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That’s Some Neat Footwork There

St. Louis fans are always complimented on being among the nicest fans in baseball, well-informed and passionate about their Cardinals they are also just good ol’ midwesterners and want to make sure you’re having a pleasant day. Unless of course you’re a Cubs fan. Even in January, with 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report the fans passions remain inflamed, for example, here is a photo of the Cardinals’ stadium parking lot.


[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]


Heilman on the Move

So much for the thought of trying to be a starting pitcher, Aaron Heilman, for the second time this off-season got traded, this time from the Mariners to the Cubs. Unless the addition of Heilman is supposed to be for the larger rumored Jake Peavy trade, it looks like the dream of Heilman to become an unsuccessful crappy starting pitcher is dashed. Garrett Olson may be able to compete for a spot in the rotation with Seattle, but Heilman is definitely headed to the Chicago bullpen if he stays with the Cubs. Get ready Cubs fans for an infuriating, middling middle reliever who is prone to homers!



Italian Soccer Be Crazy

So, I’m not 100% about what is going on in this video, since I don’t speak Italian, but from what I can gather, the yellow team scores a pretty goal, but it gets disallowed, presumably for off-sides. Then, while the yellow team celebrates what they think is a goal, the red team gets the ball rapidly in play and gets downfield and scores their OWN goal. The yellow team then seems to think that is unfair, flipping out on the ref with the original goal scorer receiving a red card. All of this in the span of about 20 seconds.

While I’m sympathetic to the yellow team, maybe running away from the action to celebrate a goal is unnecessary? Maybe listen for a whistle? Maybe PAY ATTENTION IF YOU’RE OFFSIDE? I do however, love that his teammates kinda tackle the goal scorer and throw him to the ground. Anyhoo, enjoy the video, as after the second goal everyone goes crazy and start chasing the ref around the field before he just leaves completely. Ah, soccer.


Why HAVEN’T The Mets Signed Manny?

The biggest surprise to me this off-season, as the days to pitchers and catchers dwindle down–14 by the way–is that Manny Ramirez remains unsigned, and most surprisingly, that the Mets have made no effort to sign him. Omar Minaya has had a man-crush on Manny for YEARS, trying to acquire him pretty much since the moment he became the Mets GM. Yet now, when the cost of acquiring Manny is a mere draft pick, Los Mets are nowhere to be seen.

Let’s look at the Mets team for next season, do they have a hole in the batting lineup for a slugger? Yes. Do they have a need for a left fielder who can stay on the field? Yes. Is Manny Ramirez latino? Yes!

How is this not a fit? In the last 8 years, he has played 140+ games 5 times, which is plenty for a Mets team who last year had to deal with approximately 18 different left fielders last season. The addition of Manny to the Mets lineup would make their team much more powerful and more likely to be able to endure all those starts that the team seems intent on giving to Tim Redding. Do you have any idea what the Mets current situation at LF is? Here is the depth chart as listed on the Mets official site: Daniel Murphy (a ROOKIE INFIELDER), Fernando Tatis (old, highly unlikely to duplicate his stats from last year), Nick Evans (at best a 4th OF), Marlon Anderson (really?), and Angel Pagan (meh). Quite the murderer’s row.

Let’s take a look at the lineup if Manny were on the Mets:
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Watch Your Nipples Around Dwight Howard

From one Superman to another, here is Dwight Howard during a game against the Miami Heat giving rookie Mario Chalmers a friendly “hey-how-ya-doin'” when he walks by and gives him a purple nurple.

[Orlando Magic Daily]

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