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Things Are Strange in Texas

I don’t know why, but the idea of a coach-in-waiting to me is somewhat creepy. Jim Mora in Seattle, Jim Caldwell in Indianapolis and Jason Garrett in Dallas are all head coaches in waiting in the NFL, and to me, it seems like the nature of the job would lead to problems. Say for example, hypothetically a team like the Cowboys is struggling and their head coach looks over matched, at what point does the head coach lose all credibility and instead players and media start paying attention only to what the coach-in-waiting is saying or doing. After all, he’s going to be the big guy soon enough. I’m not the only one thinking this way either.

Anyways, the University of Texas yesterday announced that defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is the successor to head coach Mack Brown, who has made no announcement that he is expected to retire anytime soon. All my worries about the distraction such a coach-in-waiting could cause though were proved completely fair when I saw this photo of Muschamp on the sidelines. How can Mack Brown compete against a defensive coordinator that can LEVITATE!?! That’s some David Blaine shit right there and we all know he’s a scumbag, so now Mack has to deal with a coach-in-waiting, who everyday is probably waiting for something awful to befall him, AND someone who has studied with David Blaine. This cannot turn out well.
Watch your back Mack.


So Long Coco

APTOPIX Rays Red Sox BaseballWhen the Red Sox traded for Coco Crisp I was excited, I thought we might be getting a young Johnny Damon, the comparisons were there, clearly that didn’t happen. However, his time with the Red Sox featured some of the greatest plays in the outfield that I’ve seen, as well as this summer when for a time Coco was playing like the best CF in the game. I remember rearranging the roster on MVP ’05 on my Gamecube to throw Coco into the mix and see how he fit in on the Sox. In the first game he got hurt and was lost for the season. I should have seen that as a sign. Instead I restarted. He went on to have a decent video game season, but never met my expectations.

Was a strong middle reliever all that the Sox could get for him? I thought the market for Coco was a bit better, I thought the haul would be a little better, but hey, a strong bullpen arm is always necessary. Initial thoughts make this move seem like a first step to transferring Masterson back to the rotation, I for one hope that is NOT the case. I want to see (like Keith Law) Masterson become a super reliever. Someone who pitches something like 100-120 innings a year, comes in for 2-3 inning stretches at a time. I think he’d be PERFECT in this role and would be inherently MORE valuable than he would be in the rotation because I think his stuff plays better in a limited role, also, it lets him avoid more left handed hitters. Sure, the option now exists for Masterson to switch back, but I think his best role will be in the bullpen for the long term.

As for Ramirez, via the Sons of Sam Horn comes this interesting stat, on pitches out of the strike zone that players swung at, the top three were Mariano Rivera at 36.3%, Jonathan Papelbon was at 34.3% and Ramirez was third with 33.3%. That’s AWESOME. Sure, it’s a very limited, specific stat, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

It’s not sad to see Coco go because we all knew this was coming, I appreciate all he did for the team, most of all for never bitching during the season even though everyone knew he wanted to be the starter. He was a man about it all and I appreciate that. Plus, he had the best punch avoiding incident in recent baseball memory, (even if it was stupid to have charged the mound in the first place.)

So long Covelli.

Hello Ramon!


Michaelangelo Would Have Been a Power Hitter

Straight outta Japan comes this video of a guy in some batting cages taking a few swings. Only instead of using a standard you know, baseball bat, he opts for using his nunchuks. Makes sense to me. I gotta say it’s pretty damn impressive to be spraying line drives all over with such a small stick.

[Home Run Derby]


Easy Nate Robinson

I know it’s confusing, you see someone the same size as yourself and you perk up, but you need to remember that you’re the size of tiny people and so age is VERY important…

Knicks Celtics Basketball

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