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Giants Fans Handle Defeat With Grace and Aplomb

I don’t know what it is about the Giants Stadium parking lot, or maybe it is just the fact that most Giants fans are giant tools, but here’s some fans after the Giants loss destroying cars (supposedly their own) in the parking lot. Classy guys. I bet you were totally happy with the decision you made the next day.

[The 700 Level]


Old Giants Fans Shouldn’t Show Off

sondraSondra Fortunato has been a fan of the New York Giants for nearly 30 years, coming to the games “with her bodacious physique, rhinestone tiara and skimpy outfits that heat up the frigid stadium.” However, at last week’s Giants/Eagles game, she was escorted out of the stadium because her outfit was considered too risque.

“I love the Giants! I’m a flamboyant dresser and I’m well-endowed,” Sondra told the NY Post.

“Look, I’m a middle-aged woman, I really don’t like to give my age – say I’m middle-aged. But Madonna goes out and she’s got everything hanging out, and she’s middle-aged!”

Yes, it is true that Madonna does those things, on behalf of most men, I’d like to add that we’d like Madonna to stop too.

At last week’s game, Fortunato rolled up in a tiara, fishnets, a Santa outfit, a bathing-suit bottom and high-heeled boots. “Nothing was showing,” she insisted. “You couldn’t even see my underwear. I don’t flash!”

She was told that her bag and signs were not allowed in the stadium, which she knew: In 2006, Sondra was arrested after carrying a sign, but was quickly allowed back in the stadium. She says team brass routinely ignores its no-sign policy – for others.

Then, she was lectured about her clothes.

“They said, ‘Can’t you come to the stadium dressed like a regular person?’ ” she said. “They said there were a lot of kids there.”

She was advised to wear a sweater to games.

“I guess some ladies got jealous and complained,” groused Sondra, who lives in Toms River, NJ.

Yeah, definitely, some ladies were totally jealous and that’s why this happened. I’m just thankful that Andrea Peyser and the NY Post were there to give this abused and discriminated woman a chance to get her story out. I only hope that she is able to emotionally recover from this horrible ordeal. Or that everyone who had to see her in a bathing-suit bottom is able to recover. Also, anyone surprised that she’s from New Jersey? That was probably the most obvious part of the whole article. I hadn’t got past the first sentence when I figured that one out. BTW, when can we just eliminate Jersey from the union?

Oh and just in case that photo wasn’t enough for you, here’s a whole gallery of the terrifying Mrs. Fortunato! After the jump is my favorite one with her and a bemused Jeremy Shockey.

[NY Post]

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The New Giants Stadium is Neat

Because all the New York teams apparently need to open new stadiums in the next year, the Giants and Jets are nearing completion on their new home, right next to their old one at the Meadowlands. As anyone who has been to the awesome Meadowlands race track (home of the finest group of sketchy Thursday harness racing fans in America) can attest, the new stadium is massive. Don’t believe me? Need photographic proof?

Look at how big the new stadium is! The current stadium is massive and you could fit it easily in the new one it appears. It’s nice to see in comparison to the Mets and Yankees who are both reducing capacity. I’m just hoping that the Red Bulls are happy in their new digs.

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