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Hottie Swimmer is On the Market — Waiting for Me

Back during the Beijing Olympics, I fell for Australian swimming sensation Stephanie Rice, and I know that if she were to meet me she’d feel the same way. She must have sensed that because, since the Olympics and her breakup with a fellow swimmer she has been linked to several men but according to her, none of the rumors are true.

“Everyone’s always ‘Steph, you need a boyfriend’ and I’m like ‘I know, but apparently I have four’. Believe me, one would be just perfect,” she said.

Stephanie also added that while she’s busy with training and being in the public eye, that isn’t stopping her from looking for a gentleman friend. “I can definitely fit it in, that’s not my problem and I’m not making that an excuse,” but it’s not always easy knowing people’s motivation. “It’s hard to tell if people like the idea of (a relationship with Stephanie Rice) or if they really like you,” she said.

Well, Stephanie, despite having never met you, I can say that I’m in it for YOU and not your fame. Sure, you have worldwide fame, gold medals, sponsorship deals and seemingly you have it all, but without the proper life-companion, it’s all useless. Let’s take this journey through life together, let’s meet up, say halfway, how about we meet in LA?

Call me!

Also, can someone buy me a plane ticket to LA?

And the rest of you, stay away!

[Courier Mail]


Cute Curler Cruelly Cut from Competition

Sad news for those of you who were planning on crashing the curling events at the Vancouver Olympics on the hunt for a hottie, Canada’s Jennifer Jones, one of the better looking curlers out there performed poorly and failed to qualify for the team. Despite having won the last 2 Canadian Championships, Jones’ team just couldn’t put it all together when it counted and so they’ll be watching the Olympics from home.

“We’re hugely disappointed,” Jones said. “We worked three years for this but we just came out and things just didn’t go our way. Sometimes I think it’s just not meant to be. I mean, we didn’t play as well as we liked and I don’t know why. It was really just one bad end, a couple of bad shots every game and we just couldn’t recover.

“Only one team gets to win and unfortunately it’s not going to be us.”

Well, there’s always NEXT Olympics right! In the meantime we can admire Jennifer from a distance.



Lolo Jones Takes It All Off for ESPN

Ever since the Beijing Olympics I’ve been a fan of American sprinter and Rashida Jones doppelganger, Lolo Jones. Thankfully ESPN is releasing their much ballyhooed “The Body Issue” edition of the otherwise useless ESPN the Magazine where she is prominently featured. For this issue ESPN photographed various athletes (tastefully) nude and to highlight some of these incredible athletic bodies. I for one am most thankful they included Lolo.

Here is one of the photos they took, click on it to see a slightly more NSFW version complete with butt crack!
Lolo Jones ESPN Nude 2

She seemed down with it all too, saying:

It was pretty cool and the whole shoot was done in a very tasteful and discreet way. The whole premise behind the shoot was not to create sex appeal, but to portray a strong, beautiful, athletic woman and I think we achieved that. I’m not very comfortable in those situations, in fact I’m quite conservative. But the whole crew helped me through any unease, and I felt a lot more contented with the shoot when I thought of it as being just like a drug test.

I can only hope this leads to many similar photos of Ms. Jones and none of fellow Bodies Issue photographee Joba Chamberlain.



Pole Vaulting Does it AGAIN!

I don’t know what it is, somehow pole vaulting just manages to attract some of the best-looking women out there. The other track and field events must be super jealous. We’ve already seen the US, Australia and Russia (NSFW) toss out some incredibly hot specimens, now it is Greece’s turn.

Here is Erika Prezerakou who may not have the total package like Ms. Stokke or Ms. Adams, but she won’t be left behind either, not with a body (or booty) like that!


Olympic Hottie Doppelgangers

Here are two doppelgangers from this past Olympics that I kept meaning to put up, but being forgetful, have forgotten until now. Up first is Jenna Randall, British synchronized swimming hottie and her doppelganger, Laguna Beach’s Kristen Cavallieri who is also hot, if vapid. Not that I ever watched Laguna Beach…


Then there is the super hot track star Lolo Jones who shares a likeness with former Office and soon to be on the new spinoff Parks and Recreation actress Rashida Jones. Interestingly, Rashida Jones is also the daughter of Quincy Jones and has played at least 3 different characters named Karen on TV shows. Lolo can beat me in a race; probably.



