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Fake Boobs Could Ruin Boxing

Sarah Blewden is a 25 year old Briton who, after taking up boxing as an activity to keep her fit, discovered that she had a talent for the sweet science. Unfortunately for her, the Amateur Boxing Association of England won’t let her try her hands out in the ring because she has breast implants.

“International rules forbid anyone with breast implants continuing to box because of risk of damage to the breast tissue,” said Tony Attwood, chairman of the ABAE. “The natural breast tissue is pushed forward in front of the implant and it is this that is more at risk.”

Blewden of course, dismisses that as hogwash, also adding that she’d have no issue paying to repair any damage that might be caused to her delightful 32C speedbags. I hope this issue gets settled, although I also hope Blewden doesn’t take any blows to the face, it’d be a shame to see someone so pretty get marred. Besides, I’m sure the fans of boxing wouldn’t mind seeing an athlete whose enhancement isn’t performance enhancing…



Yeah, That’s Not a “No”


Call me crazy, but if there is lots anecdotal evidence that you did steroids, you’ve seen a precipitous drop in your production and right now you’re looking for a job, when asked if you might also be on the list of 104 players who tested positive, this might not be the best response: “Only God knows.” Of course, I’m not Pudge Rodriguez, but to me, YOU should know if you tested positive because YOU should know whether or not you took steroids. Saying “Only God knows,” to me says, “Yes, I did lots of steroids, I just don’t know if on that one day I was tested they were present in my body.” Pudge, you did steroids, just admit it.

I like Pudge, mostly, until I remember how he stole the MVP from Pedro in 1999, then I get super bitter and angry that Pudge did steroids and robbed Pedey.



Head’s Up!

People around the world are different, they dress differently, eat differently, but there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s hilarious to see someone get pegged in the face with a ball when they don’t expect it. Take for instance, this referee from an Italian Serie A game between Lazio and Torino, comedic GENIUS!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[VK Mag]


Please Keep Castillo Away from Baseball Games

sports110a1Mets manager Jerry Manuel waxed poetic about the upcoming season during his opening press conference with reporters yesterday. Last year’s Mets team featured many problems on the field, their complete inability to keep an outfielder healthy, their bullpen’s continual destruction, the black-hole that is Luis Castillo and so Jerry announced that he’s thinking about making a big change. That would be removing Jose Reyes from the leadoff spot, putting Castillo there instead.

Um, WHAT!?! Reyes was one of the few consistent bright spots for the Mets, whereas Castillo was useless with the bat and  useless with the glove. So, of course it makes sense to remove Reyes from a position where he excels as perhaps the best leadoff man in the game and put someone who last hit leadoff regularly two teams ago and nearly 5 years ago. In that time Castillo has gone from lightning fast to slower than me, he’s gone from dynamic slap hitter to unable to slap himself in the face. But sure Jerry, let’s get him to hit lead off, after all, it’s always much more fun and challenging when you begin every inning with an out. This is an idea that reeks of Jerry Manuel trying to be too clever. Hey Jerry, why not just put your players in a position to succeed, and one of the ways to do that is to keep Luis Castillo OFF the field as much as possible, not giving him MORE playing time.

“The one thing we have to be careful of is this is not about statistical success,” Manuel said. “It’s about winning as a team and you have to put people in positions that you feel is best to win as a team – whether that means Jose batting second, third or whatever. That’s a big part of the message throughout spring training, is that the game takes precedence over the individual statistics.”

That’s great, but Castillo isn’t going to have good stats whether he hits leadoff, last, three times in an inning or anything else, he S-U-C-K-S and the only reason he still remains the Mets second baseman is that Omar Minaya gave him that absolutely ridiculous 4 year contract. Otherwise, Luis Castillo would be out on his ass and listed amongst all the other free agents who are desperate for a contract. At this point I think I’M a better player than Castillo.



Hey Chris, Slow Down

From one of the parties at the All Star weekend comes this photo of Michael Jordan and Chris Tucker, who it seems has aged considerably. Hey Chris, you don’t have to do EVERY drug that’s put in front of you, you know.


[The Big Lead]


Hey Shaquille, Show Us How You Get Down

Last night’s NBA All Star game wasn’t too exciting, the West galloped off to a big victory and the game featured plenty of sloppy passes and missed opportunities as the players showed off to one another. However, the intros for the players did feature one pretty awesome moment. That would be Shaquille O’Neal being introduced to the hometown crowd, dancing with the Jabbawockeez in a pretty kick-ass way. For a big man, Shaq has got some real moves, although the masks do make everyone look terrifying, particularly someone as large as Shaquille.

Other things I love about this video, the gratuitous shots of the DJ’s ass, and the way it ends so suddenly and then Shaq’s awkward shuffle off the stage.

The East All Star starters also had some fun and I have a great video of it during their introductions, but right now I can’t seem to find the cables so I can upload them. But don’t worry, I’ll find ’em!

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