Regular Season Award Winners

Because I know no one out there is content unless they know who I think should win the various regular season awards, here are my picks.




(Edited to add) Braun

AL Cy Young

Cliff Lee

NL Cy Young


AL Rookie of the Year

Evan Longoria

NL Rookie of the Year

Geovany Soto

AL Manager of the Year

Joe Maddon
Terry Francona
Ron Gardenhire

NL Manager of the Year

Lou Pinella
Tony La Russa
Joe Torre

18 Responses to “Regular Season Award Winners”

  1. 1 myummers
    October 1, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    you spelled pedroia wrong. also he’s not the al mvp. and johan is certainly not the nl cy young. and you forgot rookie of the year.

  2. October 1, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Look, I love youk, but I think pedroia did more, brought more production from a weaker position and he propped up the team when they needed him in the middle of summer going on a ridiculous tear. Youk is a perfectly worthwhile candidate but he’s not my choice. I was all on Lincecum until the end of the season, also I saw a stat that showed lincecum had pitched 48 or so innings against just the padres compared to the tough innings santana was forced into via the nl east. Instead of just saying I’m wrong, like some internet troll offer me your options.

    Also, I think I have a mental block on spelling pedroia.

  3. 3 myummers
    October 1, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    i’ll start with nl cy young: sure, lincecum pitched 43.1 innings against the padres. but he also had to pitch in arizona and colorado, two hitters havens, including 18 innings IN coors field. oh and his team was horrific. so, for all those people whining about how much the mets bullpen hurt johan, don’t forget, lincecum was on the fucking giants. john bowker, manny burriss, eugenio velez, omar vizquel, jose castillo, rich aurilia. he had to win games with a bullpen just as bad as the mets (just not as nationally vilified), and an offense whose leader in hr’s was bengie molina with 16. randy winn led the team with 84 runs. one guy on the whole team had more than 70 rbi, the aforementioned molina. imagine a mets offense without wright, beltran or delgado, then you’d be getting closer to what the giants have.

    oh yeah, johan had 21 ip against the nats and 21 ip against the braves. so it’s not like he didn’t have easy opponents.

    both johan’s and lincecum’s era and whip are nearly identical. lincecum managed 2 more wins on a much worse team, and had 59 more strikeouts. they had very similar seasons, but i think lincecum has to get the nod.

    as for the al mvp, i think youkilis and pedroia are even, just like mauer and morneau. youkilis carried the sox in the first half without ortiz, pedroia did it in the 2nd half without manny. but i gotta give the nod to youkilis by default. pedroia had 17 hrs and 83 rbi, and that’s not enough to win the mvp. he’s not barry larkin. he didn’t hit .350, he didn’t hit leadoff all year and score 130 runs or steal 40+ bases. he had a solid year and capably hit anywhere in the lineup. but the only month he drove in more than 15 runs was august, when he had 20. by contrast, youkilis drove in at least 15 every month this year, and hit over .300 every month this year but september, when he hit .275.

    mets should fire minaya, he’s an embarrassment to the mets and an insult to mets fans. fuck this 4 year extension, who gives a fuck? ummmm let’s see…luis castillo is due about $21 million more in the 3 years left on his contract. the mets are obviously going to pay most of that to have some team take him off their hands. how much does minaya make? about half that? anyone have a problem with eating $10 million or so on top of the $15-$18 million they’re going to eat for castillo? good, i didn’t think so, considering they spent $138 million this year, and they’re about to move into a rich man only park with $100+ seats all over the place which should ensure they spend at least $160-175 million next year. so my proposal is: get a fucking clue, a spine, and a pair of ears (so that you can hear your miserable fans begging for a light at the end of the tunnel), and eat minaya’s and castillo’s contracts (a pittance, really). nothing at this point could be a stronger statement to mets fans from ownership than finally firing minaya and showing one playoff appearance in 3 years for the team that was regarded as the best in the nl each of those 3 years simply is not acceptable.

  4. 4 Fattyslick
    October 1, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    No way either Pedroia or Youk should win MVP, especially Pedroia over Youk. Check this article, breaks down houw Youk had a better year then Pedroia. I hate them both with serious passion. But anyways…
    Read this

  5. 5 Jon
    October 2, 2008 at 11:16 am

    How can CC be #4 in the NL MVP voting but not even make the list for NL Cy Young?

  6. October 2, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Because I can’t deny the impact that he had on that team, they would NOT have made the playoffs without him, at the same time though, he didn’t factor into enough innings for me to consider him a viable Cy Young candidate. Same as with Manny, they both were ridiculous for their respective new teams but neither were there long enough to really qualify to win the awards. I wouldn’t consider either of them for an actual award but I do think they deserve to be on the ballot somewheres, but they shouldnt sniff any actual hardware.