My Preference is the Rhythm Method

Gymnastics are always a crowd pleaser at the Olympics in terms of ratings, mostly because tiny, hot women who can bend their bodies in distinct ways are generally appealing to males. Almudena Cid is a a Spanish gymnast who performed in the rhythmic gymnastics competition, I have zero idea of how one is supposed to pronounce her name but I am able to recognize her hotnessosity. Any woman who is as flexible as she is is A-OK in my book. Cid, who is 28, has worked as a model for the underwear company, the Love Store and Nike, not to mention is one of the oldest gymnasts in the games this year and was not expected to contend for a medal at all, she is up there in the competition to become one of my future ex-wives though, so that’s a plus.


Her Name Was Lolo

Lori “Lolo” Jones is an American hurdler who has won several national championships and a world championship in her main event, the 60 meter hurdles. Also, before the games it was rumored that she was going to race a horse but it turns out that was a hoax. Despite clipping the final hurdle in the finals of 100 meter hurdles at the games the other night, she’s still a winner to me, and really, for all of us. Only 26, she may be too old for the 2012 games, but I think she’s going to come back and dominate. Born in the heartland in Iowa, Lolo is as American as they come, and I for one want to celebrate her as a wonderful American hero, preferably on a romantic dinner date to my apartment where I chloroform her and we live a happy life together forever.


Everyone Synchronize Your Watches

I may have gotten suckered by my own dyslexia on a sham synchronized swimming story, but Jenna Randall, 19, of Great Britain is all real, and a tasty morsel for the eyes. She definitely has a Kristin Cavalieri-look about her, but unlike Cavalieri, Randall is actually talented so, there is that one big difference. It is also interesting that at one point, Randall counted Laguna Beach as one of her favorite television shows. When she isn’t in the pool swimming in coordination with others, she’s a student in college in England. I don’t think they do mixed teams in synchronized swimming, but I think she and I are the perfect groundbreaking duo and I’m ready to make history with her. Join us in the gallery below the jump as we get a chance to follow Jenna from birthday cakes to pole dancing.

Of course, for Jenna and all the other fine athletes of the day for these Beijing Olympics, check out this page for lots of fun times.

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Doubles Anyone? (UPDATED!)

France has elected to send two of her finest tennis players to the Olympics. Their talent on the courts I’m not so sure about, but their ability to titillate to me is beyond compare. My preferred partner would be Olivia Sanchez, 25, but the idea of pairing up with Alize Cornet, 18, is not an unpleasant. Sure Cornet’s nostrils seem a little too flared, but I can look past that if she can throw some power slams down on the balls. ed. to add: I was feeling bad that the photos of Olivia Sanchez weren’t truly representative of how hot she was, so I searched and found some even better ones, they are below in the gallery, viva la France!

For all the other hot Olympians of the day check out the page here and keep checking back everyday for the newest one.

Alize Cornet

Alize Cornet

Olivia Sanchez


Everyone Must Get Estoned

Jana Kolukanova, 27, swims for the Estonia swim team in the Olympics, although she also attended and swam for Auburn University here in the good ol’ US of A where she was a psychology major, when she’s not doing either of those things she remains incredibly hot. That is TRUE athleticism. So, continuing our Hot Olympic Athlete Of The Day progress, enjoy some of the finer moments with Ms. Jana Kolukanova, who enjoys swimming, thinking about me, and pining for our future together.


Who Knew Badminton Was So Cute?

Tania Luiz, a 25 year old Australian is competing in the badminton event in Beijing, and while my interest in badminton before consisted mainly of being drunk and playing it in my friends’ yards, with or without the proper equipment, now I feel like my interest is growing. Perhaps Tania someday will play with my shuttlecock and whack it around with a racquet. I mean, um, well, sigh, you know what I mean.

When she’s not on the badminton court she’s a student at the Monash University in Victoria, Australia; I need to get back to college so I can go there to study a broad. Unfortunately badminton athletes don’t usually get lots of publicity and so, despite her cuteness, there is a death of quality pictures available online. Hopefully this blog posting will catapault her into the world’s consciousness. Anyway, enjoy Cutie McCuterson Tania Luiz and the photos below as our quest to unearth all the fine athletes of the Beijing games continues.


Bump, Set, Hot

We know the beach volleyball ladies are hot, as evidenced by here, and here, but their counterparts indoors can be equally as hot. Take for instance two young lasses I spotted last night, more well-known, Logan Tom (who has been on the FHM list of sexiest women and is also a beach volleyballer though not in the Olympics) and newcomer, tall drink of water Kim Glass. Here are a couple fun photos of them both and plenty more after the jump. Aren’t the Olympics exciting!

Logan Tom

Kim Glass

Kim Glass

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