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Hard Wood Plus a Ball Equals Funtimes

suttonc20090220082713jpgWhile doing normal tree maintenance work along the first tee at the Norwich Country Club in Norfolk, England workers discovered a surprise buried in the wood of one of their felled trees. While sawing into smaller pieces some diseased trees that were felled, greens keeper Richard Mitchell discovered a golf ball inside the trunk!

“We think the ball came off the first tee, went into the trees and was lost. It must have lodged in a fork or embedded itself in the trunk and the tree just grew round it,” said club manager Peter Johns.

The cross-section of tree trunk was saved and given to a member of the club who is also a skilled wood worker and there is a thought to make it into a trophy plaque honoring members who score a hole-in-one. Regardless, it’s a pretty neat thing and something that nearly didn’t happen.

“It’s an incredible find,” said Johns. “It was pure luck that it was discovered. If Richard had cut the trunk an inch or two either way we’d never have known the ball was there.



Guinness Records Be Crazy

I didn’t even know that there WAS a Guinness Record for throwing people, but then, here is Juha Rasanen of Finland on a Spanish TV show throwing a 132 lb person 17.7 feet! Now, the clip it turns out is from 2006, but then I’m only JUST getting caught up on my Spanish TV from that year so please forgive me. I particularly enjoy the bounce that the tossee takes on the floor mattress when he lands, I hope I too can someday strap someone in a harness and throw them on national TV, especially if the host is as hot as that Spanish chica…


Let Them Eat Cake…and Ribs

The US-Government-Owned Citi Field opens in just a few short months, and a city famed for its restaurants and high food cuisine should be expected to serve similarly delicious treats to the fans at the game. Sure, Shea was characterized more by the few food stands, limited options, and often overcooked meats, Citi Field will be totally different, providing you’re able to even afford to get into the stadium in the first place.

From there, it shouldn’t be a problem to make your way to one of these stands and at least inhale its aroma, since you’ll already be broke from just getting the ticket. But say you’re a lucky person and received a healthy government bailout or maybe you’re a lottery winner so you got a little money to burn, well, here are some of the high class options available to you inside the bricked walled of the Citi.

  • Blue Smoke is expected to serve up a scaled-down version of Danny Meyer’s Gramercy Park restaurant, including Kansas City spareribs and Memphis baby back ribs.
  • Shake Shack, another Meyer venture, is set to grill up the famed ShackBurgers and vegetarian ‘ShroomBurgers that fans line up for at its Madison Square Park post.
  • Acela is a reservations-required restaurant that [Nobu’s Drew] Nieporent – also owner of Tribeca Grill – has slotted for a space overlooking the diamond. Named after the high-speed Amtrak train, the fine-dining spot has yet to unveil its menu.
  • Verano Taquería will feature authentic tacos created by chef Floyd Cardoz of Tabla fame.
  • Box Frites will serve freshly-cut, Belgian-style fries with a wide selection of dipping sauces.
  • The Delta Sky360 Club will be another premium-seating dining destination on the Field Level directly behind home plate, offering waiter service and “Best of Ballpark” food.
  • Wheelhouse Market is expected to be a casual cafe serving speciality brews and “classic, artisanal comfort foods,” which usually means hand-crafted cheeses and cured meats.
  • Zachys will be run by Westchester wine merchants Andrew McMurray and Jeff and Don Zacharia, offering fine wines from around the world.

I for one would love to get my hands on some Blue Smoke ribs while watching David Wright ply his trade, and maybe even a Shake Burger, depending on the quality of the line. Of course, probably most of these options will only be available if you are in the super luxury seats that I’ll never ever get tickets to, so I’ll have to content myself to a soggy pretzel in the plebe sections…

[NY Daily News]


Don’t Snicker at the Snooker Star

Right before starting a match, British snooker player Mark Selby, ranked 4th in the world, was accosted by a surprising fan. This wasn’t any autograph seeker though, it was Selby’s former manager George Bamby who was serving Selby with papers and a bankruptcy notice. “All I could think about was what was in the envelope,” said Selby.

The match began and understandably, Selby was off his game, eventually losing.

Even better, it was all on TV, so we can all enjoy the awkwardness of the moment!

[BBC and Sports Rubbish]

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