  7. 7 myummers
    October 2, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    great, so you’ve revealed yourself as one of these post-modern baseball enthusiasts who places 25 times the weight on september performance as any or all of the other 5 months (130+ games). what about ryan braun? consistent all year, sure he had a pretty bad september, but 2 GIGANTIC homeruns the final week. without him, they don’t make the playoffs. and without him carrying the team in the first part of the year, they don’t even trade for sabathia, because they wouldn’t have been in contention. fielder shat the bed the first half, as did weeks. it was all braun. don’t give me this cc crap.

    lester= al mvp

  8. October 2, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    That’s actually my bad, I somehow totally forgot about Braun, he was supposed to be third on my ballot.

    I don’t overweight september, except when it comes to tiebreakers for me between players

    You’re curmudgeonly

  9. October 2, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    where the frig is keith ginter on this list? you call this a list? No ginter?

    also, johan over lincecum? what are you, eating the old sportswriter’s cookies? he pitches one great CG (which he should’ve done all season, ahem, roy halladay) and suddenly beats out one of the most phenomenal pitching performances by a young pitcher throwing for maybe THE WORST OFFENSIVE TEAM in the league. oh yeah. the giants also boasted one of THE WORST BULLPENS IN THE LEAGUE as well. and he still won 18 games. most people had him winning in the single digits.

    show your cards.

  10. October 2, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Look, I was beating the drum on Lincecum all season, when people (like Youppi) tried to convince me that it was CC or Webb I refused to accept that. I just think that the few bad games down the stretch, were the difference for me, as I would say that Johan and Timmy had essentially similar seasons, both were cost at least 4 wins by their bullpens and should have been in the 20s for wins. Was Lincecum dope? You bet! I think his season was PHENOMENAL but, Johan, to me, was the better pitcher.

  11. October 3, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Santana allowed batters to hit .232 with a .362 SLG%. Lincecum allowed a .221 average with a .316 SLG%.

    Advantage: Tiny Tim

    While sporting nearly identical WHIP’s, Lincecum struck out more hitters and gave up less hits per inning than Santana. Santana walked less batters.

    Advantage: Tiny Tim

    Both players suffered from horrible bullpen support.

    Advantage: Neither.

    Both teams played anemic offenses regularly, although one could actually give the advantage to Lincecum as Santana had to face the Nationals, Braves, and most of the time, the strike-out happy Marlins. Lincecum faced the Padres, and one could argue the Diamondbacks.

    Advantage: Neither

    Santana was great this year, but he came up short. If I had more time to waste at work, I’m sure I could dig up some stats showing how many inherited runs Lincecum’s bullpen tacked on to his ERA, making Santana’s incremental ERA lead shrivel like a dong hitting cold water. Also, Santana gave up, well, 12 more homers than Lincecum’s startling 11 total. Lincecum for the Cy Young, easy as pie.

  12. October 3, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Look, again, I LOVE Tiny Tim, I think he had an AWESOME season. But he also got to pitch in great pitchers stadiums at home, in SD and LA regularly. I would argue that Colorado is alos more towards a pitchers park now than ever before. Santana pitched in a good pitcher stadium at home, plus in Miami, atlanta is essentially a wash and im not sure what the nats park is yet, plus the tiny bandbox in philly. So that too goes to the HR totals. Lincecum could give up long fly balls and not have them leave the park. Of Johan’s hrs allowed, all but 5 were solo shots, which, if you’re going to give up a run are the best way to do it, lincecum gave up 4 multi-run hrs allowed, similar numbers but i would argue that those hurt his team more than the more solo shots that Johan gave up.

    Also, I’d say Johan pitched against much better teams, Philly crushes the ball, Florida nearly had 140 hrs from their INFIELD, the braves featured the batting champion and several other players who could hit but as a general team were merely ok, whereas lincecum got to pitch against the anemic Padres, the pre-Manny shitty dodgers and the Dbacks who started out hot and then swung at every pitch thrown their way from June on. So, to me, i’d say the competition level is more in favor of Johan. That to me is what made me finally switch from Lincecum to Johan.

    In the end, both deserve the award. Both pitched ridiculously good. Just because lincecum was on your fantasy team doesn’t mean that you have to forever support him. I love timmy, i look forward to him winning cy youngs in the future, i just think this year he got outpitched, just slightly, by johan

    also, it’s pretty damn impressive that Johan pitched that last game on 3 days rest with torn knee cartilege. it didnt sway my opinion but that was dope.

