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Ochocinco Needs a Couple Bucks to Pay Off His Car Loan

Maybe Chad Ochocinco needs to slow up his antics on the field a bit because it seems like money is a bit tight for the gregarious Bengals receiver. We already saw how earlier this year he bounced a check to a hooker, but now the receiver, who has accumulated over $40,000 in fines this season alone, is being sued for not paying for one of his cars.

On Friday Daimler Chrysler Financial Services brought a suit against Ochocinco for not following through with his loan agreement payments for a 2008 Dodge Challenger. When he purchased the car on August 12, 2008, Ochocinco (then Johnson) put down $20,000 and received a loan for the remaining $37,975 from Daimler. The suit alleges that he has since paid a total of $3,200 on the car in 13 months.

Daimler meanwhile claims he still owes them $34,709.72 plus interest and are eager to collect.

I also hope you haven’t become too attached to the Ochocinco name because on his UStream broadcast Sunday, Chad announced that he is going to be changing his name AGAIN before next season.

“I’m not sure how Mr. Goodell is going to take it,” Ochocinco said as he held up the jersey with his intended new name “Hachi Go” which is Japanese for “85.”



Ochocinco Wants to Cover Up the Johnson

Chad Ochocinco (né Johnson) is an endless publicity whore, but when, in seeking said publicity he’s hilarious, I have no problem showcasing him. If you watched this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, you probably remember Ochocinco talking about how he was going to be coming out with his own brand of condoms.

Well, via his endlessly amusing Twitter page, Chad showed off what the packaging could look like. While I don’t know that I’d ever trust these, they certainly are more reliable than the David Beckham knock-offs that were found in China.

I don’t know for what, but I’m sure the NFL will find some way to fine Ochocinco over these.



Chad Ochocinco Lays Down the Rules

There isn’t an NFL player more actively involved in self-promotion and social networking than the Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco. When not torching defenses, Chad is all about himself, he is able though to have some fun doing it, like this rule he posted in his locker and then tweeted.

Ochochinco Rule

That note is laminated; clearly Chad spent some time on this, this wasn’t an impromptu notice. Also, according to his Twitter, Chad is playing Call of Duty on his Xbox and wants people to play with, his XBox name is Esteban 85.

[Chad Ochocinco]


Track Ochocinco’s Every Movements With Your iPhone

chadjohnsonpicFINALLY! Fans who weren’t satisfied with his exploits on Twitter, UStream and myriad other modern communication services now have ANOTHER way to follow Chad Ochocinco and his exploits — like paying hookers with checks that bounce — his own iPhone app.

Developed with the aid of Bengals backup QB (and brother of starter Carson) Jordan Palmer fans can, for the low price of $4.99 follow everything Ochocinco does, from his tweets, photos and videos to asking advice on dating or whatever. They can also send him their own photos and track where he is each day he’s on the road.

Palmer, who started an iPhone app company somewhat recently considers this app to be their most ambitious yet. He also said that they are in the process of making a similar app for fellow loud-mouth receiver Terrell Owens.



Ochocinco Bounces a Check to a Hooker

Chad Ochocinco loves attention, he craves it and needs it. He may not be psyched with the attention he’ll receive after word that he bounced a check to a “promotional model” (read: hooker) and she decided to tweet about it all over the place.

courtney_collins-389x226Sometime on or around 9/21 Ochocinco met up with Courtney Collins, a “promotional model” whose classy business card is rather risque and shows off her ample cleavage. She works for a service called Vivacious Models whose Myspace page doesn’t so much say escort service as SCREAM it.

Apparently short on cash, Ocho opted for the ever classy, paper-trailing showing check for what appears to be $1500. I wonder what that was for…Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue, or known, if the check didn’t bounce, clearly making Collins pissed.


Ever classy herself, Collins then tweeted  the photo to all kinds of media-types, from TMZ and Perez Hilton to Tyra Banks. I don’t have an issue with him paying for a hooker, he’s just, as Charlie Sheen famously said, paying for her to leave, but c’mon Chad, be a little bit smarter than writing a check…and one that bounces at that…

[Celebrity Clubber]

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