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Brad Penny Partakes in Some Smirnoff Action

Brad Penny wasn’t so lucky on the field when he played for the Red Sox this season; however, he turned his season around, and made himself some money, by putting up strong numbers down the stretch for the San Francisco Giants. Off the field Penny has done very well for himself, including dating for a time Alyssa Milano who is far far far far far far out his league. He’s done it again as noted scumbags and rumor-mongers TMZ captured a video of Penny making out with his apparent new love interest, Dancing With the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff. I don’t get it, he looks like he was hit in the face with a paint bucket of ugly, yet he attracts these hotties. Is it just that he’s rich? It’s not like he’s some highly tuned athlete, I’m probably in better shape than he is.

Then again, she dated Mario Lopez for two years, so clearly she doesn’t have much in the way of taste…

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LT is Enjoying His Retirement

lawrence_taylor_hallLawrence Taylor reinvented the linebacker postion, thanks to him, there is a distinction in the NFL between pre-LT and post-LT. In his retirement he has done many different things, including Dancing With the Stars but the one thing he doesn’t do is his former profession. When not describing his golf game as similar to the Unabomber, LT explained in an interview with KLAC in Los Angeles that:

I don’t really mess with football anymore. That’s an era of my life that has passed. A lot of the guys will sit there and live football. Every Sunday they’re glued to the TV watching football. I don’t watch football. I’d rather watch two people fuck. Now look, I don’t really watch football. I am very appreciative of all the fan love and all the people that remember the things you have done. But that’s not what turns me on in the morning.

Now there’s a man who knows what he likes…

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What Happened to the Hot Beach Volleyballer?

Florida Marlins scrub catcher Matt Treanor’s wife, otherwise known as the infinitely more successful, athletic and talented US beach volleyballer Misty May-Treanor, is going to be on the next installment of shlockfest “Dancing With the Stars.” People Magazine, bastion of fine reporting and fair analysis, opted to present this image of Misty to their readers so as to introduce her to them.

Sure, spending hours and hours in the hot beach sun can’t be great for you, but I don’t understand how she immediately became the bride of Skeletor either. Or why the editors felt that THAT was the image that was most necessary to portray May-Treanor. There are thousands of other really great images of her across the web, and not just the ones of her butt, her face features prominently in many of them too!

For example, here she is in full airbrushed glory:

And here she is in natural, candid photography:

Pretty nice if you ask me. Not the terrifying witch-lady in the first photo. But then, that’s me, and it is all superficial anyways. I just find it interesting that they chose that picture to be the one for May-Treanor. C’mon People, do a TEENSY bit more research than that…

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