  13. 13 the roomate
    October 3, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    “also, it’s pretty damn impressive that Johan pitched that last game on 3 days rest with torn knee cartilege. it didnt sway my opinion but that was dope.”

    I don’t believe you! up until the very end of the season you were all about Tim, and then you changed your mind. I read somewhere else how the mets had the 8th best defense and the Giant’s the 25th, so Tim NEEDED the strikeouts or his fielders would damage him. Putting up an insane season on a terrible team is worth more than having a great season for a good team, no matter how disasterous the bullpens were.

    maybe your change of heart is some kind of penance for making such a fuss about how the mets would finish 10 games under .500 and then they almost made the playoffs… and I wish they did b/c the Brewers are clearly terrified by the pressure.

    and maybe Brad Lidge will win. 40 for 40 saves and season-long dominance in a hitter’s park after a couple shaky seasons is a great story… and the Phillies actually made the playoffs.

  14. October 3, 2008 at 2:25 pm


    SF Giants: 162 games, 93 Errors, .983 fielding percentage, led by a stalwart .976 at second, .940(!?) at third, and .979 at short. Seriously. .940.

    NY Mets: 162 games, 82 Errors, .986 fielding percentage, with a .986 at second, .962 at third and a .974 at short.

    Also, let’s look at team OPS, shall we?

    Mets: .761
    Giants: .703

    Now, you say the Marlins are a great offensive threat? Against the best left-handed pitcher in the game? Split stats are fun too:

    Marlins OPS vs. RH: .780
    Marlins OPS vs. LH: .699

    Wow. Seems like that formidable offense in Florida can only manage a .233 clip against ANY left-hander, let alone Johan Santana, arguably the best left-hander in the Senior League. In fact, outside of the Phils, no team in their division OPS’d higher against a left-hander than a righty.

    Also, so what about the Phillie’s hitting park? They haven’t even come up with a steady way to consider ball park factor, so it’s mute. Regardless, I cede the notion that Lincecum pitches in friendlier parks.

    Also, it’s ludicrous that I would be fantasy baseball-biased for Timmy. My team was a pile of vomit that didn’t deserve his presence. I just don’t think Johan pitched deep enough.

    Also, way to ignore all my stats and just say that Johan’s better because he pitched through an injury. Grit? Gamer? Jersey-dirtier?

    Not worth a damn to me. Lincecum reached his highest pitch counts at the end of the season. AND HE NEVER ICES HIS SHOULDER.

    Who’s grittier?

  15. October 3, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Way to ignore the fact that I said Johan pitching hurt had NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with my decision, i just thought it was neat.

    Again, I would have no problem with EITHER winning the Cy, to me, it was like Cy1 and Cy1A

    however, to me, Johan had a better season. Clearly you disagree. I appreciate that.

    And besides, i think lincecum actually wins the award, i just think johan COULD win it.

  16. October 3, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    I know this is knit-picking, but how does this make sense:

    You say that Johan’s final performance really did it for you, and after believing it to be Lincecum all season, you changed your mind. In all likelihood the final two weeks of the season attributed to your decision.

    Yet Santana’s final performance didn’t change your opinion? Strange.

    I would like to continue arguing how the David Wright’s use of black smear on his face gave Johan an advantage, but I’m out, exhausted, finished, done. It was fun!

    Until next time, chom.

  17. October 3, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    The difference between the way they closed out the season is what did it for me. Johan’s last win was dope and impressive, but was only part of how he pitched 6 games in september, went 4-0 with a 1.83 era and 47 ks in 44 innings. What I meant was that that single performance, nor the fact that he did it INJURED had ANYTHING to do with my decision.

    Whereas in Sept. Lincecum ended up starting 6 games and finishing 3-2 in 42 ip with an era of 3.46, albeit with 55 ks in that time. That to me was the tie-breaker between the two, the difference between how they ended their seasons.

    even in johan’s annual early season struggles he was still pretty dope and missed out on several wins from his bullpen or lack of run support, so this isn’t me only going off september, it’s me going off the full season and looking at september as another tiebreaker

    viva timmy
    viva johan!

  18. 18 the roomate
    October 3, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Did you see the giants line-ups at the end of the year(well I guess all season but I digress)? They have a decent AA team essentially plus a couple of good role-players forced to be their big hitters(aaron rowand and benjie molina)

    I read your statement about the injury and the 3-days rest thing and I am saying that I don’t believe you.

    Its nice to have a close race though, it could get interesting, especially how many votes CC and Lidge get…

    if anyone else read all this nonsense, you wasted a lot of your life doing it. good job!

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