Stadium Bathrooms are S-E-X-X-Y *(UPDATED)*

loisfeldman1Sometimes people just gift themselves over as blog fodder, like the couple busted for boning in the bathroom during the Iowa Hawkeyes’ rout of the Minnesota Gophers. The woman in question, who has subsequently been identified as Lois Feldman of Carroll, Iowa has said that this whole situation has ruined her life. Feldman, who calls herself a light drinker stated that she had some wine at a friend’s home before the game, and that that led to all the problems.

At some point during the game, she got up to go to the bathroom, and met Ross Walsh, who she decided to immediately rail in a men’s bathroom. I know that always happens to me when I get drunk. Feldman’s husband, a giant pussy of a man named Kelly, blames himself for the whole incident, believing that he should have gone with her to the bathroom. Kelly, if your 38 year old wife is unable to go to the bathroom without FUCKING SOME RANDO DUDE along the way, you have a lot of other issues going on in the marriage. Maybe that’s just me, but then again, MY wife didn’t fuck a stranger in a football stadium bathroom…How about instead of blaming yourself, blame your 38 year old wife, who is the mother to your three kids for not having any semblance of self-control. It’s one thing to be drunk and kiss someone, it’s quite another to instantly fuck them in a men’s bathroom with a crowd cheering you on.

Sadly, Feldman has been fired from her job, (although the reasoning behind that is beyond me) which is truly unfortunate, but her being upset at the notoriety she has received from this incident is ridiculous. She got drunk and instantly nailed a stranger in a bathroom, while her husband sat meekly in the stands, I have no sympathy for you. I’ve been drunk before, I even once was blackout drunk, you know what I didn’t do? Have sex with a stranger in a bathroom. I did make out with a poster for a little while, but I dare you to look at this poster and not be aroused.

Of course, Feldman and her husband went to see a lawyer about getting rid of the misdemeanor ticket, but according to Chuck Miner, a stadium security guard, “It’s spelled out in the law in Minnesota that intoxication is not a defense to any crime,” so good luck with that.

Meanwhile the mother of three and her husband are trying to move on with their lives. Here’s a suggestion to Kelly, when your wife gets drunk, apparently she fucks EVERYONE, so maybe lay off the wine coolers next time eh? Especially when going to a giant crowd of people. Or else who knows, next time she might be the halftime spectacular.

h/t to Graney and the Pig for digging up the Feldman photo

1 Response to “Stadium Bathrooms are S-E-X-X-Y *(UPDATED)*”

  1. 1 jump
    December 1, 2008 at 2:08 am

    The police report states a security officer was informed of loud cheering coming from the mensroom. He goes into investigate and sees the 4 legs in the handicapped
    stall with pants down to their ankles. He proceeded to peek through the crack between the door and the frame and saw her “the perpetrator” bent over and getting it from behind very rapidly from the victim. The security guard states he yells at them to stop but they keep at it. The security guard radios for help. by the time more security officers get there there was a crowd of at least 15 yelling and cheering. When security officers opened the door the 2 were deep kissing with his hands “the victim” up her “the perpetrators” shirt and both pants unzipped by their respective waists.

    IF the chick gave her name to the security officers and states she doesnt remember what just happened then she admits she was at the game with her husband “the enabler”, how would she not rememeber she was married? she had a ring on her finger while she was holding herself up against the wall and taking it up the a**. NO MATTER HOW DRUNK YOU ARE if a woman is conscious enough to stand and FOOK for a half hour. Then give the cops her full name. YOU KNOW damn well what the hell you are doing. Now shes saying she was drugged and doesnt remember a thing. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. its the FOOK ME DRUG you forget what happened for the last 30 mins only if intercouse is performed. Frank Sinatra said it best “thats why the lady is a tramp”

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