because he gives him free publicity and keeps him in the news.

Also, isn’t it suspicious how Jose implicated Clemens in Juiced, implicates him in Vindicated, but now says that he doesn’t believe Clemens did steroids. This of course, is after Clemens’ laywers contacted Jose and presumably made some sort of deal or agreement about his testifying on Roger’s behalf.

Jose was an average player at best until he used steroids, then he became great. Then his skills eroded and his body started to break down. Now baseball doesn’t want to let this scumbag into the 500 HR club. Fine with me. Keep his dirty ass out. Had Canseco been content with his first book and being proven right, he might have come out of this whole situation the better off. Instead, he insisted on making it all about him, and instead he’s becoming pathetic and an embarrassment to himself.

1 Response to “Why Doesn’t Jose Canseco Just Get Lost?”

  1. 1 mark- nj.
    April 21, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    why don’t u get lost?………..jose canseco is the ONLY person who at least has the courage to tell the truth, and, he has been ‘vindicated’ and proven right about his claims, with all that has come to pass. so have some cheese with ur wine about jose canseco, the only honest person out there.

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