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So That’s Why They Always Go in the Clubhouse!

Sure the big former Mets player news today is the revelation that Roberto Alomar has AIDS, was raped as a teenager and is now being sued, and while that story is interesting and crazy, I’m not here to talk about it right now. Instead, I wanted to point out some of the information excerpted from Darryl Strawberry’s upcoming April tome. For example, to highlight the partying ways of the 80s Mets, he (or more accurately, his ghostwriter) says that “We were the boys of summer. The drunk, speed-freak, sneaking-a-smoke boys of summer. [An] infamous rolling frat party . . . drinking, drugs, fights, gambling, groupies.”

For the Mets, beer “was the foundation of our alcoholic lifestyle. We hauled around more Bud than the Clydesdales. The beer was just to get the party started and maybe take the edge off the speed and coke.” Ah the good ol’ days.

The most difficult part of being a Met then was that you had to go out and “tear up your best bars and nightclubs and take your finest women . . . The only hard part for us was choosing which hottie to take back to your hotel room. Lots of times you . . . picked two or three.”

The action with the ladies wasn’t limited to just on the field though, Strawberry talks about how team members picked out girls from the stands for quickies. He once watched a pitcher take an extra friendly fan to a private room for oral sex: “I was jealous. When I saw her heading back to her seat, I gave her a sign. She smiled, turned right back around, and met me in that same little room . . . I had to be quick and run back out on the field.” Talk about sloppy seconds right! Also, I don’t know if I should be impressed with her technique that she was able to quick enough, or disappointed in Darryl for not having better stamina, after all, he was a highly conditioned athlete…

That’s not all the fun being held, often during the games. Another incident happened when “I was in the clubhouse, having one last quickie with this cute little Florida girl. Charlie Samuels, the equipment manager, came in and caught us. He just stood there shaking his head while I finished up.” That’s great, but um, Charlie, what are you doing STANDING THERE WATCHING DARRYL GET HIS GROOVE ON. C’mon Chaz, give the guy a little room and privacy right? Sure there’s a game going on but Darryl’s gotta bust a nut first, I think we can all respect that…

[NY Post]


What Else is There to Do in Milwaukee?

Minor league sports always have the best promotions, like this one from the Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League who are presenting a “Don’t Be Like Mike” night on February 19.

Any graduate of the DARE program can get into the game for $2 by bringing their graduation certificate to the Admirals’ office or the Bradley Center box office.

Also, anyone with the name Michael, Phelps, Mary Jane, Cheech, Chong, Weed – or Wied – can get a $2 ticket as well. Those who have won an Olympic gold medal also get the discount.

The Admirals will give away a weed wacker signed by the team as well.

If Milwaukee scores with 4:20 left on the clock in any period, one fan will win a season ticket for next season.

The team also is providing a document shredder at the DigiCopy information table outside Section 225 “so fans can bring any embarrassing or incriminating photo to be destroyed,” according to a news release.

Road TRIP!

[JSOnline via The Big Lead]


How Long Does it Take to Destroy Shea?

Seriously, they have been taking down Shea for MONTHS, this place was a dump, how hard is it to swing a wrecking ball? Get it done!


A Hockey Game for the Global Warming Generation

underwaterhockey1It’s a common problem, something that happens to me on a nearly weekly basis, you wanna play hockey but you’re already dressed in your bathing suit, what are you to do? Well, some enterprising students at the University of Colorado-Boulder have created a solution, an underwater hockey club; one of only three such clubs in Colorado, the students of the CU Underwater Hockey Club play weekly games in the on-campus pool.

“I think quirky things fit well in Boulder,” said club president Tyera Eulberg, a graduate student who established the student group in August. Of course the kids like the quirky things, they have celebrations like this and they are in Boulder! It’s either this or street luge, and that requires much more equipment.

The game uses a heavy lead puck on the floor of the pool that is handled with small sticks, with the players wearing only bathing suits, water polo headgear, flippers and a snorkel. Two teams of five battle underwater, 3-dimensionally to try and score at the opposite ends of the pool. Playing in water provides its own set of challenges, not least of which is that you have to hold your breath while handling the puck, which makes breakaways more difficult but does lead to an emphasis on teamwork.

Besides the silly little sticks they use, this game looks like it is pretty damn fun. However, I want to see real sticks being used, or at least something that looks more impressive than a paint smoother. Regardless, I’m glad to see that this game is getting underway because with rapidly advancing global warming we may need to change the whole NHL soon enough…

[Colorado Daily]

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