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Rodney King Finally Going to Kick a COP’S Ass

rodneykingA mere 17 years after he was brutally — and unfairly — beaten by some Los Angeles police officers, leading to near-catastrophic riots in LA, Rodney King is ready for revenge. As part of a charity boxing tournament, he will finally get a chance to fight back against the police, taking on a Philadelphia cop.

Fresh off stints on VH1’s “Sober Living” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” King is primed to make this fight count, insisting it will be totally legit.

“I take this very seriously,” King stated in a press release. “Never felt better — physically and in the mind.”

“I know some people will see the irony here . . . But I would have fought anyone who was worthy.”

I think the more accurate statement is “I would have fought anyone, so long as I was getting paid.” but either way, Rodney gets to finally take a swing BACK at a cop and I for one am only sad it took 17 years.

Simon Aouad, the police officer King will be up against is no angel himself. Arrested in 2006 and charged with drug possession, delivery and paraphernalia, Aouad had attracted attention when an intruder tried to break in and Aouad chased him away with multiple gunshot. This way the crowd won’t feel bad rooting against a hometown cop, I like it, smart move by whoever organized this thing.

The fight will be on September 12, in Philadelphia and also on the card will be Scott Cummings whose sole claim to celebrity is that at different points he was the bodyguard for Michael Jackson and Donald Trump. Now THAT’s a resume!

[Calgary Herald]


Canseco Can’t Beat up Bonaduce

6c3e04dd085c4153a15ebda02d133dffSaturday night featured one of the boxing events of the century, although, based on media coverage no one noticed. In a 3-round match in suburban Philadelpha, Jose Canseco fought former Partridge Family member Danny Bonaduce to a draw.

Bonaduce for one, thinks the outcome was a crock. “There’s no reason I should have done this well,” said Bonaduce, his nose bloodied. “Part of me says there’s a decent man right there that didn’t want to kill the little guy. I feel weird that we tied.”

Since we know that simply can’t be the case, let’s just assume that Canseco’s body is a giant marshmallow. “For a guy my size to hit him like that and he didn’t go down, wow,” Canseco said. “If he were my size, he probably would have knocked me out of the ring.” However, the crowd of 1,500 were none too impressed by what was supposed to be the big draw with many filing out before the judges even announced their decision.

The pre-match antics probably featured more excitement than the actual match, with Bonaduce coming out with 3 championship belts, which he bought himself, and Canseco coming out with an electronic cigarette and being introduced hilairously as the “greatest pure athlete to ever play the game of baseball.”

Then unfortunately, the match had to actually start. Fortunately neither boxer was drug-tested so at least they were able to stand up reasonably straight. “It’s a trainwreck,” said fan Butch Tressel. “Everyone likes to see a ridiculous trainwreck from time to time.”

Ultimately, after the 3 1-minute rounds, because apparently both men are giant candy-asses, the bout was over, one judge scored it 2-1 for Canseco while the other two judges ruled it 1-1 each with 1 round a draw. Don’t worry though, both men are attention-whores, and both men need the money so this probably won’t be the last time we’ll see such gladiators battling one another. After the match, promoter Damon Feldman had this to say, with a smile, “We’re going to do the rematch,” he said. “L.A. Soon.”

Stick around after the jump for photos from the event and Canseco doing his best impression of the Juggernaut. Also, when did he get all those crazy tattoos? I had no idea he had a full suit, that’s crazy! Also, to whet your appetite for the rest of the photos, here is Danny Bonaduce, true athlete, warming up just prior to the match.

[NBC Sports]

Canseco Boxes Boxing
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